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Moonskr - Tracy
20-year-old female librarian, writer, and solitary, eclectic Wiccan from Central Oregon.  I nabbed this pic from her Yahoo Profile listed as her Home Page at KP..




Somewhere on a desert highway,she rides a Harley Davidison her long red hair flying in the breeze. She's been running half of her life the chrome and the steel she rides colliding with the very air she breathes ...the air she breathes.


Goodwife circa 1939. I am a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ). I teach a Women's Bible Class. I have been married to the same man for 43 years, have three children and seven grandchildren ( 6 of whom are boys). We make our home in central PA. My University degree is a Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) (English). For the past 10 years I've worked for an electronic publisher (www.regscan.com). We publish Gov't Regulations to the internet (among other things). My position is that of HTML Editor in the Data Operations Dept. I am an insatiable reader; I look at the WWW as A great BIG Library! I consider myself a student of human nature. Other interests include gardening, camping, travelling, baking, sewing, refinishing furniture & of course... the Internet.


LadyZora - Sarah
ICQ # 26104800
Yahoo ID: LadyZora
I hate doing profiles, there is alot about me in my Ask Me Anything. I am 18 from the Dallas area and kind of fun to talk to. I love almost everybody.


kyle9182 - Kyle the Magnificent™
My shoelaces are frequently tied. I have found Waldo. I have never eaten anyone else's porridge. No comment on other people's beds. I have not resorted to cannibalism. Yet. I have never pulled the football out from Charlie Brown. Wolverines fear me. Kittens love me. I come in a delectable shade of mauve. I am love.


I think he has left, this is a sad thing... his last answer on 3/5/01:
As long as you focus on what you "deserve", you will be unsatisfied and frustrated. I'm thinking of two spiritual concepts: grace and mercy. Grace means undeserved favor. Mercy means the witholding of deserved punishment.

Try basing your relationship on those two concepts. Give--just give, without worrying about whether she "deserves" it or not. Assume that she doesn't deserve it, can't earn it, will not be "worthy" of it. Just give.

And then, don't seek to punish, even if she "deserves" it. It's not a contest--not a competition to see who can to be right, first, tops, recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded. Or who can most punish the other for not measuring up.

Love with an open hand, not a closed fist. Even if it doesn't work out, you can come away feeling good instead of resentful.


jlm4012 - Julie
Love interest of anyman/dangerboy.  Much missed member.


well, i'm a translation student with a huge love for nature, plenty of friends and a constant need to know more.


I'm a 16 year old girl, whose life is both disappearing and arriving before my very eyes.


always learning...always evolving...always welcoming company, companionship, and words of wisdom on my journey through life.


English, Manchester City supporter, one daughter, 33, teacher, slightly insane




kc5jvj - Jeff (short for Geoffrey)
Born-again Christian, Husband, Father, Electronics Research/Design/Manufacturing Engineer/Manager; IQ=154; enjoy Chess, Politics, Amateur Radio, I have bipolar disorder and absolutely adore living in the mountains with clean air and water!


Forty something single (again) southern female with a definite opinion intertwined with a dry wit and a sense of humor.


A misery-guts from the UK. But nowhere near Scrooges standard  :-)


I'm a web designer, with my own business: Witty1 Productions, Inc., located in NE PA. I have three great kids, ages 21, 17 & 14 yrs. I'm a newlywed, love to read and write, and live on my computer... unless I'm with Wade!


"The more I explore neurosis the more I become aware that it is a modern form of romanticism. It stems from the same source, a hunger for perfection, an obsession with living out what one has imagined, and it is found to be illusory, a rejection of reality, the power to imagine and not to sustain one's endurance, and then the creative force turned into destruction. Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only high moments. I am in accord with the surrealist, searching for the marvelous." Anais Nin


My KnowPost Credo: Treat all questions as sincere and respond in kind. If a question is worth an answer, it is worth a sincere effort. Keep a sense of humor.


I am a teacher


mlgd - Mary


Rdg - Robert
Hello, My name is robert and I am addicted.... Well folks what a blast eh?? I have been here for awhile and am slowly moving up the list in an attempt to catch vangar...Make sure you have a good day/night and see ya around ;o)


kovacsp - Peter Kovacs
Birthday - April 5th
Engaged to laylin.
I'm the lead Engineer and co-developer of this website. I have extensive knowledge in the field of programming, as well as an interest in Art and Music.


Past 40, pathological buttinski, long hair and beard, greying nicely, thank you very much. I love to cook, read (historic fiction, scifi, alternative history). Interests? Sex, religion, history, guns, brewing, pottery, SCA.


Retired engineer, amateur programmer, interested in computers,education,Perl,Rebol, the Internet.  Favorites include Ayn Rand, The Stranger, Farmall M, Heritage Special, Knowpost, Ebay, Zdnet, Math, Science, Jesse Stuart.  Movies: Taxi Driver, Limbo, The Thief, Blue, High Art.


WSAHM - Jocelyne
I am a Working Stay At Home Mom. I love what I do! Live life to the fullest. ...and I love KP!!


