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Friends Website
Dedicated to Clay Johnson, founder of KnowPost.com
Home Page

The website is currently 67 pages (20.38MB)
For my own sanity I created an Index out of the the Home Page.

You can get everywhere on the site from the links at the top and bottom of each page, however, some of the links lead to many more pages.  Descriptions are below.

I just finished this update and need some help getting all the information correct and current.  Please check your information. I prefer to make changes via the Human Click feature at the bottom of the page.  When you click it, please allow me to open the html page that you would like changes made to, it just takes a moment.  Then chat with me online as I make the changes. This way I don't procrastinate.  I'll even upload it so you can refresh and see the changes.  Most things can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Member Standings
I broke the pages down to to smaller sizes so those without a cable modem will have pages load faster.  They are awfully graphics heavy.  The "Spotlight on Heyteach" is from when she passed the 10,000 mark.  It's the creation of Tara put onto the KP Blue. I saved the text in case the .org site went down so Laurie wouldn't lose and forget all the kind words.  Top 100 Askers will probably never be complete but I'm doing my best.

The Top 10 | Top 11-50 | Top 51-100 | 101 and Beyond | Top 100 Askers

Member Spotlight | How The Top 100 Is Calculated

Ask Anything
This link goes to a new section where any KnowPoster's "Ask Me Anything" questions and answers are linked.  I made a template to be able to easily and quickly create them.  They are all very similar but are customized with your stats, profile picture, and unique questions and answers.  If yours is not here and you would like one posted too, please copy the entire text into email or ceremail and label it as a site submission.  These examples were chosen randomly and any excluded member need only ask to receive one.

(31 done so far)

AmyLeigh braino | brigit  charlesc | cjoh | cyndy10    darklao | Dilbert   EverydayAngel

febe   gwen     hedges | hismel     Ishtar   jakimbro | Jaydogg   Kileana     LANA9 | Lawboy

maxhdrm7 | Meadow   obi-wan     Pickle | P.James | prosaic1   Seedy69     Tehuti | thespud

vicnice   whatevillurks | WhyKnot

Need to Redo these below, I had been up WAY WAY too long and started making mistakes.
prncss | Rocktman | solana | Swords

Member Calendar
This is really cool, be sure to take a look.  All the birthdays I was able to locate are listed here. I also included US, Canadian and British Holidays. If your birthday is not listed, new events are easy to add.  While you're at it, add your KP anniversary!

Message Board
Onsite message board in case of emergency. If I have news and don't have time to upload it, I would likely post it here.  Besides a few test posts and a couple posts from the January 10th scare, there's not much there.

KnowPost.com News
Chronology of some of the events in KnowPost's past.  Locked out?  Wondering if there's some important site news?  As soon as I get reliable, accurate information, I post it here. If it's really important, like the site is down, I post it right on the Home Page.

Bug Collection
Having a problem?  Beyond reporting problems to Clay and Tara, this is where site problems are documented.  If there is a way to avoid the problem or fix it, you will find the information here.  Most of the things listed here are fixed, but I am leaving them up because there are temporary things that can be done to make it bearable if these things start happening again.

Hall of Fame
Fame and Infamy of all kinds here...  Besides the links to 3moons and hippie's Memorial Sites, there's a "Hall of Shame" for the Meany Marker and similar aliases we hope never return.  Don't worry, it's in good taste and won't make anyone mad.  If an alias is being mean to you, I'll post it for you.

Other links available from that page:

Member Spotlight
Spotlights members that demonstrate through their answers and very active partitipation that they are a benefit to the entire KnowPost community.

Alias Personalities
This is a fun list of some of the more interesting and entertaining aliases on KnowPost.  It's a bit outdated because I was getting the pages made and have been gone for a couple months.  Take a look and tell me what aliases need to be added.

Members We Miss
This is a page I made to leave kind thoughts for members that have left for some reason.
Like leaving a picture out while waiting for someone to return from a trip.  If you miss someone, why not have me post their picture and a message.  You can ceremail them the link so they can see they are missed.

Prayers For Dave | 3moons Memorial | KnowPost Press Stories | KnowPost Awards

KnowPost Content Pages
An interesting collection of separate pages with questions, answers, and posts on many topics.  All this content was at one time or another posted at KnowPost.  As you will see, there's a lot of pages here.

One big page with a ton of some of the best humor I've seen in the soaps.  A lot of it was posted by ECU since he seems to post stuff I find incredibly funny.  Send me some good stuff to post.

Please note, the link to this page was typed wrong and it's not fixed on every page yet. You may need to correct it in the address bar from recipes/html to recipes.html.  I saved some of the best recipes posted at KP.  Ingrid has posted quite a few, as have others.  If you asked a question about a "hard to find", I have probably saved it here.  Also be sure to check the link to my personal website recipe pages before you decide something isn't there.

Members Speak
This is in regards to how we all feel collectively about KnowPost.  A page of heartfelt thanks and appreciation.  Three excellent questions were posted so members could tell Clay how much we appreciate KnowPost.  I collected them all into one place.  It's incredible to read.  KnowPost has changed a lot of lives.

History of KP
This page begins with the story of how KnowPost was an idea on some napkins in a Pancake House.  It goes through the whole history in Clay's own words. It's very interesting.

The Submissions link leads to 12 pages with 9 being used currently.  A wide assortment of stuff.  It's like going through the archives.  Whatevillurks, brigit and fly20 submitted a lot of material for these pages.  Thanks you guys!

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6

Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12

The Wisdom link goes to 12 completed pages with only 6 in use.  There's room left to add more content.  These pages are mostly quotes, motivational stuff, points to ponder, and things of that nature.

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6

Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12

KP Stories
The Toad Saga is an EXCELLENT read.  It is posted here with permission, and I took some extra time to search for some graphics.  If you've never read it then be sure to visit.  I was thinking about adding that story Boogada wrote, regardless of the situation it was brilliant.  And maybe KP Town depending on where it goes.

Begin The Toad Saga | Continue The Toad Saga | Finish the Toad Saga

KnowPost Island | Boogada's Story | KP Town..?

Off Site Links
This link is a collection of Links to sites outside the KnowPost Friends website.
Here's what you will find there:

Member's  Websites
I looked high and low and located a bunch of Member websites.  There's a lot of interesting stuff to look at here including Clay's, Peter's and Tehuti's three sites.  There's well over 30 so far.  If you are in the Top100 and have a site listed as your Home Page, it's here.

Daily Click Sites
An exhaustive list of daily click sites.  Click for charity here!

Yahoo KnowPost Friends Site
This is the most popular off-site KnowPost hang out.  If you're not a member yet be sure to register there and become a member of the Yahoo "KnowPost Friends" Club.  It's mainly a chatroom, and we hold Trivia Nights and other fun events there.  There's a place to upload family pictures and you're not limited to pixel size.  Messages can also be left there.

Links Bank
My personal list of useful, interesting, and unusual sites.  Some categorized and some not.  If you're bored and want a place to surf from, this is it.

Delphi Forum | GreyEyes KP Soaps
These two sites are not used much, but they are registered, maintained and waiting for us.

No KnowPost site is complete without a link to KP. But just so you know, I have done more than this link. At the top of every page is the KnowPost logo -- and it is a direct link to KnowPost from EVERY page.

The Top 10 | Top 11-50 | Top 51-100 | 101 and Beyond | Top 100 Askers | Member Spotlight | Home
Ask Anything | Submissions | Wisdom | Humor | Recipes | Members Speak | KP Stories | History of KP
Hall Of Fame | Bug Collection | KnowPost.com News | Member Calendar | Message Board | Off Site Links

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