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This page will be completely devoted to GM games that were played in recent GM Praxis.  
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Aug, 2005: Just so you know, this website is nearly full. 
(This means I am not able to add to this feature on a regular basis.)

(December, 2005:  Since this site is almost full, I am not adding to it on a regular basis. I also have a new website, completely dedicated to the games and analysis of recent GM praxis. If you are interested, click here.)  

  1. GM R. Ponomariov - GM V. IvanchukLinares Super-GM Tournament, 2002.  
    A rousing battle between the two GM's  who had already squared off in the   FIDE World Championships in January, 2002. (Ponomariov won.)   The opening was a French Defense. (Posted March 26, 2002.) 

  2. GM Vladimir Kramnik - L. Fressinet;  [E91]  Grand Prix du Senat (2), 2002. 
    An interesting and off-beat opening, but an exciting game. You get to see GM V. Kramnik in action, polishing off a "mere" 2600!! 

  3. GM M. Adams  -  GM A. Morozevich;  [C42]  Dortmund/GER/Sparkassen (1.5), 2002. 
    A great game between two players who are currently ranked in the world's "Top Ten" of chess. Moro nearly win this one, but overlooks a 3-time repetition in time trouble. A very interesting game to go over or study. 

  4. GM E. Bacrot - GM J. Lautier;  [D20]  French Champ. (rapid) Play-off, 2002. 
    A fantastic game by young GM Bacrot. He builds carefully and systematically on an advantage in space. He eventually reduces his opponent to almost complete zugzwang. A carefully and deeply annotated game for your enjoyment. 

  5. GM Peter Svidler (2690)  -  GM Sergey Tiviakov (2628)  [B37]  ECC/Halkidiki, GRE (4), 25.09.2002  
    A great game by the (former) champion of all of Russia. 

  6. Sergey Karjakin (2527)  -  GM Alexi Shirov (2699)   [B32] 
    Super-Stars Tournament, Hotel Bali,  Benidorm, ESP; (Round # 1) 2002. 
    A fantastic game  ...  by a  TWELVE-YEAR-OLD  kid? (Posted Nov, '02.) 

  7. GM Ruslan Ponomariov (2743)  -  GM Judit Polgar (2685)   [A30]  Superstars Hotel Bali (Playoff);   
    Benidorm, ESP, 2002.
     A great game in a pressure-packed play-off. Judit 'man-handles' the current 
    FIDE World Champion. (Time limit?) 

  8. GM Luke McShane (2560)  -  R. Wojtaszek (2452)   [A45]  41st WJun Goa, IND; (3)  10.12.2002 
    A nice game of chess - very interesting. The young man can play.   The opening is weird, though. It starts as a Trompowski, but later looks ... for all intents and purposes, (pawn structure) ... like it came out of Benoni. A snazzy finish.  (Posted Dec. 14th, 2002.) 

  9. GM Mikhail Krasenkow (2633)  -  GM Anatoly Karpov (2688);  [E12]  CORUS / Wijk aan Zee, 
    NED; (1)  01.11.2003.  
    A very nice game of chess by the former World Champion. He plays very sharp and precise chess. The final combination is both shocking - and logical  ...  after you have had a chance to play through it a few times. This is a good game for the student of tactics to study. It is also a good game to study if you are trying to learn the Queen's Indian Defense. 

  10. GM Alexander Shabalov (2630) - IM Varuzhan Akobian (2500); [C02] 
    U.S. Championships, Seattle, WA; (U.S.A.) 2003. 
    An interesting struggle full of fight ... but far from being perfect. White - probably unsoundly - sacrifices TWO pawns, in order to unbalance the game. Eventually White is rewarded for his bravery, Black fails to find the best move a number of times. Then a long ending follows, that was played with great clarity and energy by  'SHABBA.' This is also an interesting game, because it was clearly the game that decided the U.S. Championship. (Shabalov was part of a very large point-group that was tied for first headed into the last round.) The GM chose to fight, while everyone else made quick draws.  

  11. GM Garry Kasparov (2847) - GM Teaymour Radjabov; (2625)  [C11] 
    XX Super-GM Tournament, (LINARES, ESP) (Round #2), Feb. 23, 2003. 
    This game was awarded the beauty prize, but  'Rady'  was clearly lost at one point, and only came back and won because of Kasparov's mistakes. 

    This game international headlines when the world press learned that this very young player had defeated the World's # 1 player. Kasparov also greatly objected to the accolades that this game received. 

  12. GM Peter Leko (2700+) - GM T. Radjabov (2630); [C12] 
    XX Super-GM Tournament, (LINARES, ESP) (Round #8), Mar.02, 2003.
    This could be the best game of the whole tournament. GM Leko plays nearly flawless chess and scores the full point, defeating a very strong and very young and very talented player. A great game to analyze and learn from! 

  13. GM Peter Leko (2736)  - GM Francisco Vallejo Pons (2650); [B48]  
    XX Super-GM Tourney; (Round # 5) Linares, Spain. (ESP). 27.02.2003.  
    One of the key games for Linares. This was an uncompromising struggle between The Spanish GM (Pons), who was one of the early leaders ... and Peter Leko. (Leko would eventually tie with Kramnik, and win the tournament on tie-breaks.) 

    An outstanding game that is well analyzed and annotated ... there is also a js-replay version of this game ... in case you don't have a chess set handy.

