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Hehe... Harry, Herm, and Ron is cast! Danial Radcliffe is Harry... Rupert Grint is Ron... and Emma Watson is Hermione! Thank you Kelvin for e-mailing me. Sigh... Go to the Official Movie Sitefor pictures and more information. :)

*Drum roll* The first role which is officially cast if for.... *Hedwig*!! Now who will be playing this darling feathered friend??? Ook! Yes Ook is indeed a snowy white owl... and amazingly Ook is British as well!

I've been hearing some rumours. It's said that Maggie Smith will play Prof. McGonagall. Robbie Coltrane is also said to be Hagrid.

Due to a mistake in reading and a helpful reminder from a reader the actual release date is November 16th of 2001 not 2000. Though they haven't found all the characters, they plan on realesing the movie this fall. The new Harry Potter movie will be directed by Chris Columbus. It will be based on the 1st Harry Potter book. I know for a fact that Rosie O'Donald is going to be Mrs. Weasley in it. Click Here to read more!

Hmmm.... Who's gonna be Harry??? Is it Haley (the kid at the oscars) or Jake Loyd (the Anikan kid in Phantom Menace)? Or neither? Problly an unusually short 9-11 year old boy who's about 4' 9" or 145 cm. *pretty short!* who is Brittish as well... and of course with black hair and green eyes. Fit this description??? Go to The Official Movie Website for H.P. casting info and the Harry Potter audition.

The movie is going to be based on the 1st book and if it is successful probally a 2nd, 3rd, etc.

A rumor is that: Max McCormick from Stratford upon Avon auditioned last Thursday in London with Sussie Figgis for the role of Harry, he would be brilliant for the role.- Tony van den Ende