Here is where I tell you where I got the thing to create this page.

I got the chat room from Spin Chat

I learned HTML by using the Complete Idiot's Guide to HTML 4.0 (sadly).

I got my little piece of the web from Angelfire. Which is I highly recommend. Tripod is also pretty neat. And of course the servers are all free. :)

I made the simple graphics, the ones on the top of all the pages, by using Paint from Creative Writer. Sigh... And I also recomend Paint Shop Pro. 5. It's a really good program. It's expensive though... I just used the trial for as long as it lasts... But after that what?? sigh I'll have to find me a paint program! For some of the high quality pics are from Spirit Online

I got the Hit Counter from Beseen. You get to choose which type you want. I also recommend.

I got the Dreambook from Dreambook. Okay. You can change to template to suit your needs.

I got the Quizlet from Beseen as well. I also think it's really neat. :) Hmm... but now it's giving me a bunch of mixed up junk so i switched to htmlGEAR. It definatly has more options and it's easier to use than Beseen's.

I got the Message Board from Inside the Web. Which is the only Message Board service I can find. It's also pretty neat!

I got the music if you can hear it.... from a the Dynamic Drive. Also the snowflakes were from there too! Anyways the music is somewhere in there. I got the nice Sailor Moon Songs from a nice site out there! I give full credit to them even though I don't know what's the address.

Also I got some JScript from the Angelfire script library!! And the other scripts.... from some other place over the rainbow! No I'm sorry I didn't quite get the address I swiped it from... I'm just a person who doesn't know a thing about Javascript or Jscript, but who can tweak pre-existing ones to work for me :) Yes I typed ALL of the html out by hand... some times I use an html editor... not too often though.

Here are the Disclaimer for you buisness people out there!

I also don't own Harry Potter or anything that has copyrighted Harry Potter such as Scholastics and other companies. I also thank J.K Rowling because she created Harry Potter! (We all knew that) I also don't claim Harry Potter for myself and I make no money out of making this site. And I'd like to thank J.K Rowling for being a wonderful author. Thank you!

Also........... Yeah... There's more.... I don't own anything except this website and some stuff I created for it. Any other things I mentioned such as Harry Potter or other copyrighted stuff.... Doesn't belong to me!!! So don't get all mad! :) PEACE!

If I missed anything e-mail me!!!