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Friends Website
Dedicated to Clay Johnson, founder of
Links Bank

KnowPost Realted Sites

Member's Websites
I looked high and low and located a bunch of Member websites.  There's a lot of interesting stuff to look at here including Clay's, Peter's and Tehuti's three sites.  There's well over 30 so far.  If you are in the Top100 and have a site listed as your Home Page, it's here.

Daily Charity Clicks
One click charity clicks.  A whole page of 'em.  Many of us don't have time or resources to donate in real life.  Now there's an easy way to donate to some of your favorite causes.  Click above to donate real cash that sponsors donate for you, on a "per click" basis.

Yahoo KP Friends Site
With over 150 Members, this is the most active off-site hangout.  There's a chat room and member picture galleries.  You do need to become a member of Yahoo to join the group there but it's not too difficult.  We hold events there sometimes - Trivia nights ant things like that.

Delphi Forum  and  GreyEyes KP Soaps
Both of these don't get used much, but they are available and waiting for us.
Need I say anything about this?  OH!  I forgot to mention that on all the KnowPost Friends pages, the upper logo is linked to KnowPost so you're always just a click away from a KP fix.

The Links Bank

Useful Sites
ebay | Internet Movie Database | Collection Of Search Engines | Internet Surfboard
Napster | MyPlay | Rhyming Dictionary | Reverse Phone Directory | 555-1212 | Reference Desk
Personal World Clock | 50 States | Catagorized Search Engines | HelpWhiz | Expedia Maps
Anagram Genius | Windows 98 Tips and Tricks | Funk and Wagnall's | Kelly Blue Book
Straight Dope | Tucows | File Extentions | How Stuff Works | Sexual Predators By State
Wednesday Sales Circulars - by Store and State | Rx List - The Internet Drug Index |  |

Government and Law Resources
US Government Internet Sites | Search the United States Code | State Court Rules & ProceduresState
National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty | Law and Legal Research Gateway | All Law
FindLaw | Virtual Law Library | 'Lectric Law Library | US Casino Law | FedLaw | Internet Law Library
America's Law Links | LawRunner | LawNet | Legal Information Institute | Legal Research Jumpstation
Library of Congress | US Constitution | CIA - Factbook and More | Tax Breakdown By State (Census)
National Archives and Records Administration | OYEZ Project - Supreme Court Database
Criminal Justice Data and Statistics | Today - Old Farmer's Almanac |  |

Other Interesting and Unusual Sites
The Grab Bag. This is a good place to click from when you're bored.

Found Money  Enter your name to see if there's money waiting here for you.
Rotten Eggs  Exploring and reporting some of the best pranks in the world...
The Spleen  Very unusual site, no real way to describe it, but do check it out in entirety.
The Smoking Gun  Get the real scoops here, and check that celebrity gossip.
The Black Vault  Original FOI documets scanned in, online. Over half relating to the paranormal.
Tommy's Past Links  This is an incredible page to surf from.
Science Hobbyist  One of a kind site on Science.  Written for laymen.
Africam Award winning cam site.  Watch animals in a Wildlife Preserve.
Roadside America  The Biggest "this and that" all over America.
The Word Is Truth  Joe Firmage's incredible site.
Control These Cams  Zoom in, pan right or left, control these robotic cams!
Send a Personalized Cartoon  A new (sendable) cartoon daily where You are the star.
The Anonymizer   How secure is YOUR computer? - see what info about you is available to others.
360 Degrees of Alaska  Outstanding cam tour of Alaska
Around The World in 80 Clicks  80 cams in different cities, all around the world.
Useless Knowledge  Incredible collection of odd trivia, and so much more.
Easter Eggs  An extensive collection of computer easter eggs.
Web-O-Rhythm  Compute your bio-rhythms online.
Bill Atkinson Photography  Really worthy of including here, a must see.
Breast Jumble  An online jigsaw puzzle with a reward....
Fast Food Facts  Look up nutritional facts on fast food here.
How Far Is It?  Just type in a starting and ending city, this page calculates distance anywhere.
David Letterman's "Top 10" Home Office  Official Site of Dave's Top 10 Lists
Family Business  All aspects of "family businesses," really complete.
MovieFlix Watch selected movies online, all for free.
ATM Locator  Locate the nearest ATM anywhere in the world.
The Ultimates Index of twenty-five net services at your fingertips.
Traffic Station  Find congested traffic bottlenecks to avoid, in major cities, in real time.
Crayon  Create Your Own Online Newspaper Here!!
Crime Scene  Solve a fictional Online Crime here.

