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I just got my license today. Any advice?  By the way, I had my driver's permit for 1 year and 2 weeks before I got my license and only drove with my dad. I have plenty of experience in congested areas and areas with little or no cars.

Answer by SnuNafu on 2.17.00
Try not to hit too many pedestrians and dont be afraid to show off youre middle finger.

 Answer by cyndy10 on 2.17.00
1) Never be in a hurry.
2) Accept the fact that there are a**holes on the road and drivers as is life, are not always fair.
3) Learn now, at the beginning, how not to let traffic and other drivers annoy you. Use heavy traffic as a way to relax, listen to music, or to think.
4) As a general rule, don't be aggressive, but when you do make an aggressive move, don't hesitate.
5) Don't get pulled over for a DUI, even if you can beat it, you will have to pay to defend yourself ..and spend time on it.

 Answer by breakup on 2.17.00
Take your car in for a check up, especially the brakes. Ask questions of the mechanic. Examine the tires for wear; replace if you have very little tread. Maintain proper tire pressure; take time to read the maximum pressure on your tires and keep the info in your wallet or purse; sooner or later you will not be able to read that information off the tires, just when you most need to do so. Examine the spare tire for full pressure. Make sure you have a jack you can use safely. Pop the hood and take a good look around; if necessary, get someone to identify the essentials under there. Take a defensive driving course. Keep a spare door/ignition key in your wallet or purse; it's foreordained: you WILL lock your keys inside that car. Learn to turn back and look to be sure you have locked the car when you park it. Learn to park the car so no one can hide behind it as you approach. Make sure you turn the front wheel into the curb whenever you park on a hillside. Memorize your license plate number or write it on the back of a business card you keep in your wallet or purse. In case of a skid on slick pavement, turn the front wheels IN THE DIRECTION OF THE SKID (while exerting no or minimum pressure on the breaks) until you feel the tires begin to take hold so you can turn gradually out of the skid. You might consider not smoking in the car to keep up its resale value. In heavy traffic remain especially aware of the two worst blind spots: over your left or right shoulder where cars can approach or "hang" just out of sight but not out of collision range. Try to maintain a position in freeway traffic that lets you see the rear lights of cars several lengths ahead; flashing reds up there indicate slowdowns or more serious problems. Avoid "pacing" cars on your right or left and just ahead or just behind you for long stretches; drive slightly faster or slower so no one has a car in his or her "blind spot." Enjoy every minute of your driving.

 Answer by ECU on 2.17.00
The day after I got my license, a friend and I decided to race. We were tearing down the road,neck in neck, when a North Carolina patrolman pulled us over. He didnt say much,just wrote out our tickets. As he started to leave he told us to drive about a mile down the highway and take a look at what was waiting for us. We did, and there was a curve that we would never have been able to make at the speed we were traveling. We probably would have died then and there. I will always be thankful that we were stopped by that patrolman. My advice to you: drive like there is a wicked curve just down the road.

 Answer by hismel on 2.17.00
Yes--the same advice my mom shared with me. Remember that the vehicle you are driving is a LARGE CHUNK OF METAL, basically a WEAPON. You must be very careful where you point it, and how you use it, because one small slip and you can kill someone. Maybe you, maybe somebody else. Treat it with respect and remember to watch out for the other guys too--you never know if they might not be respectful of their weapons.

Also, if you want to have fun in the rain, snow or on ice (a good idea to get used to the very different feel of driving in hostile conditions) please do so in a large, vacant parking lot (like a stadium lot) and not on a street or near anybody or anything.

Good luck and be safe. I'm proud of you for asking this question.

 Answer by ECU on 2.18.00
This is ECU again. I forgot a couple of driving problems that are very prevelant in South Florida,perhaps other places,also. For some reason a lot of drivers are driving the wrong way on I-95.As a new driver(old ones too) you need to have a plan as to what you would do if suddenly you see some one coming straight at you. Next, don't even think of going through a green light without checking to see if someone is running a red light. I read in the paper recently that some busy intersections have as many as fifty red light-runs a day.Lastly, don't put too much stock in someone's signal lights. I'm convinced that some drivers turn on a signal light at the same time they crank up their car. Wait and see what the driver is going to do.

