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Read something somewhere, and you have no idea what it means? But afraid to ask, lest you look like a newbie? Never fear, newbie, all the terms you need are here!

Noromo Speak
Mailing lists / Newsgroups / Message Boards
Fanfic Speak
Further Information

Short for 'No Romance'. A sane person who knows the truth about Mulder and Scully and would like it to stay that way, thanks all the same!
Short for 'Relationshipper'. Refers to someone who wants Mulder & Scully to get together (ie have a sexual, physical relationship).
Finishipper Someone who only wants M & S to get together in the last, final episode. Closet Shippies and closet Noromos.
-X-Phile X-Files fan ("phile" referring to the Latin word philo, meaning "to love").
-M & S
-Moose & Squirrel
-FM & DS
All referring to our not-so-dynamic, or heroic, duo - Mulder and Scully.
-Spoiler/s a "spoiler" is usually a piece of information about a particular ep, that "spoils" the surprise. For instance, a "spoiler" of the Pilot could be "It was the vegetable boy" or "Scully freaks out over mozzie bites and lets Mulder see her in her undies". But spoilers for the first few seasons don't apply so much; it's assumed people have seen thes episodes. The word "spoiler" is often put in posts as a warning of the post's content: it contains information about episodes not necessarily seen by everyone. Although Yanks are often lazy with putting this in, so be careful anyway. Spoilers can also refer to episode content of ep's not yet seen by anyone - speculation.
-SMT Short for Sadistic Mulder Torture. Used in the intro to the NOROMO Love Page (check Links for more info). Here's an explanation from Chase, the creator of the site:
"...they were all Duchovnyheads, drooling all over the place because of the man. It just so happens that most of them are in a medical profession of some sort, and they would crack jokes about taking care of Mulder should he ever get wounded on the show. (It must be a medical thing.) So, they came up with Sadistic Mulder Torture to cover everything from bumps and bruises to gunshot wounds to being spattered with alien goo. As I understand it, there is now an official SMT site somewhere on the web."
-Toomah Again on the intro to the NOROMO Love Page. Thanks to Chase for clearing this one up:
"As for Toomahs, that came about when Scully was found to have a tumor in her head. Taking the Arnold Schwarzeneggar statement in Kindergarten Cop, 'It's not a toomah!', it was a battle cry when we learned she had a "toomah" as well. So, of course, it made its way to the Noromo creedo, as well."
-DAL Deep Abiding Love...:::disgust:::. Doesn't warrant even thinking about!
Stands for UnResolved Sexual Tension, what many people believe M & S have. I know Gillian Anderson thinks this; I think Cart does...of course, all the Shippies do...some Noromos say they believe it exists, but then go on to say that they like it that way: unresolved. As for me, I'm going with this gem, from the XFFCA:"Sexual tension? What sexual tension? Must have blinked and missed it".
Noromo speak
Refers to Acacia Archive, and the rather marvellous Sonja Blue, who runs it. Check links.
-NAM Nat, Andrea, Maclau. The three fabulous chickadees who run the Bee Squad!
Reade is the creator and controller of all things LOON [League of Outraged Noromos]. It's an ace Noromo club with a great mailing list. Check links. She's also the Dean of Noromo Studies at the XFU [X-Files University]. Check Other Links for a mini review.
Greg Lawson is the rather fabulous webmaster of MASHEO - Mulder & Scully Hate Each Other! The man's a genius!
These two are closely related. Anez & Dana run both of these sites (Links has more info), MORSOR = Mulder/OtheR, Scully/OtheR society - people who want to see M & S with, er, "other" people. TSN is short for "The Shipper's Nightmare", as in TSN Fanfic Archive, which only archives M/O and S/O stories. A Shipper's nightmare, indeed. J
Info Jargon
-Newsgroup Most people have a "default" e-mail address - the one that is used from your computer's e-mail program. You know, the one which doesn't need a web page to be read. with these, most (?) people also have a default newsreader. If you can configure it, you can join newsgroups. The most famous X-F newsgroups are ATXF and ATXC (see below). However if you don't have a clue how to configure your newsreader, or you don't think you even have one, read on anyway. There are now web-based options available meaning anyone with a browser (ie you, if you're reading this page!) can be a part of newsgroups.
