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Pahel50 - Michal
May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind always be at your back...
49 year old married person; 3 adult kids; 6 grandkids.
Interested in history, genealogy, religion and what makes people tick.


Swillpig - Walker
Live in Phoenix Arizona. Former Army Active Duty Army but now in the Reserves. In the Telecommunications Industry.


taragl - Tara
I'm the Community Director at KnowPost.com. I am fascinated with virtual communities and social networks, which is what drew me to KnowPost.  I have a BA in Comparative Literature, another in Political Science and an insatiable love of learning. I have a passion for writing and a strong interest in languages.  Ceremail me with ideas for KnowPost, comments about the site or any random thoughts you have.


Ha! Finally! This is my mom ( in the chair) and me. This picture is ten years old, but that is what I look like still. (The one on yahoo is last summer.)I cannot believe I finally got a picture up! Must have shamed the server into accepting it somehow!


Babytisa - Lisa
Love alone is capable of uniting beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves. ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin


I'm a 28 year old e-business consultant from Chicago.


 GreyEyes - Deb
ICQ# - 10442843
Deb's Home Page
Lost In Thought Design Studio
(NOTE: GreyEyes has offered her services to members that would like their Profile Picture re-sized, re-formatted or re-anything, simply email her the image file with your polite request)


jaschem1 - Janice
 I lost my contact list!  Please contact on ICQ so I can add you back!
I live in Puerto Rico and am a housewife. My husband is a professor of chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico. We both love to travel, I like decorating our house and he loves to golf. We have no
children (both deceased), but we have cats.


Dilbert - John
Retired president of DPI, consultant, inventor, investor, artist, developer, and lover of all things beautiful.


brigit - Christine
"She is older than the rocks among which she sits; like the vampyre, she has been dead many times, and has learned the secrets of the grave, and has been a diver in deep seas, and keeps their fallen day about her; and trafficked for strange webs with Eastern merchants; and as Leda, was the mother of Helen of Troy, and as Saint Anne, the mother of Mary; and all this has been to her but as the sounds of lyres and flutes, and lives only in the delicacy with which it has moulded the changing lineaments, and tinged the eyelids and the hands." - Pater


persh - Mark


Tehuti - Rachel
SWF, 24, Type 4 INFJ, Libra, avoidant & obsessive-compulsive, too idealistic & yet too pessimistic.
Interests: "Dragon Ball Z," anime, paranormal, occult, abnormal psychology, Egyptian mythology, fantasy writing, reading. Feel free to ask me about any of these. My websites:

Tehuti's Per On The Web: Egyptian links, graphics, & mythology, plus an original fantasy novel by yours truly. The Radioactive Playground: Mackinac Island Tour, in photos.
Manitou Island: In-progress serialization of a story I'm currently posting in the soaps.

Visit often and enjoy!

Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Book: Anything by Lovecraft, anything about Egyptian mythology, the occult, ab psych, criminal Satanism, etc.
Favorite Music: Enya, Phil Collins, Information Society, Adiemus, Eighties stuff


History, Political Science, Trivia.


Swords - Andrew
Barbarus hic ego sum, quia non intelligor ulli.
- I am a barbarian here, because I am not understood by anyone.


fly20 - Troy
"Buddy" the dog...
Interests include photography, amateur videography, theatre, poetry, quotes, and education. A male who never grew up from Pennsylvania.  (NOTE: Troy has offered his services to members that wish to have their picture resized, reformatted, or whatever)


mamie - Carol
newshound, liberal conservative, boomer, addicted to literature and the internet


Dangerous Texan!


waterlin - Lin
aka - 1helen
i like nosey questions and interesting or humorous answers.


"Keep the candle burning. Someday I'll come back to you." I think I am back now. :-)


lizard - James
hi im the official kp mascot


know a little about most things and a lot of nothing.