 Answer by JanFla on 2.18.00
Be very careful and obey the laws of the road. Being in a hurry and driving to fast can get you into trouble and kill yourself and others. Most of all, never ever mix drinking and driving.
Also, not everyone out there is paying attention to what they are doing on the road. Never assume that since a person has their right signal on that they are going to turn right and vice versa. Same thing goes for which lane they are in since I have seen people in the right lane and all of a sudden they turn left.

 Answer by LANA9 on 2.18.00
One of the most important things to remember is never to "Drink and Drive". Not only could you injure or kill yourself but also others. It is not worth it, even a DUI is very expensive. Insurance rates go up for three years and then you have tons of fines and if you are lucky you can go through an ARD program wchich will cost you about $1500.00 and losing your license for 30 days. So if you drink, don't drive. Secondly, always try to figure out what the driver beside you, in front of you and in back of you is going to do next. Be ready for anything, they don't always do what they are suppose to do. Third, never trust turn signals on an oncoming car. Some don't know left from right so never pull out till you see the wheels turning to make their turn. There are so many things, one more. When making a left turn and you are stopped waiting to be able to turn, don't turn your wheels till you can actually go. If you would get hit from behind, you have a much better chance of getting pushed into the path of oncoming traffic. Good luck and happy motoring!

 Answer by artemis on 2.19.00
Be a defensive driver teach yourself to how to anticipate the moves of other drivers, i.e. if someone is driving slowly and is obviously looking for a street name, don't be impatient and drive up on them, allow them the room ahead of you as not to distract them. Remember you would want the same courtesy if you were in that situation.

Don't flip the bird, instead if someone aggravates you, blow them a kiss! Yes, blow them a kiss - it's more fun and you'll get a laugh out of it too.

If you live and drive in an area where the deer population is high (I do) honking your horn will generally drive the deer back into the woods, but still exercise caution I've had one turn back around & run into the side of my car. Poor lil thing got up, shook his head & ran back off.

ALWAYS brake if a ball rolls into the street, a child will ALWAYS follow.

Congratulations and enjoy your new privilege!

 Answer by SarahJM on 2.21.00
Drive defensively and learn how your car handles if you must get cocky and drive aggresively.

I know some people will disagree but:
Try practicing hand-break turns and spins for fishtailing in an empty parking lot at night (where you and your car won't get hurt). You'll get to know your wheels and feel more confident driving once you do.

 Answer by spudman on 3.11.00
Yes, stay home. Just kidding.

I can only repeat what others have told you. Always be alert and try to anticipate what the other driver is going to do. Never assume that the other drivers all will obey the rules of the road. Be ready for anything. Don't be aggressive because you know you are in the right. If you get hit, knowing you were in the right won't make things better. Lastly always keep a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you.
Enjoy the freedom and opportunities you now have.

 Answer by persh on 3.12.00
Yeah . . . Just 'cause you have the right to carry a weapon, concealed, doens't give you the rig . . . OH! Sorry, DRIVERS
Well . . . keep in mind, that although YOU may be perfect, with perfect reflexes, perfect vision, and perfect judgement . . .


I promise you, sooner, not later, you will get yourself in a tight situation, promising you that if all goes perfectly, you will JUST scrape by, HOWEVER, there will be some little old lady, crazed on Geritol, who will do the stupidest thing imaginable.
YOU, (ma'am, sir) will then eat it. It will be YOUR fault, and ONLY because you expected everyone else to have the same perfect reflexes, perfect vision, and judgement that you THINK you have.
Not dissin' you, just the bitter voice of experience.

 Answer by jaschem1 on 3.25.00
Always watch out closely for the other persons driving, it is very dangerous out there.
Always keep your gas tank full, you don't want to run out of gas unexpectedly.
Make sure you keep your car tuned up and in good working condition.
Don't look in the mirror at yourself all the time while driving.
Keep the music low enough so you can hear sirens and horns.

 Answer by heyteach on 3.26.00
Pretty solid advice in most every case there. I'd also encourage you to be serious with any passengers in the car--most likely friends. They MUST be belted in. Period.
No grabbing at the steering wheel, pushing on your leg, or otherwise harrassing you while you are driving. No mooning people, blaring the radio, flipping others off. YOU are behind the wheel and that should command your full attention.

