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Hmmm…. There are some interesting quirks in the HP series. Very interesting indeed… Well I'll contribute a few of mine then you could send me some of yours!

In the 4th Harry Potter book at the end when Dumbledore is asking Sirius to alert to the "old crowd" he mentioned someone called Mundungus Fletcher who has appereared twice before. Once in the second book when Mr Weasley complained of him trying to hex him and again in the 4th book where he tried to claim a massive tent at the Quiditich world cup but he was only sleeping under a cloak. He doesn't sound like a very nice person to me.- Anna

Dementors are blind and find their way around by sensing emotions, but why then don't they crash into chairs and stuff, becaus chairs don't have feelings or emotions-Emily

Voldemort was not actually going to kill Lily Potter. Now I wonder why that was. Did they have something going on between them. Did Lily Potter have a secret life. We will soon learn. I also think that Voldemort is Harry's father. He only killed Lill because she tried to protect Harry. I think he tried to kill Harry because his fear of Overpowerment.- Hermione Potter

Ok, this is just speculation but hear me out: I have major reason to believe that Crookshanks is, in fact, Ms. Figg. She appeared in book 1 (Potter's babysitter when the Dursley's went out P.22 In the American Edition)& 4 (At the end where Dumbledore told Sirius to contact Arabella Figg P.713 American). In book one, Figg constantly showed Harry pictures of cats at her house. That was my first clue, but in the fourth book, it seems as if it has to be her. Voldemort, when speaking to the Death Eaters (P.657, American) he states, "Dumbledore invoked an ancient magic, to ensure the boy's protection as long as he is in his relations' care ". Who was that acient magic, that witch he was talking about? Figg!! In book three, when we first meet Crookshanks, he quickly jumps on Ron to attract attention. He obviously dislikes Scabbers, and for good reason, as he turns out to be Wormtail. On page 336 in the third book, American edition, Harry calls Crookshanks " friends with that [ Sirius] dog". It is obvious that Crookshanks can tell who to trust Sirius, and who not to, Wormtail. She seems to know what is going on. There are many other examples to prove that I am right. She found her way to Potter, to protect him, both when he was in Hogwarts and when he was home with the Dursely's. There has been spectulation for awhile that Crookshanks is in fact an Animagus. I beleive that wholeheartly and offer you my insight on this subject. If you could, please find out what your fans think about this idea. Thank you!- Harry Potter fan, Sara

Harry Potter is short. I know that you all know this already. But he is pretty short for a 14 year old. I think he must be about 5' 2". Wasn't his dad tall? *YA* That boy boy better have a growth spurt soon. Or he may just be short. Ron did refer to him as "the midget in glasses" once. - Hermione Potter

Does anybody but the perfects bathe? set by Becca

I read that Mrs. Noris could be an Anamagis gone wrong but what about the Poly Juice Potion gone wrong and she didn't get help like Hermione, or she put to much cat hair in?- *Kristina*

Isn't it interesting that Voldemort's supporters place so much emphasis on being a pureblood yet Voldemort himself is half-Muggle....-Patty

Whatever happened to Lockhart? Remember how good he was @ memory charms? Maybe he became an Obliviator (members of the accidental magic squad who perform memory charms on muggles who've gotten glimpses or suspisous about the wizarding world). But did he recover entirely from his memory loss? I know it was totally his fault, but he might be inclined to blame Harry and Ron for his temporary amnesia. Would he want revenge? Not that he'd be that much of a threat though... -Dailna

I think that when the ghosts came out of the wand, James just came out first cause maybe Lily wanted him to or maybe Voldemorte just did the cretaceous curse on him wanting to torture him first then kill him.-Kevin

I must say this. Wizards' hormones kick in late. I mean they're 14 what's that in muggle school? 8th or 9th grade and they have just started dating. I know that in 5th grade muggle school they were already talking about wanting to date. That's only like 11 years old. I mean are witches and wizards are slow. They sure don't catch on fast. - Hermione Potter

Why in the world aren't there bathrooms in the dorms? why should you have to get up and walk five miles half asleep the night before the first exams?-Vidjos

On page 618 in the English version of the 4th Harry Potter,in the last paragraph, Dumbledore says, "You are to alert Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher-the old crowd." Hmmmm, Is'nt Arabella Figg Harry's sitter for Dudley's Birthday(the lady with the cats)? -Grapil

There are a few hints in the books that Voldemort may be Harry's real father- sure you alll noticed them so I wont bother to mention them all- but how can he be Harry's father when everyones allways saying how much he looks like James? Perhaps he was transfigured at birth because of his resemblance to Voldemort.Just a thought...-Senflow

Ever notice on the back of Dumbledore's Chocolate Frog wizard card it mentions that he defeated a guy named Grindlewald? German, right? In 1945? What about World War 2?- Vidjos

Mrs. Norris could be a animagi freak accident and the same with Crookshanks!-Leith

Here's a thought to ponder... How did Harry get glasses? Do you think the Dursleys paid for him to go to the eye doctor? I mean, glasses ARE expensive.-Laruen

Did you notice that the date mentioned in the first book when Dumbledore defeated Grindewald (year 1945) was also the year Hitler was defeated? (leave it to me to notice that) And I think that we'll see who Grindewald really is, through the pensieve or some sort of memory. Sent in by Retrac

Okay I just wanted to add a little something so here it goes. Voldermort was orginally not going to kill Lily Potter, but he did. Does this tell us something? Was he in love? I also read somewhere that Voldermort could be Harry's father. He only killed her because she was in the way. Sent in by Sally

In book one the mirror of the Erised said this on the frame : Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi. Spell it backwards and it says: I show not your face but your hearts desire.-sent in by walleck friend of potter