Tiarra - Kelli
A public library is the most democratic thing in the world. What can be found there has undone dictators and tyrants: demagogues can persecute writers and tell them what to write as much as they like, but they cannot vanish what has been written in the past, though they try often enough...People who love literature have at least part of their minds immune from indoctrination. If you read, you can learn to think for yourself.
~~ Doris Lessing

Things I Have Learned In Life
Stand up for yourself. It makes it easier to stomp down your enemies.
If you want to meet guys, carry car parts through a swap meet. Instant attraction.
Listen to your kids. They're smarter than you think.
Rabbits like to chew on electrical cords.
Rabbits will continue to chew on electrical cords no matter how many times they have been electrocuted.
Running barefoot through an open field in the rain is calming.
People are never going to be easily understood, and that's probably a good thing.
Crispix with melted Velveeta cheese over it is pretty damn good.


Ah Hah!!!! It wasn't the Scrooge that corrupted Ghengis Kahn... sending him into the arms of an ugly mutt. It was.... REEFER MADNESS!!!!!! Accckkkk Eeeeeek Arrrgghhhhhhh. Is there any hope for Ghengis? Is he on the road to heroin, sexual perversions... even, gasp, voting for a scummy politician in an election????!!!!!!!!


jmkm - Jim


I'm a 29 year old female from Vancouver, BC. I'm a writer, editor, jewelry-maker/repair-person, astrologer, and tarot reader, but I've done a variety of awful jobs as well. I have an inquisitive nature. I'm ecstatically happy 90% of the time and completely miserable and devastated for the other 10% (like a manic depressive in reverse). I love people who are compassionate, open-minded, smart, and deep. I'll try anything once and most things more than once. I'm too busy to spend time on knowpost and too addicted to leave it entirely, so I come here for little binges.


And all should cry,
Beware ! Beware !
His flashing eyes,
his floating hair !
Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.
~ "Kubla Khan" - S.T. Coleridge


lounds - Sarah
A brand NEW newly-wed (Dec. 9th 2000) 26 years old, born and raised in Canada (just north of Toronto) but moved to Northern Illinois when I married. I suppose I am a veteran of knowpost, but that certainly doesn't mean I have all the answers! I am more than willing to help any new users with their questions or problems. You can c-mail me or email me at s_lounds@hotmail.com and I will help any way that I can!
And before you all ask... I don't have pictures of the wedding back yet LOL I will get one up as soon as I do!


i love knowledge. i store it up and sort it out as a hobby. i enjoy new connections, and think wisdom is relevant to common life.


Older male, thirty year IBM retiree, who enjoys the realms of cyberspace. Considerate, with great grand children. Married twice, last time was twenty nine years ago. Willing to learn something new everyday.


Ta Dah! Introducing Joseph Daniel!




I love life and all living creatures.I take care of people both physically and emotionally (both as a profession and a way of life)


anyman - Rick
aka - dangerboy
Love interest of jlm4012


hippie - Dave
Dave's Place - Nature Photography
I'm a 45 year old disabled tree trimmer who is into photography and web design. I love to hunt, fish and anything having to do with the outdoors.
Dave's Memorial Website


colldoll - Colleen  ...and her beloved Sheba
This is my beautiful Sheba, whom I have recently lost, she was a loving and wonderful companion who will be sorely missed.

..."Always do your best. The essence of "you" is reflected in your efforts as you move through life. Wonderful changes have happened to people who have had the right people watching at the right time when they were doing their best job..."


Other than spending time on KP, I enjoy being with family and friends. There just never seems to be enough time for doing the things I love.  I'm an avid reader and am always on some type of self improvement kick. I usually am an optimist and consider myself a people person. Life is too short to be grouchy.


"Shawn O'Farrell" is not to be confused with a man's name. It's simply whiskey with a beer chaser.

You make believe that nothing is wrong until you're cryin'
You make believe life is so long until you're dyin'......
~Limp Bizkit


whatevillurks - George
What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows..........
I am male, 14, i like prodigy, beastie boys, eminem, dre, chemical brothers, nirvana, offspring and many more. I live in buckingham, england, I have 2 brothers, noel, 23, and luke, 20 who dont live here anymore, and I have 2 cats.


I am a happily married mother of two wonderful boys. My interests include movies, music, humor, and books. No, I'm not lost in February, I just can't change my pic. But you can be my Valentine if ya want to. =)



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