Also, God forbid anything goes wrong, YOU and your parents are liable. If it is really bad--permanent injury or death--you will never get completely over that. I didn't take particularly wild people with me when I was first driving, but some did get giddy with "power." I finally said, "I'm driving. I make the rules. You can be a good friend or you can walk." Amazingly, not much of an issue ;)

Realize that adults, cops, everyone is going to expect you to be a lousy driver and make mistakes. Even if you get rear ended (100% the fault of the moron behind you, all the time, no exceptions. Period.) people are going to try to make it YOUR fault because you're young and inexperienced. Make sure you always have your license, the car registration in the glove compartment, proof of insurance on you. If you are involved in an accident: keep your mouth shut--give your insurance and driver's license info to the nice officer and say you want one of your parents now before you say anything more. If you feel gutsy, give basic facts of what happened: don't admit fault and don't accuse the other party of anything. Say things like, I did not see him signal instead of He never signalled!

Definitely never drink or drug and drive, but you might have some legit drugs that are even over-the-counter, like allergy meds that make you tired and impaired: don't drive tired!

Don't use a car phone or cell phone or whatever when you drive.

Realize you can end up dead or seriously injured even if you don't make any mistakes, so take driving seriously. I suspect you will or you would not ask the question.

Personally, after having been rear-ended at 45 mph, I now pray every time I get in the car. Can't hurt.

Don't worry or be negative or you will have troubles; but do take it seriously and enjoy and you should be fine.

 Answer by Jeni on 4.18.00
Don't drink and drive: you do not drive better with a few under the belt.

don't go the wrong way down one way streets.

don't tailgate anyone.

Dont' shoot at anyone from your vehicle with a bb gun.

Dont talk on the phone and drive.

If an off ramp says 25 and you are not accustom to that ramp- believe that they mean 25 mph!

 Answer by fly20 on 3.26.00
Start with less congested roads and get the feel of controlling the car, so it feels natural and you're confident. At first, don't take lots of friends with. Learn on your own in complete silence, or with one person who won't distract you but help you.

One foot for the gas, the same foot for the gas. It's easy if you don't let yourself use both feet right away. It's important for best control when having to think fast.

The middle of the hood usually lines up with the right white line of the road, so you're confident you're centered in the lane.

Relax. Don't think horrible things are going to happen you can't avoid being caught up in. Stay away from major traffic areas where people are crazy, or where you're not familiar with the area. Think of what you would do if certain things happen, so you already have a course planned out in your mind. Always stay calm, a panic will cause accidents fast.

Do NOT brake for groundhogs, squirrels or rabbits when cars are behind you, unless you don't mind being rear ended and driving your insurance rates way up. If it's a horse, or large dog, slow down only if you think the cars behind you will also see it and slow down. This is the worst possible situation to be in, some people will slam the brakes and cause accidents, some will do nothing. It's never been a problem to me in 13 years. I've hit a skunk and maybe a squirrel, when I had no choice.

Don't swerve for animals. Good people have died that way. You can try to move over a foot or two like you would for debris on the road.

If you take friends places and party in the car with booze, expect the car interior to get trashed, expect open bottle violations, expect they'll want you to lead thier parting evenings all the time.

Be sure to feel naked and exposed if not wearing the seat belt.

If your car is NOT front wheel drive, expect the back wheels to spin on wet pavement sometimes. You have go easier in the turns. If you have snow and ice, this takes a lot of experience and concentration all the time, to not have the back end come around and loop the car into a ditch.

Keep an active mindset all the time, concentrating. You always have enough momentum to hurt yourself and others, always be aware of who's in front of you and in back, and what would happen if someone changes lanes or stops suddenly. Keep that cushion, don't allow opportunities.

Enjoy driving. It's fun, once you feel confident, as long as you're moving freely and aren't deep in traffic.

Learn the blind-spot-double-check split-second neck twist.

Find an isolated area to practice a parallel park, and give yourself 5 tries.

If you have snow or ice, find a large open lot like a school's, with nobody around, when it's full of snow or ice. Be really careful, but drive and slide. Hit the brakes too fast and skid. Just enough so you know at what point control is lost, and how it feels. You learn where the car goes when turning wheels out of control. Take tons of open space and start slow. If someone catches you, I didn't tell you to do it.

Always know your temperature in winter. Black ice (wet pavement JUST starting to crystalize that still only looks WET) starts happening even at 35 degrees, if there's cold wind helping it. Below 40, treat all wet roads as potentially icy.