In the end of the third book, Dumblebore told Harry that bacause Peter was in debt to Harry, Voldemort would not was Peter working for him... but in the fourth book Peter is still working for Voldemort, and he doesn't even seem "in debt" to Harry, except in the beginning of B4 when Peter says they can use any wizard to bring Voldemort back to power... or maybe hes just too lazy... ~Millennium Girl

At first I thought that Neville was like Peter, and that he would probably end up on Voldemort's side, and betray Harry and his friends. But then in book four we learn about Neville's parents (i'm not going to say any more, in case people havn't read it yet...) and now i think that Neville is very brave, and i think he will have a big part in destroying Voldemort... we'll have to wait and see... ~Millennium Girl

Well for those who've read the 4th book there was a curse called Avada Kedevra.... Hmmm... If you switch some of the letters you get Abra Kadabra! A bit odd... that the most deadliest curse in the wizarding world is similar to the most common "magical" saying in the Muggle world....

Harry's height is uh... in debate at the moment... so here's my little theory about how tall he is now... in the 4th book.
Well, in the fourth book, they don't mention Harry's height often except when Ron refers to him as a "midget in glasses". Though his height could be due to the fact of malnutrition from the Dursleys. Anyways Cho was a head shorter than Harry in the third book. So she should've grown up a good couple of inches.
Though this isn't a good source to locate infomation, if you look on the chapter picture of the American version book 4 called The House Elf Liberation or something of the sort, you notice that Harry and Hermione are about the same height and that Ron isn't that much taller than Harry any more.
Well if you translated Harry's height in book 1 it would be, according to Warner Bro. Movie Website, 4 feet 9 inches. If he grew one inch when he's in his second year, 3 inches in his third and hopefully at least 1 inch in his 4th he would be about 5 feet and 1 inch. Which is still relitively short.... no that's very short.
So I do think that it is strange, but I don't exactly think he was a little less than 4 feet and 9 inches when he was 14.

In the third book, Dumbledore talks about how when one wizard saves the life of another, the connection that forms between them is "magic at it's deepest." He was referring to Harry saving Wormtail, but could this "connection" have something to do with why Snape saved Harry in his first year?
Ever wonder why Mrs. Norris is called "Mrs."? Could she have been human at one time? An Animagus experiment gone horribly wrong, perhaps?- Alyssa

I don't think JK would have made such a big mistake as to let James come out of the wand before Lilly. Maybe we don't know what really did happen the night they were killed???- TWS

In the end of the third book, Dumblebore told Harry that bacause Peter was in debt to Harry, Voldemort would not was Peter working for him... but in the fourth book Peter is still working for Voldemort, and he doesn't even seem "in debt" to Harry, except in the beginning of B4 when Peter says they can use any wizard to bring Voldemort back to power... or maybe hes just too lazy... -Millennium Girl

Viktor Krum was only worried about Harry and Hermione, what about Ron? Krum said she talked about Harry a lot. If Harry and Ron are both her friends shouldn't she talk about them both the same, or ...? -JIm

In the end when the uhh "ghosts" are coming out of Voldemore's wand.... first came James Potter then Lily... if Voldemore killed James first the wouldn't he come out second?? ( he was going backwards through his recent spells)-Katie

As we all know, Rowling has pointed out that Harry has his mother's eyes a lot. Hmm.. just a suttle hint or a big plot? BIG PLOT PEOPLE!

What on earth does Harry's parents do?? Hmm.. Maybe we'll find out soon enough.

Godric's Hollow was where Harry used to live... and... Godric Gryffindor? And... sigh.. There must be an unknown connection there. Right? *yup*

We'll Mr. Ollivander did say that Jame's wand was good for transfiguration so that might've helped Jame's become and animangus.

Mr. Ollivander said that Lily's wand was good for charm work. Maybe that's part of her job... *oh well*

Did you notice that Sirius's name was mentioned in the first book? *no* You know in the very first chapter where Dumbledore asks Hagrid where he had gotten the motocycle... "A young Sirius Black sir." Remember this was before he was convicted of being a murder.

Another thing, one little tiny bit of info given in one book can become the plot in the next! Yes... this means you should read the books very carefully, noting down all the characters we're able to meet.

Hmmm… in the "sorting hat scene" the sorting hat said Harry would be great in Slytherin right? But! He did pull the sword out of the hat remember?? Interesting right?? *Yup*

Since Snape was in James Potter's debt, do you think he still feels guilty?? Sure he tried to protect Harry in his first year. But was that enough?

Celestina Warbeck… the famous singing sorceress, (remember 2nd book!) maybe she'll meet up with Lockhart. Interesting match!

Longbottom did tell Malfoy that Harry fainted because of the dementors… just carelessness??? Or a resemblance to Peter, the betrayer??-Dave

What's up with Mrs. Norris and Flich? Some strange past? Or did something happen?

In the dust cover for the American version of HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, it says, "A great destiny that's been waiting for him… if Harry can survive the encounter." Interesting… right???

Ceperus a three headed dog that gaurds the Underworld, which can be charmed by music in Greek Mythology. Sound familiar?? If you live near Boston, MA you can visit the Musuem of fine arts to check out this sculpture.

In the 4th book they'd already be 14 years old!! Or in about 9th grade or so. Sheesh.... wizards and witches sure are slow on the dating process. Why I remember when I was in 5th grade! Dating has just begone. Or the 1st year in H.P. terms... They're pretty slow to catch on.

Harry Potter is short! No offence or anything, but that is pretty short! Yes I know you know that already, but his dad was pretty tall right? *yah* Hopefully he'll go on a growth spurt pretty soon.

Crookshanks is an interesting cat... unusually smart too! Maybe an amimagus too! How did the cat get soo smart??? Maybe we shall find out soon.