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I don't know how many times I've heard Shippers whinge, "Haven't you seen Pusher? What about Memento Mori?!" (The movie, however, is an entirely different matter - it has it's own page.) They insist that certain episodes show M & S' relationship as they both (Mulder and Scully, that is) secretly desire it to be. On behalf of all the Noromos out there, I must equally insist that they don't.

You wanna talk episodes? OK, let's talk episodes...

The (real) Beginning. From the start, their relationship had always had a strange basis. Scully's the newbie agent intrigued by Mulder yet determined not to let him intimidate her; Mulder's the cynical spooky hack. As Carter has said himself numerous times, the Pilot only reinforced his ideals about M & S. Scully bares herself to Mulder, hugs Mulder, and sits through the "I was 12, she was 8" tale for the first time. It's obvious he has something more important on his mind: li'l green men! I love the Pilot, if only for Scully's perpetual grin-attacks, brought on by Mulder quips!

Scully has lunch with a Mr T. Colton, whose personality reads DICKHEAD! in neon lights. He insults Mulder; insults Scully but pretends he didn't. Scully opts to pursue the case with the weirdo alien-hunter rather than the arsehole ladder-climber. With friends like these, is it any wonder she prefers to hand with Mulder?

Scully's dad dies and we get the very first taste of that spooky role-reversal stuff. Scully gets called "Dana" no less then 3 TIMES! Can you believe it?! The way he says it, it's like an admission of weakness; an insult. Hey, I find it insulting and I'm only watching it! Mulder gets shot for the first time, we get psuedo Caring!Mulder (isn't any C!M fake anyway?!). A marvellous Scullycentric ep. Love that screaming!

The moment all you slashers (and maybe even Noromos) had been waiting for - the first smooch between two semi-regular or regular characters, and it wasn't Mulder and Scully! I've seen some pretty convincing arguments that the UST between Krycek & Mulder exists so much more than M & S UST (of course I'm inclined to agree.) RATBOY LOVES SPOOKY!

Uh, do I have to comment? I think I'll pass, 'cept to say - Skinner and Scully kissed way before Mulder & 1939!Scully did! And that's the important thing.

Mulder and Scully distrust each other, Scully distrusting Folly, and Mulder distrusting Scully's judgement. (Prick!)

The most important thing here is Mulder's saving grace: "I am perfectly happy with my relationship with Agent Scully." The state of it being platonic, do I need to add?

Scully finally gets pissed at Mulder for all the doormat things he's done to her up until this point. And she almost gets laid, hey, it's progress. No wonder GA & RR hooked up soon after this! Like, who wouldn't?!


I'm trying my best, honest ... whinge, whinge, whinge ...

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