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My Down-Loads Home Page

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  Copyright A.J. Goldsby, 2013.  All rights reserved. 

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This site is nearly full ... probably the only thing I will be adding to it are the  "Recent GM Games"  feature. Otherwise, I won't be able to update it. 
 (After I took this reading, I uploaded a whole bunch of files, so I don't have much space left.)   -----> Less than half a meg. July 22nd, 2005.  

    Welcome to my web site!  (A.J.'s Chess DownLoads)  

  This site is home to some of the best annotated chess games on the Internet!  


I need your help!!  I have many bills that are directly connected to my many Internet sites. 
(ISP services, software needed to create the pages that you seem to like, phone bills, a monthly bill for my main web site, etc.) 
Would you consider sending a donation? Send something today!! 

 (Many thanks to all of you who have responded ... and sent a few dollars, here and there.)   


  A.J. Goldsby I   ------->  (, or
  P.O. Box  11718 / Pensacola, FL  32524 

  Important Message  

Feb. 16th, 2003:  After several straight computer crashes, I am finally back on line. (Apparently Windows '98 died on me. I had to upgrade to  Windows XP.)  Many of you sent me material, questions, puzzles, famous GM games, etc. Thanks to the computer crashes, much of this information is ... GONE!!  If you would like to re-send it, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I will not be able to retrieve this information. 


Feb. 24th, 2003:  I had to dump and reload all the pages here, once again throwing off the individual page counters. 
(I have had to do this more times than I can count.) 


PAGE VIEWS  (June 23rd, 2003.) 

Your (entire) site had  1,945  page views yesterday.  {One of my best days ever!}  Want more detailed traffic statistics?  Upgrade  to Angelfire Plus! 

  My  Down-Loads Home Page (for chess)  


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My Favorite things about Angelfire.

  •   FAST!  EASY!  FUN! 

Good websites for web-builders: 

     My Favorite Web Sites 

My Angel-Fire Chess web-site. (Not bad.)  (Home of the 'Net's BEST Annotated Game!!

My SUPER GeoCities website! (CHESS!!)  (The best private chess web-site on the 'Net!)

My "Games4" website.  (I am going to use this for lots of things, right now it's main purpose is 
the home of my comprehensive ... END-GAME SCHOOL!  It also has my web page on   
Paul Morphy, and also Emanuel Lasker.)  

My "Computer vs. Humans"  (chess)  website. 
 (A site dedicated completely to the chess games played between humans and computers/boxes/programs.) 

My page that pays homage to the (former) World Champion, Emanuel Lasker.


My Favorite places ... in THIS site. 
(Pay attention here, this is basically my   "site map"   for this web locale!) 

My list of the best short games (miniatures)  of chess.

My list / web-page of the "Best Games Of Chess (ALL-TIME) Ever Played."

My Chess Down-Loads Page (List)  (Go here for the downloads for all my web-sites.)   

Interesting RECENT GM Games  (Games from recent practice involving top GM's.) 

Chess Books  (I am in the process of converting dozens of books to js-replay pages.  
Most of these will be un-annotated .... ) 

(Click  HERE   if you would like to see a great  Morphy  game on a 
  java-script re-play board!!) 

  Click  here  to see an interesting article on possible changes to the FIDE rating system. 


***  Click  HERE  to see my latest effort.  *** 

(This will change every time I post a new page.)


Click  HERE  to read a very important {abridged} article on chess, computers, and cheating on the 'Net. 

NOTE:   I get e-mails nearly every day asking why I do not use frame-based pages. The simple answer is that FRAME-BASED (java-script, re-playable) pages ... DO NOT WORK on pages with ads or free websites! 

Site Log (Note) 

October 31st, 2003:  I mistakenly imported hundreds of files into the wrong folder, (the main directory); via my FTP program. There were dozens of ways to fix this problem, but the quickest and easiest was simply delete everything and start over. The only bad thing is that this approach resets all my counters!! (In the parent directory.) So all the pages you visit here ... that are not in some "sub-directory" like "/html_stuff" ... now are at a very low count. 

May, 2006:  The old site was deleted, and I don't even get an e-mail to tell me why. I am in the process of transferring everything here ... but that will take some time. (I received an e-mail from one Lycos team member, apparently they said that this was all an error. I have saved the e-mail as a "star-dot-mht" file and as a "star-dot-bmp" file, and I will send them - as an attachment to an e.mail - to anyone who requests it.)  

December, 2010: For YEARS, this was not available on the Internet ... but now you can see the original file ... that began the "big fuss." 


Hi! This is the page for DOWNLOADS (Home Page) for [Chess]  by  (LIFE) - Master  A.J. Goldsby I


Thank you for visiting my downloads page at Angel-Fire. Please come back and visit again! 


I created this URL to store files primarily for downloading! 
(Yahoo/Geo-Cities does NOT allow PGN files to be stored on their server. So I had to come here!) 


ALL  WRITINGS, (AND ... original images!); on these web pages are  COPYRIGHTED to the author, A.J. Goldsby I. 

Nothing on these web pages may be copied, reproduced, or re-transmitted in any form whatsoever, without the express, WRITTEN consent of the author, A.J. Goldsby I. 

  Copyright (c) LM A.J. Goldsby I;  A.J. Goldsby; 1985 - 2014. 

  Copyright () A.J. Goldsby, 2015.  All rights reserved.  

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