Love washing and vacumming your car. It's the closest you get to your own apartment at that age, enjoy it and get good at using it.

an Answer by brigit on 2.9.00 9:30 AM

the most erotic kiss i could ever imagine...

my head is turned away,sidewise to him, or at an oblique angle; i do not anticipate this kiss, although of course i do-

he leans into me without touching me or attempting to take any control, and i first feel just the humidity of his breath at the base of my neck...
his lips first brush the tender skin just accessible above the collarbone, so airily, so lightly, that i can still almost dismiss it as imagination, for i have closed my eyes.

but then his face tips closer, and the next brush of his mouth is a bit higher, midway between my collarbone and the base of my ear, and the weight of his breath is warmer, and the entire mouth touches me now, o, so tenderly, still just there, but no longer possible to pretend against.

my head is turning, there is nothing else i can do, my will seems suspended; and his kiss this time is a tiny caress of the tonguetip at my earlobe...

my neck is succumbing to gravity, as it falls away from him even as my head turns further into his, and he fastens both lips along the sweep of jaw that is slackening, loosening, as i feel the strength of my knees ebbing away...

and i think, half-frightened for a second, that i shall soon fall, topple spinelessly to the tapestried carpet...

his lips are bolder now, as i feel the power rising in him, and he takes a moment, two, to tease at my face, minute licks at the skin, a long series of tiny bites like miniature suns running over my cheeks, and a fluttering butterfly kiss at the juncture of eyebrow and temple...

i am beginning to lose myself, i am falling in earnest now, as he slides his arms about me and down his mouth comes over mine, and as he takes possession of my lips, my mouth, as his great arms encircle me...

i am finally all his, and my lips are freed to pluck at his, my tongue drawn into his mouth, and my entire being rushes up to his...

 What is your favorite memory? ...asked 12.7.99

Answer by gwen on 12.7.99 5:08 PM
that would probably be the one with the kid on the bus... it happened maybe half a duzen years ago. He was with his mom and aunt, as far as I could tell, and they were torturing the poor kid with “don’t touch that”, “sit still”, “don’t laugh”, “shut up” and that kind of stuff. I felt totally sorry for the poor kid, he seemed so full of energy. Eventually, the mother made him sit on her knees and held him in a way as to keep him from moving his arms and the kid suddenly looked so….miserable. so I caught the kid’s eye and I winked at him. The very same moment he burst out laughing. And I mean burst….. the sound filled rhe whole bus and for a second there was absolute silence. his mother set him free when she realised his laughter was interrupting her conversation. then he tried to wink back, still laughing. I had to get off the bus then, but as the bus drove away, the kid was looking out the window at me, with a big smile on his face. But you know the best part? About a month later I walk into the bus and I hear someone laughing. I turn around and it’s him. And he’s winking at me. We both sat and started winking at each other like old west cowboys having it out at sundown, shooting winks at each other and ducking behind the seats for cover.

 Answer by heyteach on 12.8.99 3:55 PM
That's a toughie, I've got many good ones. This popped into my head, however, so I'll go with it. I remember when my brother was in junior high school, he came home from school one day and brought me his cupcake from his school lunch. He said, The guys I was sitting with this noon were all complaining about how they hate their sisters, what pains they are, and how they wish the sisters were dead. I stood up for you though. I told them I really like you. Then I took my cupcake and wrapped it up to bring home to you to say thanks for being a good kid sister instead of a pain like the others have.

By the way, my brother LOVED cupcakes--and it was a chocolate one!

 Answer by maxhdrm7 on 12.8.99 10:44 PM
When I was a little girl I used to spend the night over at my grandparents house. I actually spent most weekends and my entire summers there, to my mother's surprise. My grandfather was the best in the whole world. He would tell me stories about a character called Buzzard Breath. We would take long walks without grandma. He always made me think that I was staying up really late even though I really passed out about 20 min. after my actual bed time. The three of us went bike riding......these are my favorite memories. Spending time with my grandfather. He died when I was 7. I can't pick just one memory of him as a favorite. They seem to be fading over time, but I will always remember Buzzard Breath. I tell my own children stories about him and it puts a smile on my face remembering a little girl sitting on her grandpa's knee.

