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Celestia's Butterfly Award For an Outstanding J/C Website

Butterfly Award
For an
J/C Website think that your site is good enough to win an award? Well, there are a few stipulations....

1. Your site must be J/C oriented. I mean, I really don't think I'm about to give an award for an outstanding J/C site to a site about your pet iguana. There can be some other stuff on there, but the main point has to be J/C.

2. Be nice to those of us with old browsers. Graphics are good, 20 of them on the same page is not. (Unless it's the graphics section of your site, like my "Picture Pond", and in that case it should be clearly labelled.) I happened to have a pretty slow computer, and a fairly old browser, and I'm probably not going to feel obliged to give you an award if my browser crashes when I'm visiting your site.

3. There has to be fanfic. I know that the award isn't specifically for fanfic, but there's this little nagging voice in my mind which states that a J/C site just isn't a J/C site without at least a couple of stories.

4. And, well, I have to like your fanfic. Now don't start saying stuff like "Oh, she'll never like my fanfic!", because, believe me, I like practically every single fanfic I read. There's only ever been a couple that I haven't talked about for at least a day afterwards. If you have a story that you really want me to read, because you're positive that it's the only one I'll like or something silly like that, than tell me which one to read when you fill out the form.

5. Signing my guestbook may make me feel somewhat obliged to award you.....

6. Putting a link on your site back to my homepage would make me feel pretty spiffy too.

That's it! Now, fill out the form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. (Which may take longer than you think, plus I have to read your fanfic too, but please, email me and bother me if I haven't given you an answer of somekind within two weeks.

Oh, and you probably want to see a sample of what the award looks like....remember that the actual award won't have those ugly "SAMPLE"s stamped all over it. :)

Apply for Celestia's Butterfly Award!!!

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