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Specific Articles
X Appeal
"A host of new dramas will try to imitate THE X-FILES' stylish paranoia this fall, but capturing the carefully nurtured chemistry between the show's leads won't be easy"
Conception and Evolution
An exerpt from said article the appeared in the official-S#1-&-#2-guide book, "The Truth It Out There".
Fox and Dana's Xcellent adventure
This link is off-site (mine, that is). "Mulderites, Scullyists, and other X-Files fans make love and war in the online jungle." Scroll way down to the botttom to find Noromos mentioned.
Another Point of View
Another off-site link. Know about the whole Miningco Saga? (No, then read about it here.) This is the "article" that David Swinney apparently felt he had to write, justifying the Noromo-links' existence! Note the quote from my email. J Yes, I am proud!
To Ship or Not To Ship?
A short article from the Idealists Simplenet place (off-site link). By Gina McIntyre, the editor of the the official X-F magazine.
Does UST Exist?
... And why it matters. I received my BSc in Noromo Studies at the XFU for this, yes I am proud. (Read about the XFU here.)

A site I've found but haven't combed through yet, is The X-Files Articles & Transcripts. At the moment they have 150 pieces, I'm sure there are sites around with more but this'll do for a start!

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