 Answer by Ingrid on 12.30.99 1:40 AM
Me and my cousin sneaking up the stairway to his Mom's master bedroom. This was way before I knew people could have whole floors of a house devoted to one bedroom suite. I had a beautiful Aunt, who was very rich, and we used to see her decorated in her furs and diamonds all the time. She was so beautiful. At the top of the stairs and at the foot of the bed was an enormous cushion to sit or lay on. It was made of some kind of white fur. We used to wait until she'd left and the maid was in another part of the house, and creep up those beautiful white stairs to her room and jump all over that cushion. She had the prettiest room I had ever seen, it was so nice, I didn't dare go near anything else. I remember she had an elevator in her room as well.

 Answer by Dewey on 1.11.00 3:11 AM
I like closing my eyes and remembering what my mother looked like when she was young. She was so vivacious and energetic! I thought she was the most beautiful woman on earth. Now, she's aging and her energy level isn't as high, but that vivacious, energetic woman is still inside her. And, by the way, I still think she's the most beautiful woman on earth.

 Answer by LLDY on 1.17.00 12:20 PM
For some reason I remember going for a walk with my Dad when I was about 3 or 4 years old. It was only in the neighbourhood where my Grandmother lived, but it is a nice memory. I had two older brothers, but it was just me and my Dad. He always gave me two fingers to hold onto because my hands were so small. Even though I am 51 now, and my Dad is gone, this is one of my favourite memories. Just me and my Dad.

 Answer by angelbee on 2.15.00 11:50 PM
I think it is really hard to pick one but this is one of my favorites.
It was the first time my husband said "I LOVE YOU" We were fifteen and walking through a bank parking lot around 10 at night we were talking an laughing holding hands and have a good time . He gave me a big hug and out of the blue he said "I LOVE YOU" That was 28 years ago and we have been together ever since. And he still tells me everyday that he Loves me.

 Answer by LANA9 on 2.17.00 9:35 AM
My favorite memory, even though it is a sad one, was when I was about 6 years old. My mom and I were shopping in town, no malls back then. It was so cold that day but we had to get me a new pair of boots.

We went into this little restaurant to get something to eat and I got hot chocolate to help warm me up. We had a window booth. There was a mom and a little girl about my age standing outside of the window, maybe waiting on a bus. The little girl kept looking at me and I would look at her. I asked my mom, why don't they come inside and get warm. that little girl looks cold.

My mom's answer was, they aren't allowed. Course, I asked why? She said, because they are black. I asked, what's that got to do with it. She said, that's the law. I felt so sorry for the mom and little girl, I took my cup of hot chocolate outside to her.. She smiled at me and thanked me as she took the hot chocolate.

This is a memory I will never forget. Sad but true!

 Answer by cyndy10 on 2.12.00 12:36 AM
Labor and Childbirth, specifically EXCLUDING Pregnancy.

What are your best money saving tips? Yes, the little things add up.

Examples: refill soap dispensers with dish soap--much cheaper, just as good.

Put all your bills on an automatic deduction from your checking account--no worries about missing a bill, no worries over vacations, and save 33 cents each time

Always pay your credit card off in full--those are the highest rates you will see!

Answer by Pahel50 on 1.29.00 5:31 PM
1) Clip coupons for brands you use -- not much of a savings if you don't like it.
2) Buy a bath sponge with a 'pocket', so you can use up the bar soap down to the very last splinter.
3) When you get to the very bottom of your shampoo, conditioner, liquid laundry soap, etc., add just a little bit of water, shake well and use up the last drop.

 Answer by coney on 1.29.00 8:05 PM
1. Do not buy stuff you don't need. When you put your hand on an item, think,"do i need this? or just want it?"

2. Buy everything you can either in bulk, or used... used furniture and clothing are often just as good as new (sanatize! :)

3. Learn to entertain yourself, take up a musical instrument or play board games - movies and entertainment cost an arm and a leg - only go when you actually desire to go, not because you are bored.

 Answer by jmkm on 1.29.00 8:07 PM
Keep an extra hundred bucks (or less if you can only afford a little bit) in your bank account, and don't keep any record of it in your check register. ie. when your account shows zero, you really have a hundred bucks still in the account. It will save you so much on overdraft fees, and nsf charges.

Don't eat out in restaurants so much. Keep groceries in your house so that when you get hungry, you don't have to rifle through your cupboards, cry that there is nothing to eat, then go eat a $20 meal. $20 could buy you enough groceries for a lot more than 1 meal.

Turn your thermostat down at night and put more blankets on your bed.