  14. GM Ivan Sokolov (2677)  -  V. Spassov (2555)  [E70]
    4th I.E.C.C. (Master Tourney); Rd. # 1.  Istanbul, TUR; 30.05.2003.  
    A brilliant example of a fighting draw ... attack and defense balance each other almost perfectly. (I don't normally cover draws, but after spending a couple of hours studying this game, I had to have it on my web page. Maybe one of the best GM draws of the last 5 years.) 

  15. GM Ruslan Ponomariov (2718) - GM Francisco Vallejo-Pons (2645); [D37]
    16th Ciudad Leon, ESP; (Round #  1.2);  07.06.2003.  
    A nice game by the current FIDE World Champion. LOTS of good tactics. All students of  'double QP'  openings will need to check this game out.      

  16. A. Naiditsch (2574) - GM V. Anand (2774) International Chess Tourn; [E-32]  Dortmund, (GER); 2003.  
    A nice game by the (former) FIDE World Champion, V. Anand. Winning with the Black pieces at this level is supposed to be tough ... Anand makes it look easy! 

  17. GM Jonathan Speelman (2610) - NM David Howell (2330); [A48];  
    175th Simpsons Tournament,  London, England;  2003. 
    Speelman delivers the young prodigy a good drubbing. A very nice game by the GM, which features some VERY nice tactics!! 

    This is a game that was deeply annotated by yours truly ... ... ...  so you should really check this out!!  (Variations + several diagrams.) 

  18. GM Vassily Yemelin (2550) - GM Sergey Dolmatov (2630)[C02]  
    56th Russian Championship; Krasnoyarsk, Russia; Sept. 2003.
    An incredible game ... in a FRENCH!!! ... ending with some of the most unbelievable tactics you have ever seen. A true .... "must-see!!" 

  19. GM Peter Svidler (2723) {RUS} - GM Alexey Shirov (2737) {ESP}; [B12]  
    The European Team Championships, Plovdiv, BUL; 12.10.2003. 
    A game that is short, but quite fierce. Very good stuff. Incredible! 

  20. GM Robert Huebner vs. GM Vladimir Kramnik; Germany vs. the Champ
    [A46]  Brissago, Switzerland;  2004. (January 29th, 2004.)
    Kramnik takes on the entire German National Team. (Also he played GM's Chris Lutz, Rustem Dautov, & Klaus Bischoff.) This was a CLOCK simultaneous people! And according to some who were there - at one point, anyway - it looked as if Kramnik might even win all four. In the end, he won one and drew 3. Considering the average rating of his opposition, its pretty darn impressive, any way you slice it! 

  21. GM Peter Leko (2722) - GM Vassily Ivanchuk (2716); ICT / Melody Amber
    [B08]  Amber Rapid / Monte Carlo MNC / 25.03.2004.  
    The very fiery and brilliant player, Vassily Ivanchuk plays a very exciting game, showing that Black does NOT have to be content with passive defense. A very good game that you should study ... ESPECIALLY if you play the Black side of the Pirc!  

  22. GM Vladimir Malakhov (2700) - GM Vadim Zvjaginsev (2650);  [E97]  
    ICT / 5th Karpov Tournament (Category 18!!) / Poikovsku, RUS;  March, 2004.  
    An unbelievable game where one player simply breaks ALL the rules here!! He also manages to sacrifice nearly every one of his pieces during this epic game!! 

  23. GM Viswanathan Anand (2782)  -  GM Vladimir Kramnik (2770); [B90];   
    ICT / Sparkassen Chess-Meeting; (F-R4) / Dortmund, GERAugust, 2004.  
    A play-off meeting between two titans. Normally these games are tediously boring for the most part, but I watched this game live on the Internet. Both players went all- out ... with a real slug-fest ensuing. Eventually one side crashes through. Check it out!  (Posted here, August 31st, 2004.)   

  24. GM Emil Sutovsky (2679) - GM Abhijit Kunte (2532) / [B43]ICTPune, IND; (Round # 02) / 04,09,2004.  
    Without question, one of the MOST EXTREME tactical finishes to any chess game I have seen of late. Sutovsky seems determined to sack his whole box of pieces. Is this allowed?  (Posted here, September 08th, 2004.)  

  25. GM Peter Leko (2740) - GM Vladimir Kramnik (2770); / [D37]  
    Centro Dannemann - Classical World Chess Championships; (Game Five) 
    Brissago, SUI / October 02, 2004. 
    A long - and some said boring - game that was SUPPOSED to end in a draw. So how did Peter Leko do it? Study the game ... and you tell me!  

  26. GM I. Cheparinov (2618) - GM V. Ivanchuk (2748) / FIDE World Cup / Khanty Mansyisk (2.1), RUS;  2005.    
    One of the world's top players meets Topalov's second ... and one player must get the boot. Who wins, ... and who loses? To find out more, check out this game!  

  27. IM Malcolm Pein takes a look at one of H.N. Pillsbury's chess games. (A look back.)  

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June, 2002. (By popular request.)  I am in the process of annotating the games from the ... PONOMARIOV - IVANCHUK  (FIDE) World Championship Play-Off. (Sept, 2002. Rather than make this into a series of web pages, I will probably make this available as a simple download.)  Until I get done, you can click on the link and go to the  ChessBase  and read all about it. 

 If you have a game you would like to see annotated, send it to me.

 (I am NOT interested in games by lesser players, TOP GM's only, please!!)

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