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UPDATED! *Hurrah* I have a bunch of rumors... They're added under the real rumors section and they're under other rumors... *if you understand any of this please go visit*

UPDATED! 10/21/00 Whew.... Spin off... and title under real rumors.

NEWS FLASH!!! Lily's maiden name is Evans. This was posted on Scholastics a while ago, but their server wasn't working so thanks to Destiny Malzen, who confirmed it, I'm putting this wonderful tidbit up!

Dear me dear.... it looks like people are a little confused on my "November Rain" story. Ok listen up. Ch.1 is present time... Ch. 2+3 are flashbacks. The next couple of ch. will be flashbacks until we get back to present time. From then on the story will procede in regular time.

Now onto the many pages I have created for this web site.

News and Junk

An Intro to Harry Potter

May Contain Spoilers! The Wonderful World of Quotes May Contain Spoilers!

May Contain Spoilers! UPDATED! Rumors of Future Books UPDATED! May Contain Spoilers!

May Contain Spoilers! Thoughts to Ponder About May Contain Spoilers!

May Contain Spoilers! Dumbledore's Triumph May Contain Spoilers

The Harry Potter Controversy

May Contain Spoilers! Character Relationships May Contain Spoilers!

Movie Information

What??? Star Wars!

My Own Thoughts About the Characters

J.K Rowling Chat Transcription

May Contain Spoilers! Book Reviews May Contain Spoilers!

May Contain Spoilers! Character Biographies May Contain Spoilers!

Other Interesting Things

May Contain Spoilers! Fan Fiction May Contain Spoilers!

Hedwig's Fanfiction


While You're Waiting for the Next Book

May Contain Spoilers! Mistakes in the Harry Potter Series May Contain Spoilers!

All About Me

Interactive Stuff

Links to Other Harry Potter Sites

Hedwig's Banners

Try Your Luck With Tarrot Cards

Search My Site

May Contain Spoilers! Hedwig's Harry Potter Message Board May Contain Spoilers!

Hedwig's Chat

Hedwig's Essay Question

May Contain Spoilers! View my Dreambook May Contain Spoilers!

Sign my Dreambook

Actual Guides


May Contain Spoilers! Hogwarts May Contain Spoilers!



Spells, Incantations and Potions


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