Don't run the shower for 5 minutes before you get in it.

Cancel magazine subscriptions that you never read. Be honest with this one. Many people have a hard time admitting that they don't even look at the mags that they subscribe to.

Car pool with someone in your neighborhood who works with or near you.

Shut off lights in rooms that you are not in. Or install motion sensor light switches.

 Answer by AmyLeigh on 1.30.00 6:37 PM
A big money eater is cleaning supplies. There is an entire row of household cleaners in the grocery store and you don't need any of it. You can buy a big bottle of bleach and put a bit in a spray bottle and dilute it. That will clean everything. I don't like bleach so I use water and vinegar. It disinfects everything and can be used as a window cleaner. Buy a big bottle of vinegar, put a little drop in a spray bottle and add some water. That bottle of vinegar will last a long time.

Also, plan meals ahead of time. We plan our meals for the week and make a detailed shopping list. This helps decide which coupons we need and keeps us on budget.

 Answer by Ingrid on 1.31.00 6:26 PM
Our Supemarket once a week has an area where they have clearance items. I go and load my shopping cart with 35 cent loafs of bread, and dented canned goods, etc. I buy in bulk when the price is right and stock up!!

I deliberately have no credit cards, that eliminates at least one bill, I paid my truck off early by 6 months, saving a little interest. I always round my checking account off, so there is always money in there. I also have three other accounts I put from a second job, automatic deposit, I don't even see the money, one from a side business, one from another source. those I don't touch PERIOD. Not even at Christmas. When I am running low on funds, I stay that way til payday. I got used to forraging for coffee change, I can always find a few dollars in change when I need to. I have been known to use dishsoap in place of shampoo instead of pulling money out of the bank. I shop a lot in thrift stores and get deals at the swap meet. I also find things at garage and estate sales and resell them for profit. We have split dinners, or only ordered an appetizer for dinner when in restaurants. We EAT LEFTOVERS! I have been known to fill my gas tank, get my groceries, and that's it til next week!! Causes us to get creative when we want something.
Instead of throwing something away when we don't need it, I try and find a use for it. such as old blanket and towels ...they make great work towels. old Levi's are great for crafts...

I patch clothes and mend them before replacing them. JEANS? I buy those for 50 cents at the swap meet. Ijust buy everything close to their size, they will eventually grow into them. I have made darling tops out of old dresses, shorts out of pants. I buy my clothes second hand when I find something nice. One thing about So Ca. The thrift stores are terrific! I plant what small veggies I can, and use them, I canned them when I had enough. One year we found wild grapes growing in back of a local business. We picked them and made our own jelly and syrup. I cook from scratch, so I save a lot of money right there. I buy house brands when the quality is comparable to the name brand. I don't use coupons...They can rarely beat the house brand. My sister and I have "trade-offs" where we have a bunch of clothes and things we no longer need, we get together and trade for things the other wants. We have done this since we were kids, my sis is thinking of starting one in her area.

Books! I frequent our local friends of the library bookstore and buy my hardcovers for 1 to 2 dollars each. I may spend 20 to 60 dollars, but I end up with hundreds of dollars in books.
I purchased special scissors and now cut my kid's hair...I save about 40 dollars each time! I used to get my car detailed every week, recently I started washing it myself to save the 20.00 a week.
I use my computer almost exclusively to is always on, several family members are hooked up, my phone bill has dropped to basic charges, before it ran about $100 per month.
Sorry if I am repeating anyone...I love finding a new way to save!!

 Answer by cyndy10 on 1.31.00 2:50 AM
Sack Lunch. Several Money Specialists have agreed, if consumers simply SAVED the money they spend by eating LUNCH out, and put that money ONLY in an IRA, Keogh, or similar fund, they could expect it to Fund their retirement.

Why are you coming to knowpost?

Answer by heyteach on 1.29.00 5:11 PM
I came originally because of a write-up in a publication I respect. I found the premise fascinating and I had questions I was hoping to get some expert answers for. So, I posted and found that there were questions I could answer. At long last, somewhere to go with all that stuff that my students don't want to know about! :)
After awhile, I started to enjoy the social aspects of KP. I made one really great friend on the site and we got to know each other very well, very fast because we have a slew of answers we can read--even before we "met" on the site and those are pretty revealing.
The fact that quite a few questions asked can be related to things such as health issues or education makes me feel that by trying my best to give folks some info, they may be able to improve the quality of their lives. That's a good thing to do, so why not?
I also have received good info from folks on this site.
It gives you something to really think about. Even though I teach, I don't always get to get into as many areas and issues as I would like with just teaching.
There are many very nice folks here at this site, so it is good to get their feedback, read their soaps, and just see what folks are talking about.
It's an intellectual exercise, a social gathering place without the BS about appearances and status, and a useful tool. Not bad.

