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Okay.... So you've noticed that there is are many uh.... Love Relationships going on here in Harry Potter. Here we will be discussing the possible relationships that might be going on in the future .

The Harry and Hermione Possibility
We've all noticed that they have been hinting that they like each other. (example: When they hugged in the first book) Right now I think that they are to happy sappy... They go together to well in other words. You know like the poles on a magnet. North and north repel and south and south repel as well. Even though it might be interesting for them to get together. But you'll have a jealous Ron and Cho. :) In the 4th book, Harry did think of Hermione as "a pretty girl he didn't know". So maybe there is hope. Harry certainly thinks of his relationship with Hermione is purely friends. Hermione handles the comments due to Rita Skeeter's article with unusual calmness. Maybe Hermione does like Harry. Of course we have to remember that she was a bit ruffled at the time when Fleur kissed Harry and Ron.

Forget that on the last page of book IV Hermione kissed Harry? Yeh might wanna post that. I think there is too much evidence that they will wind up each other.-AbercrombieNHL

The Harry and Cho Possibility
In the third book Cho and Harry sorta flirted with each other. Sure this is good, but remember that Cho is a year older than Harry. If they do eventually go together then it will be an unusual combo that's for sure. In book four, Cho does ahem, fall for Cedric, but in the end they were "seperated". It's pretty, no, absoulutely obvious that Harry has a crush on Cho. In fact the american dustcover actually refers to her as his "crush". Anyways, now that Cedric is gone maybe Harry will get her.

The Harry and Ginny Possibility
Sure Ginny has shown a *star* crush on Harry. It also seems that Harry is a bit embearest that Ginny likes him. It would be interesting to see what happens if they do go out. The reaction from Ron would be interesting. But as we know Ginny only has a crush. :)

The Ron and Hermione Possibility
Sure Ron fights with Hermion, but opposites attract. It's probaly Ron just denying feelings for Hermione. They've blown off a bit of steam in the books, so who knows what might happen next. Of course this whole thing could turn into a fight from Hermione. (Harry vs. Ron) Hehee I should book a seat for when that does happen. ;) In the 4th book there is definately some uh.... jelouesy *or however you wnat to spell it* going on. Ron's mad at Hermione for (I use this term lightly) "dating" Krum because he's from a different school and a competitor against Harry. Though we think otherwise.... Hermione was mad a Ron for being a bit too late for noticing that Hermione is indeed a girl... and Hermione points it out. So maybe Hermione does like Ron. Of course we have to remember when Fleur kissed Ron, Hermione was indeed jeleous or a bit "ruffled". Hermione also tells Ron and Harry that she couldn't visit Krum over vacation because she's too busy worrying about Ron and Harry.... So maybe there is a chance.....

The Hermione and Malfoy Possibility
Okay so this isn't the world's most pleasant one. Maybe Malfoy is being mean to Hermione because he secretly likes her. So this is just a possibility, but who knows what's going in Ms. Rowling's mind. Then Malfoy wouldn't be so mean... if they do end up together. *Sigh* Once, yes once, in the 4th book, Malfoy didn't have a critisism to make about Hermione! :) A start of a new beginning?

The Hermione and Krum Possibility
Krum though about 4 years older than Hermione obviously likes Hermione quite a bit. In the 4th book, Hermione was the person he'd miss the most. Anways, as for Hermione, she does try to protect him, well sorta, against Ron's remarks. Krum seems to like Hermione enough to invite her over and tell her that he has never met somebody like her before.... *I think unless my memory proves me wrong*. Though Hermione's view of the relationship tilts more onto the friendship side rather than the boyfriend one.

The Hermione and Neville Possibility
Hermione is mentioned quite a lot isn't she? Neville certainly has a crush on her. How many times has Hermione saved Neville from embearessment? Quite a bit. Maybe Neville has taken a liking to her.

The Neville and Ginny Possibility
Though Ginny may be 2nd on Neville's list, he did go with her to the Yule ball. Though this combo. is a bit different and I didn't even see it coming, it might be quite charming to see them end up together.

The Ginny and Colin Possibility
At least they both have something in common. They both admire and like Harry Potter. In the same grade, they would be just the perfect match? They could even start a Harry Potter Fan Club.

The Angelina and Fred Possibility
Sigh.... Not much to be said here. I predict that both of them will end up together for quite a while.

So what else do you want? This just covers the basic main character love relationships. So what do I vouch for? I dunno.... Probaly not HP and Ginny or Cho though... All else is undecided in my own mind.