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GM Vladimir Kramnik won the Grand Prix de Senat Rapid tournament held in Paris 
in June. (July?) In the second game of the final, already up 1-0, Kramnik always held 
an edge in the game below and eventually exploited his superior pawn structure to 
take the title. 

GM Vladimir Kramnik (2805) - L. Fressinet (2605)  [E91]
Grand Prix du Senat (2), 2002

1.d4 g6; 2.e4 d6; 3.c4 Bg7; 4.Nc3 Nf6; 5.Be2 0-0; 6.Nf3 a5; 7.0-0 Na6
Black's opening is a little unusual and is designed to make White run out of useful 
developing moves before playing the typical central break of pawn e7-e5. 
Kramnik plays this line himself!

8.e5! Ng4; 9.exd6 cxd6; 10.h3 Nf6; 11.Be3 d5; 12.c5 Bd7; 13.Qb3 Bc6
14.Ne5 Nd7
15.Nxc6 bxc6; 16.Qa4 Qc7; 17.Qd1 e5!; 18.Na4 exd4; 19.Bxd4 Bxd4
20.Qxd4 Rfe821.Bxa6 Re4!; 22.Qd1 Rxa6; 23.Re1 Qe5; 24.Qd2 Nf6; 25.Nc3 Rd4!; "=" 
I would say the position is equal, or maybe a tiny bit better for White. {A.J.G.} 

26.Rxe5 Rxd2; 27.Re2 Rd4; 28.b3 Ra7; {Diagram?} 
Is this the best line for Black? {A.J.G.} 

     [ Maybe just a little better was: 
       28...Nd7!; 29.Na4,  ( 29.Rc2! Nxc5?; 30.Ne2 Re4; 31.Ng3)   
       29...Rxa4!; Black has an advantage. 30.bxa4 Nxc5; etc. ]  

29.Rd1 Rxd1+30.Nxd1 Ne431.Nb2 Nc3; {Diagram?}
Black seems to be relatively OK here. 

     [ 31...Nxc5; 32.Rc2 Ne6; 33.Rxc6 Kf8; 34.Nd3 Ke7; 35.Kf1; White is better. ] 

32.Re8+ Kg733.Rc8 Ra6; {Diagram?}
Did Black miss an opportunity here? 

     [ 33...Nxa2!; 34.Rxc6 Nc1; 35.Rb6 Rc7; 36.Na4 d4; 37.Kf1, Hmmm. 
        (37.b4 axb4; 38.Rxb4, "=")  37...Re7; 38.c6? d3; "/+" ]

34.a4! Kf635.Nd3 Ke636.Rc7 Ne2+; 37.Kf1 Nd438.Rb7 Ra839.Rb6 Re8
40.b4 axb441.Nxb4 Rc842.a5 Kd743.a6 Rc744.g4 g545.Kg2 Ne6;  
46.Nd3 f647.Kg3 Ra748.Nb4 Nxc549.Rxc6 Nd350.Rxf6!   Black Resigns, 1 - 0 
White threatens 51.Rf7+ and 51.Nxd3.

This game and 937 more (!) can be downloaded free in The Week In Chess  # 399.

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