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So here you are. You were looking around the web looking for a good Harry Potter Site. Boom! Your here. So you know nothing about Harry Potter except the people love the book! RIGHT???? I sure do hope so. Harry Potter is a very and I mean VERY famous boy. AND he doesn't even know it! You see in Harry's World there are witches and wizards. Harry's parents, Lily and James Potter, were a witch and wizard. When Harry was one or so, Lily and James got murdered by Voldemort, the most powerful dark wizard. Voldemort went after Harry but for some unusual reason his powers broke and some of it got transferred into Harry. Harry was quickly taken away from the mess and was brought to live with his Aunt and Uncle. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were Muggles, non magical people. They also had a son named Dudley, who was extreamely mean. One day about 10 years after all that. A letter came for Harry. Uncle Vernon didn't want Harry to read it so he took it away. Then more and more letters came. There was no escape. Until Vernon took them to a small shack on an island to escape from the letters. No can do! A very, very large man came, and Harry eventually got sent to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. I won't tell you anymore because I'll just spoil all your fun reading the books! ENJOY! :)

Sorry if that was a bit short and didn't give you too much info. BUT it's just an intro. If you still haven't found what your looking for (Which I'm absoulutely positive you haven't) check out the other Harry Potter pages on my site. :)