Random Surfing Links...
Visible Human | Trivia Collections | Whispers Of Love | Grand Illusions | Today's Cartoon
The Brunching Shuttlecocks | Prehensile Tales | Serendipity Click | Treasure Island
The Word Detective | Sign Language - Visual | Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
Unusual Research | Dead Sea Scrolls | WorldTime | Tell Them Now | Terra Server | Art Bell
This is True | What The Heck? | Welcome Slackers | Rhyme Zone | Barcodes Decoded
Cliche Finder | The Onion | Bad Girls | Hacks and Cracks | Free Hard Drive Space | Mensa
Oracle of Bacon at Virginia | Phone Rate Finder | TV Guide Online | Virtual World Tours
Online Virtual Tour of the Pyramids | A Fly-By of GIZA | Virtual Tour of Washington, DC.
White House Tour | Leonard's Cam World | ArmChair Travel | LVRJ - Area 51 Resource
Cool Tool of the Day | George Carlin | Search - Karnak | WebHelp | HotBot | ceoExpress
599 Ingredients in Cigarettes | RJ Reynolds Inter-Office Memo | Origin of the Easter Bunny
Firearms Death and Injury in America | Children's Defense | Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
168 Feng Shui Advisors | Feng Shui Society | Synaesthium | SSN Decoded | SSA FAQ
Feng Shui Institute of America | 100 Feng Shui Tips For the Home | Driveway |
How To Write A Press Release | Press Release Examples and Formats |
Cookie Central | Nails | Sexual Harrassment | Earth and Moon Viewer | Rare Diseases
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures | Evolution VS Creation | Mental and Verbal Abuse |
World Population Calendar | AdCritic | iCourthouse | Daylight Saving Time |
Billiard Congress of America | On The Snap | Alice Through The Looking Glass |
Electronic Text Collections | The Human Genome Project | Human Genome Project Official Page
The Dick List | DumbLaws | NoWonder | Abbie Hoffmans Classic "Steal This Book" (entire text)
Online Philosophy Database | Philosophy Research Base | The History of the Internet
More Internet History | Message From A Pedophile | Pedophila FAQ | Recognize Child Abuse
Bi-weekly Mortgage | BrowserTune - (scroll down) | Surfers | So You Wanna | Medical Mailbox
Lightening Storm (map of storms) | Smithsonian's "Revealing Things" | Fox Investment Challenge
Paradigm Clock (Joe Firmage) | Kairos (Joe Firmage) | Atlas of Cyberspaces | TV Clothes
Pretty Good Privacy - "PGP" | HushMail | Typing Speed Test | The Drake Equation
Diagram of the Internet | Vegan Companies (animal friendly) | How Fast Does Your Page Load?
Dillion's Online Vocabulary | Spelling Test | Modem Speed Test | Book of Nod Website
Magic Folders | Bonsai Icon Collection (customizable) | Allergy Seasons |  |

Total Time Wasters
I add these whenever I find them.  They must be absolute and total time wasters to be included here.  If you click on any of them, don't say I didn't warn you.

Flying Cow  Catapult the cow to the bullseye for points.
Voodoo Doll  Torture a Voodoo Doll and send it to a friend.
The Webbies  No one will ever mistake the Webbies for the Oscars.
Looney Bin of Jokes  There's a singing penis here...

Online Magnetic Poetry | Virtual Drawing | Mr. Potato Head | Soda Constructor | Sand Art
See What You Look Like | emode Tests | Ask Jesus | Superbad (very weird) |

Website Stuff

PhotoVault | Corbis | Webshots | Digital Blasphemy | Digital Art |
Mike Bonnell's Computer Wallpaper - Digital Art | Beam's Doorway - Digital Art
Imagine - Digital Art | Desert Designs - Slide Show Shareware

ColorCenter | VisiBone | WebMaster Colors |

Cursor Effects
Bends Cursor Page | DynamicDrive

HTML and Tutorials
WebMonkey | HTMLGoodies | Page Tutor | Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design
Web Page Design | EchoEcho | Let's Build a Webpage

Fonts and Stuff
EyeSaw | DincType

Zeldman - 2 border | Artistic Designers - 2 border | Web Elegance - 2 border tutorial
Sutter-Home - Backgrounds | MysticMaiden | WebColors | Secret Heart
Cove Designs | 7Rings

DynamicDrive Main

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