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Recent GM games (# 19)

  GM Peter Svidler (RUS) - GM Alexey Shirov (ESP);  
European Team Championships
Plovdiv, Bulgaria;  2003.  

Two of the world's best go "toe-to-toe" in a no-holds-barred contest. The result is a short but thrilling contest. We haven't seen this much blood-letting between two good players in a long time. Hats off to both players ... we salute your sportsmanship and your fantastic competitive spirit. 

   (alaf2_rgm19-hdr.gif, 13 KB)

   (alaf2_rgm19-gs1.gif, 08 KB)

   (alaf2_rgm19-gs2.gif, 15 KB)

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This game is in the issue, TWIC # 466. 
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