-a post, or postings, or posts A message sent to a newsgroup, mailing list or message board is called a "post". In the same way that a message sent to someone via an electronic mail is called an e-mail.
-lurk In newsgroups, and mailing lists, as a matter of fact, newbies often "lurk" for a while before posting anything. This is where you just read everything, but don't post anything yourself. It's a good idea, mainly to get the "feel" of the group.
-Mailing list The recommended mailing list to join is LOON (see Links for more info about LOON). If you join, you're a member of the mailing list. Every member on the mailing list can read every post, which are sent my other members. You can post messages too, your message will be received by every member of the list. Expect to receive about 20 messages a day! You receive the messsages in your e-mail.
-Message board
-Discussion board
Kinda like a mailing list, but in web-based form (ie on a web page). You don't have to be a member to post messages, either.
The newsgroup If you haven't configured your newsreader thingie (like me), you can see it online at RemarQ. I believe it is also available in web page form at Deja News.
The newsgroup This newsgroup is mainly used for posting fanfic. (Don't know what that is? Read on.) It came about because Chris Carter is legally not allowed to read any fanfic. Why? If a storyline in the show came around and it was extraordinarily similar to yours, you could sue. Maybe half the postings are actually fanfics. Here's the RemarQ link. Please note: in both of the RemarQ links, you may have o click on "Newest" to get to the latest posts.
-REL Short for RELevant; ie it's about The X-Files (or whatever the topic may be).
-TAN Short for TANgential; in that it goes off on a tangent, not relevant to the topic, off-topic.
Short for "off-topic", means the same thing as TAN.
Fanfic Speak
Fanfic is short for fanfiction - fictional stories [about a certain topic, or usually, TV show] written by fans. Lots of people do it, X-F fanfic is extremely prominent on the Web.
-archive An archive (ar-kive) is a collection or record of things. In fanfic, an archive is a place where you'll be able to find heaps (hopefully) of fanfic of a particular type.
-MSR A fanfic classification, MSR stands for "Mulder & Scully Romance". Sadly, I'd say it's easily the most common type. :(
Probably the second most common type of fanfic is the "X-File". This is written as if M & S are in an episode, going off in a case.
I actually first heard this term when I was looking at a Due South fanfic archive. It stands for "Plot, What Plot?" and basically means the piece doesn't waste much introductory time getting into the sex scene. Not to be taken too seriously J.
-M/M Means the pairing is male/male. Or F/F = female/female.
-slash "Slash" is a type of X-F fanfic. Slash is only M/M or F/F. It's called slash because the classification is written as "character - slash - character". eg You write a fanfic where Mulder is mutually attracted to Krycek and they have a bit of a nookie. It would be classified as M/K. It is probably the most common type of slash. Slash comes in just about every pairing imaginable. Even if the characters never even met each other, like Pendrell and X, for example. There is even CSM slash! And LG slash.


If You'd Like To Know More...

This is not meant to be a definitive terms-guide by any standard. It's simply meant to accompany my site and help y'all understand what it's about.

  • Gossamer Project FAQ. Includes some important submitting fanfic information, as well as a good classification guide.
  • The FAQ. By SUe. If you're afraid of being a newbie, check it out. And be NICE!
  • Fanfic Definitions for the Hardcore Ghetto Newbie. Be warned, folks; it's Shippie. Take it as humour.
  • The XFFFA's glossary has some useful things, mainly lifted from Gossamer's FAQ. But who knows what's going on with that kooky bunch. Goecities never dies :::grimace:::

    If you know of a decent FAQ/guide/whatever, let me know.

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