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The Picture Pond

This is the place where I'll stash my J/C pics. I may add some later on, I may not. We'll see. :) In the meantime, dive on in and sneak a peek at these ones....most come from the Offical JetC homepage. Others I just picked up when I was surfing, and have no clue of where they came from. If you identify one of these pictures as one of your own making, which you really did want anyone to steal, tell me, and I'll take it down.
Have fun!

J and C's 'Fight' in the corridorKat's hand on Chak's facein the conference room, Kat's arm over Chak's chair.Chak watches Kat fiddle with her commbadgeflowers, dim lighting, Chak & Kat eating dinner.Kat pops a chocolate into her mouthChak finds a frozen Kat-siclecandlelight dinner in Kat's quarterstelling Chak to break his date with Ms. Replicatorconfetti on his shoulders, confetti in her hairJaneway looks somewhat wary of ChakKat finds out if her XO is really himself.getting, closer, still trying to see if he's hima moving 'Resolutions' pican older pic of! it's the bun!Chak looking usual. :)an older pic of J and C in the ready room, yakking.Chak looks over Kat's shoulder, she just looks mad.just touching hands...standing in the sun, they share a laugh.Kat kuddles with the sweetest puppy ever!the sweet pic that's hanging in my locker

That's it for now....current pic count: 22

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