I'm a 19yo female South Australian Uni student who likes movies, music and useless information.
In my free time, I also announce at a community radio station and am a broadcaster at a community TV station. Three guesses what field I want to get into!!  I am a big fan of the humbling Spud. Spud is not just a potato, it is a way of thinking. I will openly discuss my potatoheaded theories with those who wish to listen.  The picture is of me with my good mate Mr Potatohead.


A rude picture to let you all know I'm still here!


With finals completed, it is the start of a fun summer!


21 yr old female from New Zealand, 2 cats and 1 fiancee. Final year Literature student. MUD addict, although the MUD I'm one of the Immortals on just had a wee accident, with the hard drive of the PC it runs off failing, and us with no backups of the player files...D'oh!


3Moons - Evie
Memorial Website


I'm and old dog in a new world who can offer advice on German lanquage and customs, as I briefly lived there, have relatives through my wife and have kept current. I was in the life insurance business, the Army and Air National Guard; work in the chemical industry as a control lab tech; can offer advice on growing Hostas; am empathetic and sympathetic to all and each; I'm the type that writes suggestions to the newspaper helpin hand columns.


happylad - Donna
I am a 43year old stay at home mother of two teenagers. I enjoy buying,selling and trading vintage toys and collectables. I also collect Disney toys.


do you love your god, your guns, and your government?


(cjoh's Father)
Runner, photographer, mountain hiker, sing tenor, have trouble containing myself, enjoy my new job coming out of retirement to work as a community psychiatrist. Like to learn bird songs, invent poems, ward off deterioration as much as possible.


I'm a rocket scientist - really! Sophomore aero/astro engineering student, Purdue University. Looking to specialize in orbital mechanics/mission design, eventually a mission lead role. I enjoy collecting old stuff - I have three slide rules, an abacus, many old books and records, foreign coins etc. My dream car is any 1960s/1970s older convertible and my dream plane is a DC-3. (I don't trust a plane with one engine.) Blonde, blue eyes, single, enjoys long walks on the beach, has all his fingers, etc., etc. Offers void where prohibited. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.


Hi from lil angel, I'm back!
I am a freak and proud of it! I have grown a lot in the last year...
Changes since I was here last???
Less hair, less weight, moving to Italy, Now a licensed nail technician, got a lot more attitude, and a lot less fear! That's it in a nutshell!




An unusual and very private person (I'm the one in the front seat).


kgspot - Kevin
When I look in the mirror... I can't believe what i see. Tell me who's that funky dude... starin' back at me?


I spend a lot of time in the Science & Technology category. If you come across a question in another area you think I might be interested in, just caremail me...


Odi et ami.


Yeah new photo!!! This is a pic of me and my lovely BF! the pic quality isn't that good but you get the jist of it!!!  We live in London and I've just finished my A levels...hard work man! I should be starting Uni in september and I'm scared to death! I'm too shy!

Okey Dokey! Not that I think anyone really reads my profile but it needs an update! So here it is... I left school last year, went to Uni (my first choice) and after a month, I quit! Ok, so it's not the most productive thing I've ever done but I needed to do it. The whole experience just felt so wrong, the course was wrong, the people, the place etc..... It all just got on top of me so I left. I am currently looking for a job, I'm thinking about becoming one of those teen agony aunts for a magazine or something, that would really cheer me up, I like to help!

On to some good news now, I am still seeing my Boyfriend (the one in the photo!!! lol) We are coming up to our 2nd year anniversary and I am so excited about it!!!! I can't wait, funds are a bit low so the pressies aren't going to be very flash but the effort will be there. I will be turning 19 this year (2001) in April, really freaky! I'll be so grown up!


Male student. Interested in many things, including psychology, sports (fanatic), and overall gathering new info. In love with the internet. TV addict and I am obsessed with the incredible KP.


Led Zeppelin


(friend of SeaNymph, formerly sansnom/Jenny)
Who is that masked man?
Please note, all user-names/aliases that are similar to this one, mimicing this user name...
...DO NOT belong to LoneRanger


Talk to me, and maybe I will tell you more ... *flash of a mysterious smile*


I'm just a college student and Government major who knows alot of weird stuff.Oh yeah, and I can channel Leonardo daVinci in emergencies, and he's pretty smart, so me and Leo'll give it ago. Remember, as Fred Durst knows, you gotta have faith, and would Fred lie? Leo trusts him, so I don't think so.


No profile description, but the webslave has a comment:
ECU has some of the best soaps of all of KnowPost.
Keep posting!


know knowpost, know meaning.


science worker - interests: africa, agriculture, technology, travel, australasia, biology.


I am a trained elementary school teacher now working part-time as a bookkeeper.


it's just a sense, really nothing clear, Is this desire? Or is this fear? Do I let you in, Do I shut you out? Is this control, or is this doubt? You move so close that I feel your sweat. Is it time to go, or not just yet? Here's the thing, is it love or hate, is it right or wrong, can we get it straight? You touch my shoulder... could you be colder?


Quite sane.


KnowPost member formerly known as Machoguy.  I am not a sensitive artist.  3rd year student at
Drexel University in Philadelphia.


