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Ronald or rather Ron
Is poor but ever so nice

He's Harry and Hermione's best friends
And has tried to curse Malfoy twice

He's helped Harry in his adventures
But was annoyed by Hermione's cat
If oit were'nt for his help in the first year
The dark lord would be back

He may not be great at his work
Or the best wizard around
But he's brave and ever so loyal
Where-ever Harry is he'll be found.
by Lindsay Gulliver UK


Oh Dumbledore is great
and he is so loyal
he helps Harry when he gets in trouble
Oh Dumbledore is wise
and he very kind
His smile seems stretch a whole mile wide
So as you can see
you have to agree with me
that he is the best when it comes to Charms and Hogwarts tests
by Karin Long The Magic

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, that's all I ever heard
"What's the big deal?" I'd ask, "Why this is so absurd!"
But I thought I'll read them anyways
I bought the first with my pays
I took it home and the first chapter I did read
Little did I know just where it all would lead
I read and read and read
Harry was stuck in my head
I read to the end and surprise caught me so
I had no idea it was him, oh I did not know!
The second one I had to buy
I loved them so, I will not lie
"Surely I will guess the end this time." I surmise
But no, still I was caught by complete surprise
The third I snatched up quickly too
Reading carefully for every clure
In one week I had finished
I knew my longing would not diminish
Grabbed the fourth and poured on through
Watching brave Harry as he grew
I almost cried near the end
A life lost no one could mend
Now the fifth I dearly need
Oh how I wish that I could read
So J.K Rowling if you're here, can't you see?
I know, I know, I should let you be
But what now is there to do today?
No new stories, oh the dismay!
First and foremost I love the Son
My Bible is my number one
But I will now have to wait a whole year
Oh my what am I to do, Oh dear!
Harry, Harry, I know I'm a loon
Oh Harry, Harry Harry come back soon!
By Jessie

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has a heart so true
And is not just a fiction character made to be read by me and you
He's an inspiration to all of us out there
To do are best and what we dare
To never give up or lose hope
To keep trying and with hard times we can cope
He's befriended oh so many
Been loyal and truthful and never asked for a penny
Ron, Hermione, and Sirius too
Hedwig, and Cho, and Hagrid, all so true
Harry's loyal and brave until the end
The kind of person that you can depend
He's fought evil, saved lives and through it all
He's always been there at his friends call
Yes he's snuck out of the castle and yes he's broken rules
Yes sometimes for foolish reason such as a wizards duel
But after all he's only a boy
Filled with curiosity and boldness and also of joy
Harry Potter is one terrific guy
The kind that when sees you always takes time to wave "Hi" :)
By Lindsay

Harry Potter

Mr. Harry Potter
We all know him well
The controversy of the media
On him alone, dwell

Witches with broomsticks,
Wizards with spells,
Life for Harry at Hogwarts,
Can be a living hell.

Fun and excitement,
Mystery and awe,
The lightining scar on Harry,
Is what we all saw.

We gape and we gawk,
As we point at the boy,
And to the evil Lord Voldemort,
He's a twisted play toy.

So will young Harry
Be able to carry through? We sure hope so,
Harry, we're cheering for you.
Sent in by Nick.


Harry Potter is his name,
He's spent some years,
full of fame
He beat the Dark Lord.
and didn't even try,
He's Seeker in Quidditch,
and can really fly
Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle
Think they're all that,
Dudley Dursley and his father,
are very ,very fat.
By a witch in training

Quidditch, the Sport of Wizards

The sport of wizards, I've been told.
The sport where seekers catch a ball of gold.
The three chasers pass the quaffle to each other.
And the beaters, they bat at the bludger.
The ball of gold, a snitch it's called.
The bludgers make sure the chasers are stalled.
The quaffle is used to score the goals.
They score goals not in nets, they score them in holes.
Holes guarded by the keeper fifty feet high.
So the players, the fly way up in the sky.
When seeker catches snitch, one hundred-fifty points he scored.
Therefore when watching quidditch you are never bored.
by Emma Saphire

The GREAT Harry Potter

He is kind, smart, determined and brave,
Whenever he gets the chance, he will save.
Standing up so brave and tall,
And he will never shrink down small.
He will defeat the Dark Lord and ominous things at night,
And when necessary he will end a fight.
Who is this person so worthy but not scary?
Why it's the big, brave, wise, HARRY!
Sent in by Sameena

The Great Aspects of Hogwarts

Hogwarts is where I wish I could be.
Doing magic and flying free.
I could go to potions, divination, transfiguration.
And other classes, and, oh, the celebrations.
Be sorted to Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.
Play quidditch, do spells and so much more.
That is all and now you see,
Why Hogwarts is where I wish to be.
by Emma Saphire


High, High, up in the sky
People on broom sticks are there
What are they doing you ask?
Why, they are playing a quidditch match!
Four balls is what with you play
You can even play quidditch on a rainy day!
You have to be talented to be on a team
There are two lessons I can teach
Be careful for bludgers and watch out for all the
goal beams!
Quidditch is a fun sport but yes, it is dangerous
Just look it up in "Quidditch Through The Ages"!
by Harriet Potter

The Potion Master

Snape is like a snake.
He has venom in his eyes.
He's too sour for a cake.
And, Harry he does despise.
For Harry he makes trouble.
But tries to save him anyway.
His potions really bubble,
And come in handy every day.
He hates every Gryffindor face.
But gives Slytherin all the attention.
He thinks Malfoy is an ace.
And always gives Harry detention.
by The Talbott Springs Harry Potter Book Club

Hermione Limerick

Hermione is so smart.
She isn't into Dark Arts.
She's really cool.
She's not an old mule.
And I bet when she slaps Malfoy, it smarts!

Ron Limerick

The man with fiery red hair,
you know that you must not beware.
His name is Ron,
Many chess games he's won,
And his brothers have comical flair.

Harry Limerick

That boy who beat up the Dark Lord,
And pulled up that Gryffindor sword.
He's friends with Seamus.
His scar makes him famous.
And with Ron he crashed that old Ford.
Last 3 sent in by Indypiglet.

Quidditch Poem

Quidditch, Quidditch on your broom.
High in the sky like the moon.
Harry's the seeker.
Malfoy is weaker.
Zoom, zoom goes the Snitch.
Quicker than your average witch.
In the goal goes the quaffle.
Oh no! Wood what was that for?
Sent in by Cazy.

Ronald Weasley Poem

Ron Weasley Ron Weasly is my name.
Wish I had something like my friend Harry,
and that is Fame.
Iím tired of my brothers,
I wish I had others.
Hermoine gets on my nerves sometimes,
I Snoopy, am very good at making up rhymes!
Sent in by Snoopy.

Harry Potter Poem

Harry, Harry, he's a heck of a guy,
He's so smart he's basicly a spy!
With his friends Ron and Herimone,
You'll never catch him talking on the phone.
He's famous, famous as can be!
He'll be rich and wealthy you can see.
He now has a lot of friends,
now my poem has come to an end!
by Snoopy