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Friends Website
Dedicated to Clay Johnson, founder of

Recent KnowPost News

January 10, 2001

We were locked out for a whole day, we thought it was all over.  Clay had restarted the server after doing a few fixes and it came back up but there was no KnowPost.

Oct 2nd, 2000 - 8pm or so, Pacific Time

Yes Folks, we are locked out.  Clay didn't say anything in advance, so it will be back.  In the meantime, head over to KP Yahoo Chat!  Go to KP Friends Home Page for the link to Yahoo Chat!

Be sure to check back for further news if it doesn't come back up soon.


Man, some people...

Sept 4, 2000 Soapbox Post by cjoh2

Just had an excellent evening with my girlfriend. Lots of fun. We cooked dinner together, watched a movie (a great movie, called "The Last Supper") and she showed me her scrapbook. Way cool. I'm one lucky guy.

For a little while, especially last month, KnowPost really was getting to me. A lot of people did some really un-called-for things.

Some of you may be asking "How can KnowPost still be up if you aren't making any money? How can you pay your bills?!" and the simple answer to that is "By running up debt."

Last Month, at the peak of my frustration, I turned over the reins to our CEO, David Sand, to wind down the corporation. As soon as I get word from him as to what is going on, I will let you all know.

I appreciate all the letters, and ceremails of good support. It just goes to show that some people are capable, warm and loving people, even when some are hell-bent on destructive behavior. To those who have kept your heads in the right place, I thank you.

I have taken a job with a company in the area that is a business accellerator and thinktank. My job there is entrepreneur in residence, and I get paid to think up new ideas for neat new companies. Its a great job and I am having a wonderful time. In the mean time, I am trying to see if there is a fit for KnowPost within our company. And there may well be.

It amazes me how now some people are forcing somebody off the KnowPost stage, and many of these same people are the ones who hollered at me for doing it a month ago. I hope this has been a valuable lesson to you.

I am still watching and still listening to all your ceremails. You are all a bunch of great people, a fantastic community, and for those of you who like me, and those of you who do not, I am glad you are all here. I'm glad that I could invent this medium for you all to share and play in.

I believe that at heart, you are all good people, and sometimes we just need to take a look.... and a deep breath... to grasp ahold of reality in this supercommunity that we have.

Here's the key folks: be objective! sometimes we all, myself included, begin to make KnowPost into the only reality. And its not. And you can count on this: if you are the person who read that line and said "well I don't do that," then guess what? you are so relax, and try to be understanding.

KnowPost has done some pretty fantastic things-- it named a baby, saved a few lives, and really made an impact on people. While there has been a bubble of disrespectful nature on the site over the past weeks, again, I think that you are all, at heart, very good people.

Speaking of people needing a reality dose, I am counting the minutes before our pre-IPO CEO from the *cough* "Galactic Embassy" *cough* named *cough* Xuminem *cough* (is that a riot or WHAT?!) spends hours on his labor day weekend taking quotes from this document out of context and passing it off as "The Truth." That whole thing just makes me chuckle.

I just wanted to post an update to let you all know what is going on. I'm still around, silently watching. Never believe anything anybody says about KnowPost unless it comes from me.

Thanks all, and I wish you well.


Continuing, how you can help...

August 3, 2000 - Soapbox Post by Clay2

Okay folks, lets see if we can do it. Maybe this will work out.

I am officially passing around the collection plate. Since I will soon be the sole proprietor again, this plate will be permanently up, and will go to me, and helping me financially be able to continue working on KnowPost, and keep KnowPost up and running.

Click here:

You asked for ways you can help. Every penny counts towards something. Help me keep us breathing.

Even if you don't have a single dime to give, you can still help just by registering for paypal, and telling them sent you.

Please note that is clayjohnson.ORG (not .com)



August 3, 2000 - Soapbox Post by Clay2

So I suppose some of you want some updates. You'll have to forgive me for being silent over the past few days. I've been, well, understandably... busy.

First off, to all you naysayers and pessimists, and people who are self righteous enough to think that for some reason, KnowPost owes you something, or to those who feel as though you are being sold like "cattle" I would like to deliver a big, fat dose of reality:

I have built a website to discourage cattle. That's been its intent from the very start-- To encourage people to think for themselves. If you don't want to be cattle, don't act bovine.

And, to the ungreatful SOB who started talking "Dirty Laundry" -- for the love of god, GET A LIFE. You know? Cmon people... there's no hidden story here. We ran out of cash. The dot-com bubble burst. There's no rumors. Peter and I didn't have any creative differences. There wasn't anything like that. We just stopped being able to pay the bills.

