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If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Answer by mlgd on 8.30.00
I'm afraid my first wish would be a selfish one. My back is out and very painful, I'd wish for a healthy back. My second wish would be for the health and happiness of my family and friends. My third wish would be for peaceful harmony in the world.

Answer by whatevillurks on 8.30.00
Get laid, get rich, get a Mclaren F1 road car.

Answer by pmace on 8.30.00
(1) Immortality (the non-aging type of immortality, kind of like the guy from Highlander, but without the decapitation "there can be only one" part) for myself and 500 other people and animals (I get to choose who).

(2) MILLION dollars.... just kidding. A limitless amount of financial wealth ($500 million trillion should do the trick if I need to settle on a figure).

(3) Immediate knowledge of everything in the universe, and the capacity to use this knowledge. This satisfies a number of other wishes... we (humans) would finally be able to figure out interstellar travel, and I'd finally be able to build a real lightsabre.

Looking back on this, I seem to require a bit of professional help for my God complex.

Answer by mamie on 8.30.00
My first wish would be that the other two come true. Then I would wish for a lifetime of good health and a portfolio worth about five million.

Answer by whammy on 8.30.00
1)I would wish for financial security not millions but enough so we don't worry about bills and my hubby wouldn't be so stressed all the time.

2)For my child to be unmared by the materialistic society that we live in. I don't want her to grow up being a spoiled brat.

3)Would be for me I would wish for a closet full of comfy yet fashionable clothes and good hair days, oh yeah, and to be able to eat all those yummy Sara Lee goodies and not gain a pound.I wish LOL

So Genie when do I get my wishes?

Answer by nflfan on 8.30.00
First, I'd wish that I would be able to have two healthy babies (not at once!! can i specify in the future!)

Second, I'd wish for about 3 million bucks. Don't want to be greedy :) but I would make sure that I took care of my husband and two kids I just wished for, along with the rest of my family.

Finally, I would wish that I sang the National Anthem at the next Super Bowl.  that would rock.

Answer by LLDY on 8.30.00
First of all, I would wish for a weight loss program that worked and kept it off! Quick, but healthy.

Then I would wish for health and happiness for my family.

And enough money to keep us that way. A few million invested would yield a good yearly income I think.

Answer by packhawk on 8.30.00
First I would wish for wisdom. With that come other things like power and wealth because you would be smart enough to get it.

Second I would wish for world peace. One easy way to accomplish this would be to put the women in charge,(sorry guys), because women create, not destroy.

Thirdly I ask for something very small, to meet Robert Redford because he is my hero and he's not getting any younger and I want to meet him before one of us dies.

Answer by Tehuti on 8.31.00
I wish I had self-confidence.

I wish my family was financially secure.

I wish my family and I could be happy and satisfied with our lives.

Answer by prncss on 9.2.00
1. Perfect health
2. $100,000
3. a new VW convertible

Answer by fly20 on 9.2.00
Lifelong love, financial security, and enough of both to spread it in areas that would make life for everyone less ugly.

Answer by dmills on 9.2.00
1. I would wish for my son to be alive
2. health and happiness for my friends and family
3. every time I put my hand in my purse, the exact amount of money that I needed would be there.

Answer by bgirl on 9.3.00
Get my brain healthy.

Get out of debt (and learn enough self discipline to stay out of debt).

I would like to be one of those people who can reach out to another person and make their hurt go away, and be able to make a moderate living doing that so I wouldn't have to work just for money.

How come Mr. Potatohead doesn't come with wigs?
What other accessories should you be able to buy for Mr. Potatohead?
I wanna play, too! How about skiis and a scarf?!

Answer by psykomom on 8.21.00
I wish they would give him some pretty little pink tutus and some pretty little pink pointy toed ballerina shoes. Then, he might want to be a surfer dude, so give him a speedo, a surfboard and a snorkle and a pretty little blonde floozie potato head on his arm. And he also wants to be a spud stud, so give him a Bat-Potato cape and hood with black Potato boots.

Answer by fly20 on 8.21.00
We're onto something here. It could revolutionize the marketplace for Potatoheads.

Normal Potatohead:
A potatomobile.
Blue Jeans.
Red Wings.
Pair of homer simpson briefs.

Business Potatohead:
Designer suit.
Briefcase and Cell phone kit.
Mr. Potato Stockbroker.
Beach House.
Mr. Potato Lawyer.

Artist Potatohead:
Paint and Canvas.
Mr. Potato Publicist.
French Mustache.
Ms. Potato Mistress.
"Will paint for food" sign.

Politician Potato:
Designer Suit.
Campaign signs and buttons.
Hot air pump.
Mr. Potato Bodyguard.
Set of stretch limos.
Mr. Potato Speechwriter.
48-piece party convention set complete with 24 hired Mr. Potato speakers.
Recorded messages explaining definitions of "freedom", "progress", and "it".
Ms. Potato Intern.

Answer by spudman on 8.22.00
I just did a quick inventory of my Potato Heads and noticed that the four "soft" Heads do have orange, rug-looking wigs. The modern spud needs Barbie type accessories, realistic looking pieces (hair), fashionable clothes,(note the goofy black derby)and handsomer body parts. If you were going to get a rhinoplasty, would you pick thelarge, bulbous Potato Head nose? I think not. The modern spud needs a career; so we need fireman spud, cowboy spud, policeman spud, athlete spud,astronaut spud (spudnik) surfer spud,businessman spud, construction worker spud, and rock idol spud. The working spud needs transportation which would mean a whole line of spudcars to flood the market. Hasbro profits could set all time records.

With the new, handsome, modern spud strutting his stuff, maybe it's also time for the Mrs. Potato Head to get a makeover.

I'm sure Mr. Potato Head would enjoy that. Book them both for the Oprah show.

Answer by KublaKhan on 8.23.00
How about a serial killer Mr. Potatohead?
It comes with a goalie mask and a potato masher.

Answer by LonaHawk on 8.21.00
A nosering
An eyebrow ring
Various rings for hands and feet
A bellybutton ring

Answer by Krick on 8.21.00
leather jacket and a Harley.

Answer by JTassoff on 8.21.00
How about a bong?

Answer by LLDY on 8.21.00
How about a computer and a KnowPost T-shirt?

Answer by Babytisa on 8.21.00
i think he should have a penis. .. hahahahaha... but different sizes, shapes, colors..  (shrugs)

PS.. who needs wigs when you've got hats?

Answer by TXMonChiChi on 8.23.00
It's about time Mr. & Mrs. P had some fun -- I say they need a Dominatrix & Submissive set of outfits as well as a Pimp & Ho set of outfits. They're two adult consenting potatoes ... who are we to judge?

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