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 (A page created in June, 2002)  
I list some of the best annotated games on the net. 
 (All the games here are ones that I have personally annotated.) 


Click  HERE  to go to my page where I talk about some of 
the best chess games ever played. 


 Click  HERE  to see some of  GM A. Baburin's  annotated games. 
(Want more of this player's games? Then click here.)


  A note to all of my fans and supporters:  
  Thanks to a VERY generous patron, who sent me a donation to cover the cost,  
  I now have  CHESSBASE 9.0.  This includes the MEGA package, the new, really  
big database, the new openings book, the correspondence database, The {new} 
5-disc set of the NALIMOV ENDGAME TABLES, etc. 

  Hopefully, this can only help make the quality of my analysis much better!!!  

Click  HERE  to see the game,
  Jose R. Capablanca - Savielly G. Tartakower;  NY, 1924.  

This is one of the most brilliant games of all time. It is also maybe the finest rook-and-pawn 
end-game ever played. I teach it to all my students. It is also one of the most DEEPLY 
annotated games I have ever done. 

 Click  HERE  to see the game, 
Harry N. Pillsbury - Seigbert Tarrasch Hastings, 1895. 
  (GM A. Soltis calls this game, "One of the best of the 19th Century.")  

 (This is also one of my best jobs of annotation.) 

 Click  HERE  to see the game, 
Wilhelm Steinitz - Curt Von Bardeleben Hastings, 1895. 
  ( GM A. Soltis calls this game,  "The Pearl of Hastings."  )  

 This is easily one of the "Top Ten" games of the 19th Century. 
  It is also one of the best games Steinitz ever played!!  

  Click  HERE  to see the game,  
  Akiba Rubinstein - Karel Hromadka;  Mahrisch-Ostrau, 1923. 
Maybe the most brilliant game Rubinstein ever played. 
 "The Rubinstein Star."

This has got to be one of the greatest games of chess ever played. 
(Soltis rates it as being in the "Top 100" of the 20th Century!) 

Click  HERE  above to go to my first in-depth annotated game 
page. (At least the first one I completed for my own web-site!)  It contains 
my well-annotated game against J. Perciballi!  A new game never printed 
anywhere, here for your enjoyment!!

 (This is the  FIRST  game I annotated for the Internet for one of my own sites.) 

Click  HERE  to go to my second in-depth annotated game 
page. It contains the great game, Lichtenhein - Morphy;  New York, 
1857. This game is annotated at a level that far supersedes what 
anyone else has ever done!! No kidding!! 
Go there now and check it out!

  (Click  HERE  to see another great Morphy game.)  

Click  here  to go to another game, 
(Goldsby-Bassallos; The Southern Chess Congress [Open]; Gainesville, FL; 1999.)
that was published in floridaChess. Many have written me and told me this was one of the 
best annotation jobs I have ever done. I went back and RE-analyzed this entire game!
 Many diagrams! Check it out!! I hope you enjoy it!!

After a very long time, the wait is finally over. 

You can finally see the game, Morphy-Allies  (The Duke of Brunswick and the 
Count of Isouard), which is now on my (Geo-Cities) web site!!  I consider this to be 
one of the best games of chess ever played!! And no, I am not kidding. 

Check it out!  Click  HERE  to go there now.

Probably one of the finest jobs of annotation I ever did is the game:
GM Jose R. Capablanca - GM Alexander A. Alekhine;
Chess World Championship Match; Buenos Aries, 1927.

 Click  HERE  to go there now.

According to many Masters, GM's, writers, and chess editors, 
what is the best chess game ever played?

In all likelihood, it is the game: 

G. Kasparov - V. Topalov;
Wijk aan Zee, 1999.

Click  here  to see this game annotated in great depth. 


Warning: NO Diagrams. So bring a chess board and set. 
 (First posted late Sept, 2001.) 

Click  HERE  to see the game,
Johannes Zukertort - Joseph Blackburne;
International Chess Tournament; London, 1883

This is easily one of the most beautiful games of the 19th Century. 
 (And maybe of all time.) 

  Former World Champion, Emanuel Lasker, called this:  
 ...  "one of the finest games ever played in Master Chess."  

Click  HERE  to see the great game:
  GM Bobby Fischer - GM Boris Spassky; 
World Championship, (#1)  -  Sixth Match Game (Game # 6)  
  Reykjavik, Iceland; 1972

One of the very best games ever played in World Championship play!
  Even computers do not get this one, even in the year 2002!!  

 Click  HERE  to the the deeply annotated game: 
 GM Anatoly Karpov - GM Garry Kasparov; 
 World Championship Match # 2. (Game # 16)  
 Moscow, RUSSIA; 1985

Garry Kasparov ... for a VERY long time ... 
considered this game his ULTIMATE creative achievement!! 
  (Coming from a player who has played so many great games, that means a lot!!!!!)  


  (This is the last game listed on this page!)  

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This page was last updated on 03/18/14 .  

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