I've made a couple decisions as of late.

First off, I'm going to open source KnowPost. This is being done for several reasons:

Because I do not own the code, when KnowPost goes down, the code will go with it, and I will not be free (without complication) to continue to work on it.

Because that means that all yall who have volunteered to "help" now have something to do. Find a host to put KnowPost on. KnowPost needs a certain level of quality in a host, and a specific feature set. Contact me (cjoh if you have any ideas.

Because I've decided a lot of people can do a lot of good with the KnowPost code. A lot of other applications can be done with KnowPost, especially in the linux arena, and support arenas. This will help foster a market of many, vertically oriented KnowPosts.

However, The content within the database, as it stands-- all the questions, and answers, and ceremails, and braintrusts, and soapboxes, and howtos may not survive this. They may be lost. I am not sure yet. Haven't figured that one out.

Alongside this announcement, that its good to be back at my roots again, where I started with KnowPost. Interestingly enough, I've felt better about my connection with KnowPost than I ever have before. Its like to good old days when I both designed and built the product, not for money, not for marketing, not for users, but for me, and for what I wanted.

And I actually have been doing some neato development stuff... it might be part of KnowPost, or it might be part of its successor (yes, successor), but whatever it is, it will be all mine again. And that feels very good.

Needless to say, KnowPost, this community, will survive. Now its just a matter of how we play the hand.

The stuff I am working on is really cool. Anybody that has a linux box, lemme know.



July 25, 2000 - Soapbox Post  by Clay

Here's how you can help: band together and buy.
eBay Page

State of, LLC.

July 21, 2000 -  Soapbox Post by Clay

Thus far, KnowPost has been an interesting personal journey. Although I sometimes suffer from 'couldashouldawoulda' if I don't wish to change anything that has happened thus far. It has been tough. Here's the gist of what has happened to KnowPost for all those wondering what is going on: KnowPost was close to raising a bunch of money, when, the guy handling the deal at the VC firm we were talking to died unexpectedly on the day we were to sign. We then began working on a new deal, but it too bombed out the day that the nasdaq crashed. We then began working on selling KP, but that deal fell through when all employees, save myself and Tara, resigned just before the deal was signed. So KnowPost is now sitting, and waiting. We've run out of cash, and are actually a bit in the red. Tomorrow, I go into the office to begin liquidating the non-essential assets to attempt to cover our (not so big) debts. As far as this website is concerned, there's no real need for concern-- it'll be alive somewhere-- we may have to change servers, etc... but... There's always been a difference between the company and its product.  Tomorrow, I have more meetings with potential investors, and acquirers. Just wanted you all to be aware of whats going on, but please, don't run off-- there's no need to-- isn't going anywhere. KP, LLC. is.


New Release

June 6, 2000 - KnowPost News Post by Peter

Clay and I have been sitting in this office for more than 24 hours straight to bring you these updates! I hope you like them. The changes are far too numerous to count so here is a brief run-down of the new website!

1) Brand new interface. (Boy that one is obvious)

2) New Topic Tree
We've redone the entire topic tree creating topics that are actually useful and pertinent. If you don't see a topic you want, just vote for it!

3) New types of questions!
You can now ask several types of questions. Poll questions, Game questions, and there's a convenient Power Ask form for specifying an arbitrary closing date and question parameters!

4) The My KnowPost section has gotten a thorough overhaul.
There will be many more boxes to come, so keep your eyes peeled.

5) Introducing HowTos.
HowTos are a new type of service from You can share your knowledge without being asked, and even earn some points in the process!

6) The affiliate program has gotten an overhaul.
There are some really silly graphics that you can put on your website (as well as some boring plain ones too). There will be a greater variety shortly, just as soon as Clay and I get our acts together.

7) Soapbox Subscriptions and your Braintrust are combined.
Whoever is in your BrainTrust will now be in your SoapBox Subscriptions as well!

8) Favorites!
You can now mark off your favorite questions, HowTos, soapboxes and ceremails for easy access! Be sure to mark those questions that you want to answer later!

9) Visited links will now stay visited just as long as your browser accepts cookies! ...Yay!

If you find any bugs, please let me know by sending me a ceremail! (kovacsp)

Finally, I want to congratulate the entire KnowPost development team for getting this release out. Everybody's help, especially that of our beta testers Cyndy10, norris, laylin, jmkm, savia and many others, is very much appreciated. An extra special thanks goes to the wonderful taragl for all of her incredibly hard work. Truly this couldn't be done with out you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go collapse into a deep slumber. Have fun everybody!

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