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The idea that whatever you give you will get back. Do you believe in it? and if so do you call it Karma or another 'name'?

Answer by vangar on 4.2.00 5:46 AM
I use to believe this, i beileved it whole heartedly. but now? im not sure. i have given all my life and done it with a smile. It has brought pain and sadness at times but that has been ok too:) but it has seem like that has never been returned. Maybe i just have to wait longer and i can do that, im pacient(sp?) and what to i call it? i think fate is the term i like.

Answer by prncss on 4.2.00 11:34 AM
I call it Karma. Are you the one that keeps asking all the karma questions? I do believe in it. I always try to do what is right. I don't always succeed, but I try to put myself in others' shoes, and do what I can, without killing myself. Often, a good deed can be as simple as hanging back and letting a car merge into your lane, sharing some M&M's with coworkers, and helping your host clean up after dinner. It is the little things that count. I try to do little things to make others' lives easier. I do believe it works. I've had a relatively great life. Nothing bad ever really happens to me. I have a lot to be grateful for. I am not rich, but I'm not poor. I have good friends. I have everything that I need, and a lot of what I want. I have my health, my youth, and the love of others. What else could you want?

Answer by Pahel50 on 4.2.00 11:51 AM
Yes, I believe. I don't really have a name for it, just something I feel. However, I also believe that you may not get 'it' back in this lifetime.

We wonder sometimes why when we have worked so hard for so many years, been nice to people willingly, given freely of our time, talent and possessions, why are we still just treading water? When is it our turn? My mother always said "Your reward will be in Heaven". Sometimes, I get tired of waiting.

Answer by solana on AM
I don't really call it karma, it is simply according to the universal laws . If you do good, there is a law of threefold return. If you do evil, same rules apply. I believe in it absolutely.

Answer by heyteach on 4.2.00 3:51 PM
Not fully, it is not born out by experience. You can get far better from folks you don't really care for or about than you deserve. You can get far worse from folks you do care for, care about, and go out of your way to help. You do NOT always get back what you give out. Period.
The odds, however, of getting energy or behavior similar to what you put out is high--so it pays to be pleasant and decent--you'll get more good from that than being an SOB.
I don't call it Karma. I don't believe it all comes out in the wash through some cosmic accounting. It just is not possible.
I don't believe in reincarnation--which is a necessary component of real Karma.
I don't believe that it evens out by the end of life--how could Hitler have "paid" in this life for what he did? How could a victim of the Holocaust be "reimbursed" for what he endured? Can NOT be done. Now, God can address that after those people have died, but that is NOT what Karma is about.

The Golden Rule is a great guide and we should worry about "fairness" only in trusting that God will handle it.

Answer by JC99 on 4.2.00 4:17 PM
I call it karma and I believe in it. Without it, the Universe makes no sense. I've seen it work, numerous times, though sometimes it's slow.

I know that everything we do creates a ripple effect. We have an affect on others and they have an effect on others and it keeps going and going until it's gone right around the world and come back to us.

It makes sense that you get out what you put in, for that's how it works for everything else, whether it's gardening, artwork, or a relationship, though sometimes we make bad bad choices in people. If we choose to have relationships with bad people, we'll be in line for their bad karma as well, which is why a person can give their all in a relationship with a bad person and still receive nothing but bad karma. You don't just get your own--you're in line for the karma coming to those you choose to hang around with.

Answer by darklao on 4.3.00 1:58 AM
No. No I don't. I want to believe it, though.

I have spent too much time around people who you can give and give and give to, and they just suck it all up, and get mad when for a moment or a day, you can't supply.

Then, when you need something back, even something as simple as a kind word, they can't or won't supply it.

Some would call it Karma. I'd call it Justice. And while I'd like to believe it's an inevitable function of the universe, I've found that the only Justice available is that justice you can make for yourself.

Answer by fly20 on 4.3.00 2:49 PM
Yes, I believe it. I don't call it Karma, just a general sense of how things are-- and it's also backed up in scriptures. You reap what you sew, 7 times over. I like it as a rule of living. And I feel guilty if I'm being a pain, whining, or holding a grudge. It feels all the better if I'm giving something to charity or just being considerate of a person when they need someone to understand.

Bad things still happen, and I've helped people in ways I've never been helped, specifically. But the return can come at another time, and scripturally, it can even come in the next life. But in general I have a few things I resent in my life, and a whole lot of great things that have happened and continute to happen.

The other angle just makes no sense, to do whatever is needed to justify the means. It's hard not to feel justice when a thief is stolen from, but man, he'll whine like anyone else will.

Answer by savia on 4.3.00 7:38 PM
i do believe it. karma works, so does whatever else. i call it the way things work. and in most parts of my life i see it proven daily. i say most, because there is one place i find that honesty, compassion and integrity are rather unpopular, but as that is not my overall experience i can survive it.

Answer by Beso on 4.5.00 8:39 AM
I am not sure I believe it but I sure hope it is true. I am trying to do my best, not because i want it returned but because I want to contibute my best to the universe. I am sorry for my mistakes and even if I end up getting a bad time as my reward I would take comfort in knowing that there was justice both for the really good and the really bad.