(click the pic for the links attached to this profile description)
For nifty neo-digital art and the surrealistic stylings of Auriea Harvey dial entropy8zuper.org

...and you should also experience TURUX.org.

For really swell black and white photgraphy wander through at The Nocturnes.

If you are interested in what the world looks like under an electron microscope, peer through at Microangela
...plus you have to see what snowflakes look like-- even ones from Mars! Take a visit at Snow Crystal Research.

For slices of our country's life via the spoken word, from National Public Radio, its This American Life with Ira Glass.

To get into the electronica mood of things try the Beta Lounge.

Do you agree with the current human race's e-volution?
Read the cyborg manifesto then let your sentient self be heard.

Are we fellow human beings duped? For the cynical or inquisitive, read...
"Adbusters.org ...an ecological magazine, dedicated to examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment...we want folks to get mad about corporate disinformation, injustices in the global economy, and any industry that pollutes our physical or mental commons."


Married to Kilnamar
Ok this isn't me, but it IS the sexiest man in the world! (For all who do not know, it's Kilnamar! Hubba, Hubba)


miked9 - Mike
I'm a transplanted Yankee currently an undergrad at the University of Miami. I recently made the smooth transition from a Marine Science/Biology double major to Comparitive Literature with a History minor. I love soccer, candy, theatre, The Wonder Years, photography, cartoons and three hour conversations with close friends about everything and nothing at all.  Favorite Constitutional Amendment: The First..does anyone remember that one anymore?


I am a 6" tall plastic Potato Head circa 1985. My claim to fame is that I am the world's most travelled Potato Head, having been on 4 continents and numerous countries. I also skydive, mountain climb, skateboard, jetski, race stock cars and scuba dive when I'm not out getting into trouble or chasing other food dishes.


ICQ #36960672
I am a serious person of a highly philosophical nature, my areas of knowledge are vast and wide, but my strengths are in English and Maths. I have won many championships in singing and dancing. I have a Grade 6 Distinction in piano. I have 5 years of working experience, and I now work part-time as a tutor. I teach English, mental arithmetic, and computer literacy. I'm also a student and have keen interest in learning more about computer internals, programming languages, databases, and others related to computer science and engineering.


married to cyndy10
Finally, a picture, even though it is not me, it does look exactly like me.  You'll see.
... I am a 36 year old male narcissist, living in Las Vegas.


Married to Seedy69
A swell guy in my own right.




Recently returned from living in Germany for 4 years, I'm planning on moving to Austin in a month or so. I'm a 26 year old male, originally from Austin and a Technical Director in the Web arena.


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it." (JN 1:1-5)


The above mandala was created by Lisa Konrad of Animation Arthouse and used with her kind permission.

seeker of truth follow no path
for all paths lead where
truth is here

E. E. Cummings

Be kind to one another...


daughter of colldoll
I am a high school student. I love animals, horse-back riding,and reading.
I have 2 dogs, a cat and a parrot.  I am 13 years old and I am very glad to have a site like kp that I can talk to so many interesting people. I love animals, horse-back riding, and reading. I have 2 dogs, a cat, and a parrot. My mother is colldoll, and I love her very much.






jmcmahon - Terry
My name is Terry and I'm a rising junior at a college outside Philadelphia. I love ceremails - send me one if you're bored and I'll (wink wink) make your life more interesting. and of course feel free to respond to any outrageous remarks I make on knowpost. excellent.


(formerly sansnom/Jenny)
Please note, the current profile/s and answers of sansnom, SANSN0M, and ALL similar aliases...
...do not belong to Jenny.


dangerboy - Rick
(formerly anyman)
Love interest of jlm4012
I changed my screen name from anyman to dangerboy because after a long absence, I could not remember my password or the email service I originally signed up with. I am a cancer survivor, a Christian, and sometimes a bit abrasive. I am in love with a wonderful woman, lucky, lucky me.


college buddy of cjoh.
I'm a New Media executive and business professional who is a sucker for good communities.




fiance of colldoll
Retired Coast Guard Chief electrician, all-around handyman.. Interested in Native American culture, nature. outdoor activities. Proud to be owned by one big cat with an attitude!!


Hello. Im glad to be apart of this great community. I think this is going to be a fun place to be. This picture is of me. Im a very easy person to get along with. I love being on the web. I want to do Web Design and Graphic Design for a career.  ohhhh yea I had to suck up down there on the Favorite Webpage link lol.....and i have done many of webpages for my own use or for a local band that is here. The link down there now is for the local band, but if u like to know the others just Ceremail me or get ahold of me somehow.


daughter of cyndy10
I am Cyndy's daughter Leslie, I am 17 years old and live in Washington State. I am a junior in High School.


ArmyGirl - Christa
daughter of Babytisa
I'm an 18 yr old H.S graduate and a Lieutenant with Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue. I graduated from the Fire Academy when i was 17 and have been a volunteer FireFighter since i was 14 yrs old. I also enlisted in the U.S. Army during my senior year. I will be leaving for Basic Training on July 27th 2000. I enjoy playing softball, flag football, running, sleeping, working out, sleeping, going to the beach,going out with friends and oh yea..sleeping..haha ~Christa :0)

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