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Look! My very first award! *beams* Thanks, Puckles!

J/C Fanfiction

Eternity- Rating=G Kathryn Janeway doesn't like being kept waiting....

Tender Goodbyes- Rating=PG, and a level 2 hanky rating. Kathryn realizes something, but is it too late?

Janeway and Chakotay, Sittin' in a Tree- Rating=PG Written for a JetCjr7 challenge. J and C design a music video in the holodeck, based on a 20th century popular song. My song: "I'm a Tree"!!!

Composure- Rating=G Kathryn rationalizes not having a relationship with Chakotay by listing....her hairstyles?! The kind of wackiness that only happens at two am.

The Fly ChroniclesNOOO!!!

Fly's Eye View- Rating=G A funky story from the point of view of a just *have* to read it! (yes, this is the story that Jenna mentioned in the guestbook. :)

Fly's Eye View x2- Rating=G The sequel to Fly's Eye View. When Kat and Chak have a spat, our fly-gal-with-an-attitude heroine is called in to save the day! But now she's stuck with a snobbish yet dashing assistant who won't stop annoying her! What will she do?

The Fly Chronicles-Part 3: HORNETS! Rating=PG After retiring from FlyFleet and taking Janeway and Chakotay on as a 'special case', Juniper and Pierre meet up with an enemy they may not beat...HORNETS! Whatever will they do?

The Look in Your Eyes- Rating=G...maybe light PG seeing as its a wedding...   We get a peek inside the heads of Kathryn and Chakotay as the stare at each other across the dinner table after their wedding.

Letting Go- Rating=PG-13   Level Three Hanky Rating. Kathryn's thoughts after Chakotay's demise.

Forgotten- Rating=PG-13   An "Unforgettable" prequel with an unexpected ending.

When I Was Younger- Rating=G Another J/C poem, this one so sappy you could make maple syrup with it! Kathryn's been having dreams of her past with a weird twist....

Avoidance- Rating=G Yet another poem- Kathryn's thoughts during a conversation in the Ready Room.

We Have to Tell Them- Rating= PG a story with a bit of an unexpected ending....pretty silly. :)

Joy- Rating= G a Christmas story, short and sweet. I seem to be writing a lot of S&S's latley...:) This one was especially for Jennica's 1999 Christmas contest, which I didn't win, but had fun being in anyhow. :-) Thanks to everyone who voted!

Aftermath-Rating=PG A drabble, short and sweet. Chakotay's thoughts after a fight with Kathryn...according to my pondies, I am working on a sequel...of course, my science teacher thinks otherwise, seeing as the amount homework he gives me does not allow time for fic....:( I'll try you guys!

I Love You-Rating=PG Based on the Celin Dion song "I Love You." Short & sweet. Who will finally break and make the first move? Kathryn's POV.

Other Voyager Fics

It Takes Two to Tango- K/7, Rating=PG An "Infinite Regress" supplement. Seven shows up at Harry's quarters at tango!

I am Seven of Nine's Regeneration Alcove- K/7 Rating=PG Pure fluff, silliness, and other stuff. Just what the title says...

I am Harry's Clarinet"- K/7 Rating=PG Companion piece to "I am Seven of Nine's Regeneration Alocove." Just what the title says...

One Last Birthday Cake- N/Kes Rating=G But it's a tearjerker! A sweet story, in which Neelix finally decides to move on...two years after Kes's departure.

Sweet Dreams- semi J/N...yet not what you think! Rating=G. It's a sweet story, despite the fact that J/N might make you shudder...Neelix's thoughts on Kathryn Janeway, Michael, and Janeway's dedication to her crew.

Deep Space Nine

Remember Her Smile- J/J, Rating=PG Takes place 10 minutes after "Tears of the Prophets". Jadzia may be dead, but the memories live on forever.

The Next Generation

Ode to Spot...or Maybe Not!- Rating=G A strange tale (tail?!) told from the point of view of Data's cat, Spot!

Who Will Perform CPR on my Muse? Rating=PG USED TO BE THE WRONG LINK-fixed as of 0001.22. A really weird and silly story that fits in no category! Celestia's muse Petra seems to have passed on...who will help to revive her?

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