 Answer by fly20 on 2.5.00 7:04 PM
I come to ask and answer, and enjoy the site with a friend or two, giving lots to talk about and learn about together.

I ask things I genuinely need to know, but I ask a lot to sort of poll people's opinions and views. I like seeing how we're all alike and how we're all different. I try to challenge people's creativity in answering questions.

I answer to have my creativity challenged, to help someone who really needs an answer, and to make myself think. I'm often amazed what I wind up saying when I ask myself what I really think of things.

I ceremail a friend a lot and we talk about things going on at KP, and point out good questions, plus comment on how we answer each other's. We may ask for more info about our views or just discuss that topic that we wouldn't have otherwise thought of.

 Answer by cyndy10 on 1.29.00 9:28 AM
In answering peoples questions, I share my knowledge, and I also surf the net to find answers in topics that interest me, thereby learning in the process of helping others. I like the social interaction in the soaps. The founder participates here, besides his ongoing work of developing and growing the site, which is ultra cool. It's simply the best online community on the internet today, and hopefully, for the foreseeable future!

Does size matter? A woman's perspective only, please!

Answer by shy on 1.28.00 8:39 PM
Size is nice.But no matter the size .If you do not know what to do with it .You can be any size. It IS REALLY TRUE It IS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT THAT COUNTS.

 Answer by bezoar on 1.29.00 4:38 AM
What is important is the "size" of your imagination. Ask your lady friend what she'd like you to do to her to enhance her ability to achieve orgasm. She'll love you for asking.

 Answer by cyndy10 on 1.29.00 8:47 AM
It matters less to the women than what the men think it does. Did that come out right?

What I mean is men think women care about size more than they do in fact.

A penis is not the only thing you use to make love to a woman, you have first and foremost your BRAIN, then your hands, mouth, tongue, and your entire body moving against and with hers.

My man even uses his feet when they're handy... Focus on the entire experience instead of one aspect. You'll become a better lover for it and your "perceived size" will matter not!

 Answer by trisit on 1.31.00 4:20 PM
I dont know if i am alone but size does not matter. What really turns me on is the smell of my husband, his touch, just being near him. When we are in bed he makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world. I really beleive if you truly love someone that is the best turn on.

 Answer by Boobie on 1.31.00 7:41 PM
Ok, now that you have had the prespective of the ones who want to give you that feel good answer, here is the truth. I have been with both types and I must tell you that I prefer a little more in the size department. My first lover was not well endowed and I did not achieve the full feeling that I craved. My husband is of the perfect size and I enjoy our sex life completely. (By the way, the average penis size is 6" hard, you might not be as small as you think!)

 Answer by waterlin on 1.31.00 6:51 AM
aaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! i said i would freakin scream if i saw another one of these size there, i did...and now i feel much better... :-)

 Answer by kilinc on 1.31.00 2:36 PM
This answer is not from the women's point of view.

Size is more important problem for men then women because the basic problem comes from the castration complex. In the castration complex, the son thinks that his penis will be destroyed by his father because the son has thought to make love with his mother.

More true: Father will make the organ of the son like that of the mother. One way is rejecting the absence of penis of mother, this yields perversion (sexual psychopats - my mother already has the penis, that is, "no matter what my father makes to me, I will maintain having a penis" [in unconscious]:"that's it, I did, but nothing happened" [in real life]); the other way is having (or imagining) a big penis ("try to destroy as much as you want, father, it will maintain to exist" [in unconscious]:"she will get satisfied whatever I do, because it's big, and women wants this, basicly [in real life]"). Pay attention common reflections and translations between unconscious versions and real-life versions.

Of course the second way is better. A third way is identification with mother, which yields homosexuality.

But the best way is, resolving castration. That is, adapting the sexual direction (which is to the mother) to a girlfriend in teenage years.

But, depending on the strength of the female equivalent [penis jelousy] of male's castration complex, females may give serious importance to the size.

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