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My Var. Prob. Sol.'s (1)


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  A place where I will list problem solutions for my other websites.  

A.J.'s "Mate-In-Two" Composition. 
 One of my best ever problems, "White to move, and MATE in Two."  (Click on the diagram to see the solution.  al_af-1.gif, 09 KB)
 White to Play and MATE in TWO moves. 
(From my Geo-Cities web site.) 

  ( Position check, Forsythe Notation: 
 (1) R2B4;  (2) 4K3;  (3) 4P3;  (4) 1k1P3p;  (5) 1p5r;  
3R2pb;  (7) 2n1B2b;  (8) 1Q5q. ) 

Stay tuned for more problems, solutions, and other stuff.

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  Copyright () A.J. Goldsby, 2013.  All rights reserved.  

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