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Recent GM games (#6)

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The newest sensation of the chess world is a TWELVE-year-old boy, who may already be a GM!!! This is of course, super-phenomenal. To be this young and be able to play chess this well, it is almost unheard of. This would shatter the previous record of 14 set by Leko. I think Ponomariov was 13 or 14 when he became a GM, but I am unsure of his exact age. (When he became a GM) 

The following is a news story ... and a game, which is an excerpt from: 
 (al_af-2_rec-gm6_p1.gif, 12 KB)

 (al_af-2_rec-gm6_p2.gif, 58 KB)

 (al_af-2_rec-gm6_p3.gif, 35 KB)

 (al_af-2_rec-gm6_p4.gif, 17 KB)

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