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Harry Potter

To be honest I think Harry Potter, as much as we all like him, doesn't really show emotion. I don't mean that he's never happy or anything, but never really deep emotions. Like revenge, love are really deep hatred until Book 3. Harry to me, is like a non personallity fit. You know, Hermione's the sensitive and really smart one, while Ron is the bold, but yet is over shawdowed by his older brother's achievements. Harry, you just can't quite put a tag on him. He's just like the mixture of personallities. What most people what do in other words. I think Harry is really lucky. I mean a wizard! I also feel sad for him. Not knowing why Voldemort is after him. Sorta, like a kid in your class who's mean to you but you don't know why. In Book 3, you get to see a new side of him. Once he finds out that, Black (I won't say for those who haven't read) his parents, he gets really mad and sort of fires up. No I don't mean he gets caught on fire in Book 3. You know what I mean. I really like that emotion! Something defferent for a change.

James Potter

James Potter. We don't know all too much about him. I think he's the one who is hmmmm... How do I say this. Sort of nice. I know bad description. I mean he did save Snape a Slytherin. I don't know why they hate each other though. I think we should find out more about him in the upcoming books. Like what happened to him at Hogwarts and all that good stuff.

Lily Potter

Lily is the one, we hardly know about. She's just there. Inocent, happy, until one day.... We all know the story. She just sort of reminds me of war in the real world. Everybody inocent until one day a big meanie comes along. We should find out more about her.

Hermione Granger

Hermione the smart sensitive one. :) Who seemed to had have a crush on a certain Prof. no not Snape :P A certain annoying Prof. Allright I'll tell you, Lockhart. Yes Lockhart. There were many clues in the book that Hermione actually likes him. Hermione seems to be the center of unusual fanfics. :) Such as Malfoy and Hermione. heh.

Ronald Weasley

Ron always in the shawdows of his brothers. Poor Ron. Always second, right after Harry. He seems to be very uh, irritated becuase of Malfoy's taunting. :P Not much I want to say about him.


Crookshanks is Hermione's cat who has been helping Black. I think Crookshanks is awfully suspicious. How did Crookshanks know about Scabbers? Really know. Crookshanks is a little too smart for the average cat. Perhaps Black and Crookshanks used to be friends at Hogwarts?? We should find out in the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th book.

Sirus Black

Black I think is really the rough and I'll say bloodthirsty. He has ALOT of loyalty to his friends. I do hope Black and Harry get to live together soon.

Severus Snape

Snape is a misunderstood character from my point of view. One who has a very deep grudge to anyone related to James Potter. A mean, nasty, and untidy character gives me the feeling that he wasn't always that way. Something must've happened between James and Snape to make Snape so downright mean.

Draco Malfoy

An extreamly loyal character, to his father that is. It seems like he looks up to Luicus. People always call Draco, Malfoy. Never Draco. Anyways, Draco seems jealous of Harry, needless to say. For those who haven't notice yet, read the 2nd book! So, maybe Draco will actualy be nice to Harry. Maybe!