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Okay Here is where you get to type in an essay. Send it to me. I'll pick a few good ones to put up here. :)

The last essay question.... did *horrible* runs and hides! Nobody answered! *sniff* *well hardly anyone* For those who did... I appaud you!

NEW ESSAY QUESTION! Hmmm... A new Nov. Rain question... Well here we go! Who do you think Rose will end up with and why? Why am I asking this you say? Because it's hard to see how good you are at leading when your the author! Anyways keep writing!

Also! *GROAN NOT MORE* you MUST have a VALID E-mail address so I can get back to you.

And remember this is an ESSAY! Which is in My Own definition: A well written report.:) (Oh nooooooooo Essays! I had to do them in school a week ago) Yes those cute little essays. The ones you have to explain Who, What, When, Where, Why or How.

Do I still have you interest? *No I'm just reading this cus I have nothing better to do* Well just fill out the form... And remember this is like a mini contest so don't feel bad if you aren't posted. Just try again next time.

Your Name

Your E-mail Address

Type your essay here

I know you! Make sure your essay follows the rules and don't just skip reading what the question is! If you do you're mail will automaticlly be deleated.