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Don't look at me like that! I know perfectly why I put this page on a Harry Potter Site. If you've read my old posts on the message board I've referred to the "conection".

Let's begin with the similarities...

Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, both are parentless, live with their aunt and uncle, both whom are a bit "testy" with them, both who discorages them to participate in their destiny. Harry's aunt had a sister who was a witch. Luke's aunt had a brother who was a jedi. Both who are apparently *cough* dead... Harry get's saved from living a boring life with the Durseys. Luke get's saved from being a moisture farmer.

Dumbledore and Kenobi, both have a student whom they guide, are uh... old? Kenobi gives Luke his father's lightsaber. Dumbledore gives Harry his father's invisible cloak. The items are both valuable to their students.

Voldemort and Darth Vadar, *imitates Vadar* both are evil. Both uhhh... supossedly killed either Harry's or Luke's parents. Hmm... both aren't quite *human*. Both have uh... let's say servents? to do their deeds. Hmmm... maybe Voldemort is actually Harry's dad! *ACK* (ducks as tomatoes get thrown) or maybe just a reletive. What to do!

Hermione and Princess Lei! *hmmm* Both uh... clever and intelligent with an attitued... *U GO GIRLS* Hmmm... Lei gets trapped in a love triangle... you know Han and Luke... Hermione also is trapped between Harry and Ron. Maybe Hermione is Harry's long lost sister... remember Harry's mom and Hermione both had reddish hair.

Ron and Han... both sidekicks to their famous friends. Maybe their both a bit jelous. Both got uh... parted from their friends for a while too. Hmmm... both uh has money problems. Both connected to a bad guy.

Storyline... Star Wars: a kid who get's a chance at fame and becomes a hero. Harry Potter: a kid who get's a chance to become a wizard who adds to his reputation. Both have mysterious villians and a trio who's our favorite. Hmmm... both have people who dies...

Well that concludes it!