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Recent GM games (# 20)

 GM Robert Huebner (2604) - GM Vladimir Kramnik (2777) 
  Germany (National Team) Vs. The World Champion  
 {GER vs. Kramnik simul} 
  Brissago, SUI,  (Bd. # 3);  29.01.2004  

Black plays a very unorthodox opening, (1.d4, Nf6;  2.Nf3, e6;  3.g3, b5!?); which was probably played for surprise, and also prepared in advance. Huebner does not respond energetically enough, at least in my opinion. There follows a series of complex tactical blows resulting in an ending. Kramnik plays the ending pretty well - as usual - and wins handily. 

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This game is in the issue, TWIC # 482. 
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