Answer by LANA9 on 4.7.00 9:06 AM
I have always said, What goes around, comes around. That goes for something good or bad. I actually call it my conscience. I do believe in it. I am afraid to do bad things toward my fellow man in fear of having it come back to bite me. I never say I hate anyone. That one really scares me. I may say I don't care for them, but hate is only for objects or things like that.

Answer by brigit on 4.8.00 8:40 PM
i do not "believe" in this - just as i do not "believe" in the law of gravity or any of the "laws" of physics...
i know that it is the way the omniverse operates, whether i am able to see it clearly or no.

we try to simplify the law of karma, or the law of threefold return; we attempt to see the return within days, or moments, when the truth is that this law covers infinity... and whilst we are in our bodies, trapped in "time and space", we shall never be able to see this law in operation...

i do call it karma for want of a better name, but i do not expect to be able to understand it; i can only accept it, and attempt to live according to the principle it represents, which cannot be named.

the buddha spoke of many, many lives; the christ spoke of a reward in heaven; the earth speaks of balance.
all the same.

if you are doing "good", or giving, or "doing the right thing" because you are hoping for recognition, or return...
you have lost already.

from a soapbox by cyndy10... Gabriel Story #1
(and other stories...)

Gabriel...  Your car does not have Full Coverage Insurance, because YOU PAID $800.00 for it. My 96 Saturn DOES, because I am making payments on it. I don't own it, and the finance company requires me to have it. Yes, we had full coverage on your last vehicle because I OWNED IT, and I paid $3,000 for it and your idea of a good driving record is having a driver's license. You've been in 3 accidents in 2 years, all your fault. When we met, you had NO license because you had been in an accident. You are the only person I know that would be the HIT part of an accident, and CHOOSE TO LEAVE THE SCENE, getting charged with HIT AND RUN, when you were the one HIT. Oh ya, I want full coverage when you are driving MY car. Absolutely. Try taking responsibility for your actions instead of always blaming others.

How did you feel calling the Insurance agent asking for a (full coverage) quote on your 1980 Buick LeSabre? I could hear the agent laughing on the phone from 2 rooms away.

Why didn't I tell you? I DID, you moron. You thought I was "cheating" you, remember? I told you then that if you got in a wreck and there was $2,000 damage to your precious transportation, that they would only give you what the blue book value is, they wouldn't repair it. You did not believe me. I said "don't call the agent, he'll laugh at you".

NO, we're not paying $75.00 a MONTH for full covergage on that piece of junk, you could buy a whole new $800.00 car every 10 and a half months. Save it. The insurance agent laughed because he had never been asked a question that dumb.

Oh, and by the way: When you locked the keys in the car, the reason why I told you to return the spare to the magnetic box and put it back on the car was because if you don't, you'll do it again. Oh, you're calling from the corner store? The car is running, and both keys are on your key ring? In the ignition? DUH.

I told you this would happen.

 Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by solana on 7.14.00 1:28 PM
He bought a "great" car for our daughter, and only paid $500 dollars. (Nova '85 )His "buddy" checked it oout completely before he bought it.he loaded the trunk with safety paraphenalia and gave it to my daughter. she drove it for 30 days before it caught on fire. The engine needed replaced... inly $1500 . He replaced it. then we drove it for one week to "test" it.

The engine needed replaced again. $200 labor. He did it .. the engine was warrentied. Then the exhaust system needed replaced. By this time I gave the daughter My car.. and bought another. HE was driving the bargain Nova. This was 2 years ago.. and $4800 ago. The most recent investment in this car was new brakes and antoher muffler. Two weeks after this, it did not pass inspection.. ( why not have them inspect it before the new brakes etc? he said he didn't have the money) The seatbelt assembly was bad and we have emissions testing. He replaced the seatbelt assembly. Now it needs a carburator. ( $300-$350) so he is going to do it. Meantime, he finally decided to do what I said to do in the beginning.. and buy a truck.. new. He will "run both vehicles, but at least one will be reliable. ")
Dumb as a box of Rocks

 Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by solana on 7.14.00 1:35 PM
I wanted to buy a computer. We have an old house. Inadequate wiring. He hired his "buddy" to put in a new line for my computer needs and the bathroom that he was finally doing repairs and remodeling to. ( the bath was out of comission for 11 years.. the entire time I raised my kids in this house)
His buddy was supposed to put in wiring for a light and a vent in the bath. He was supposed to install a totally seperate line for my computer.. and some extra outlets in the small upstairs room.
He was to install 3 outlets in the kitchen.
"Rock" paid in advance.
Buddy stuck in some outlets and did not wire the vent.
My computer is on the same line as the washing machine. and the a/c unit upstairs.It is also on the same line as the light and the vent ( which Rock wired) I cannot run the washer and the a/c unit at the same time or I blow fuses.
The outlets in the kitchen were never installed. Oh and there was something about the box.. where Buddy did some work wiring things ( what?) into it.. the box.. almost caused a fire.. did cause a very localized ( my hous) blackout)
Rock refuses to go after Buddy to have the work finished and / or repaired.
If you turn on the bathroom vent while the computer is on.. horrible noises occur on my pc. Yikes!

  Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by chelsea1 on 7.14.00 2:09 PM
The first thing this Soap reminded me of is the scene in "A Fish Called Wanda," where Jamie Lee Curtis is berating Kevin Kline, saying, "To call you 'stupid' would be an insult to stupid people!"
Then, it reminded me of a Box o' Rocks incident from my own past, when my now-Ex tied a piece of string to his windshield wipers, to operate them, after they'd mysteriously stopped working mid-thunderstorm. He drove around like that for a couple of weeks, leaning out the driver's side and working his string during torrential downpours. Finally, someone asked him if he'd checked the fuses. Sure enough, a fuse had blown, and that's why the wipers had stopped working. Forty cents and one fuse later, the wipers were back in commission. I still get a good laugh out of his Rube Goldberg contraption and the funny looks he got. What an eejit.

 Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by colldoll on 7.14.00 2:52 PM
I was walking up the stairs, He was behind me. HE got the bright idea to flick the lighter at my butt!!
My new spandex exercise pants were extremely flammable, I felt heat and looked down to see my pants glowing with a flame about an inch away from my from the surface of the entire lower part of my body, it was so strange the pants were not really burning just had this flame a round them,that was not going out. We couldn,t pat it out. I am halfway up the stairs, to stop drop and roll at that point would have been even more dangerous!!
I run up the stairs, roll in a blanket, get the fire out, (wish I knew minga then)

HE cannot understand why I am so pissed, HE did not mean for it to happen. DUH Didnt guys stop immature antics like that at about 13?

I dont speak to him for a day or two, He finds humor in the situation. Tells His mother, and happens to mention it was just like the HINDENBURG lighting up.

Two weeks go by, I have not spoken a word to him, He has no clue why the atmosphere got even colder since his mother's visit. HE was making no reference to size, He just meant the quick flash of flame that was emanating from my butt.

I am unreasonable??? Pleaaaase!!!

 Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by hismel on 7.14.00 6:04 PM
Oh. May I?? (this doesn't top Colldoll's story though--what a dork!)

My ex "Box of Rocks" did a car doozy too. Gotta love it. My reliable 91 Taurus was "his car" for the year he traveled for work because we couldn't put too many miles on the lease car. So we swapped. Several months into the trade, he noticed a "funny smell" for a couple weeks and didn't say anything. It was winter and he was using the heater a lot. He noticed the temp guage was running a bit warm but mistakenly thought it was because he was using the heater. He still didn't say anything to me or anybody else. Just kept driving. (some of you already know what is going to happen) He had to make a round-trip to a destination about 3 hours away. It was cold and snowy. He got about an hour into the trip there and noticed the car was running really warm. He decided since the heater was still on, everything must be okay. He kept driving. Got there. Started on his trip back. Only when the heater stopped warming the car did the guy pull over. He noticed steam and figured the darn thing was overheating. He drove the rest of the way back and took the car straight to the dealership. He still didn't tell me. He authorized them to do some work to the waterpump and radiator hose, etc. He agreed to the $800 or so dollars. He told me the car needed a little work but hadn't fessed up about the little trip. The day he brought the car home, I noticed the horrible smell. The car had all the signs of a blown head-gasket. The cheesy dealer had actually done $800 worth of work without letting us know that the head-gasket was blown (they HAD to know...) and the chances of a cracked block were HUGE! Scumbags. But mostly I blame the ex because if he'd told me what was going on with the smell and the temp, the car would have been in the shop long before he killed it. She was a gonner and we were out $800 for pointless repairs and had no sellable car or value in a trade-in. dum-de-dum-dum

Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by colldoll on 7.14.00 6:16 PM
These stories are so funny!!

hmmm I just noticed something, they are all written by women. Why do I feel the payback is coming?
As much as I would like to believe that, we, the enlightened, brilliant, women of kp have never ever pulled any (lets say, less than brilliant) moves. I have this ominous sense of dread descending down upon my shoulders with the weight of a thousand bricks. Hope I am just being paranoid.

 Re: Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks by chelsea1 on 7.14.00 6:53 PM
Hey colldoll, I will sacrifice myself, and tell a "Box o' Rockettes" story that stars **me**. Maybe that will stop the bad testosterone mojo from wafting this way. LOL
Back in college, we were pulling a couple of all-nighters, trying to power-learn the stuff we'd missed by skipping so many classes over the past 10 weeks. Sleep deprivation was definitely an issue.
As I cranked paper into the typewriter, to start writing yet another feeble term paper, I turned to my boyfriend and asked him what date it was. He was as punchy as I was, and couldn't recollect the date, either. He helpfully suggested I check the newspaper.
I picked it up, looked at it, threw it down, and snarled at him in righteous indignation, "This is no help! This is yesterday's newspaper!"
He busted out laughing and it took me a while to figure out why. Of course, he told all of our friends, and I was the Designated Butthead for quite a while...

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