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Either love him or hate him. What's the big deal? Harry Potter the super hero to moms or a or the reincarnation of Satan? Let's discuss why and why not.

The "Love Him" Side:

It's attracting kids away from the lure of Pokemon, video games, computers, games, the internet, and TV. A definate super hero to mothers whose children are obsessed with multimedia. Harry Potter incourages children to read. It's interesting, funny, and unique. Why would they like it? There are many many reasons why they like "Harry Potter". Maybe it's because it makes kids want to read or maybe the literature is superior. What ever the reason, Harry Potter is striking most of us like spring fever.

The "Hate Him" Side

A devil from the underworld to some. Witches, magic, and witchcraft is all evil one can imagine. Death, and hatred are as deep as the ocean. Harry is against some of their religion. All these things create Harry Potter Haters. Some parents don't want their children reading the books because of the evilness and magic that lurks within. Others argue that witchcraft is a religion and should not be read in schools. Other say it's filled with "evil". Should young kids be exposed to this at such an early age? Whatever the reason the protesters stand strong.

The Religion That Lies

Sure they celebrate Easter and Christmas... but to most people it's little bunnies and a jolly man in a red suit. That doesn't mean that they are of that faith. Halloween is not a religious holiday so let's not go into that. Some say witchcraft might be their religion... no they do not worship Satan. Satan doesn't even exist in the Wiccan (witchcraft) faith. They worship the god and goddess. Still I don't think Harry Potter has much of a religion. It's like school today... You have the regular vacation days... Christmas Vaca. and Easter Vaca. Hmm... An interesting thing isn't it? There might be people of different faiths or of no faith at all! It's not a strict school when it comes to religion. Still the battle rages on!


As of always there's never a final conclusion unless the author comes out and says so! But don't be niave open your mind!

Harry Potter Biased Against Girls? Sure we all love Harry Potter, but what about the lack of girl power? Sure there's Hermione, but she works way to hard just to get the approval of Harry and Ron it's not even funny. Harry Potter so grand and great. Dumbledore so wise and old. Glidory Lockhart so uh... soo... well so so. Think about it. The action packed characters are mainly well male. Sirius Black, James Potter, Dumbledore, Tom Riddle/Voldemort, Draco Malfoy... Hmm.. sure they mentioned Lily a few times as well. Cho's in there too, but only as a so called "chick" in Harry's eyes. Hermione you know Hermione she works way to hard. The one who's always bugging everyone and tagging along. Sigh... read more here. To get a better understanding.