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Humanity faces a crisis of law and conscience that few can recognize, still fewer will acknowledge, and none will remedy -- a crisis that jeopardizes the very future of human civilization. The essential concepts of human rights and human dignity are under assault as never before.

Corruption and discrimination abound. Standards are slipping. The media serve as slaves of the established order, distributing distraction or downright deception. The people revel in insouciance and accept the sop with which they are daily indoctrinated. Compassion and decency diminish daily as cynical manipulators erode the credibility of government and media.

Victims of gross defamation and governmental cruelty become "non-persons" -- anathematized, ridiculed, rejected, suspected, often deprived of recourse. The persecuted find no refuge, the abused and degraded are denied all hope of escape or rescue. The system is broken -- not just the law enforcement system, but the advocacy system as well.

Governments absurdly rationalize their own crimes and deny the equal protection of their laws. Advocates and non-governmental organizations corruptly abdicate their responsibility. In treachery or in trepidation, they discriminate against certain persons, refuse to acknowledge certain issues, and refuse to confront certain oppressors. They make exceptions. They make excuses. They consult an invisible rule book that tells them how far they may go, what and whom to ignore.

To a great extent, Armageddon is within. It is a struggle for the liberty and integrity of the human mind, for the preservation of human dignity, for the very meaning of human existence, for the restoration of the Rule of Law, for the very continuance of civilization in any acceptable form.

Decades have passed since 1984. Now Big Brother is raping you, and nobody much cares.

This is the web site of James Henry Graf, who will see the truth exposed or die trying.


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Smirking and snickering, sneering and snarling, the most powerful nation on earth lurches toward a fascist hell.

Back Then

 Here's How It All Came About

 Persecution via Evaluation

 Your Brain Is the Battleground

 Virtual America

 Torture, American Style -- the Wave of the Future?

 What is a Private Purgatory, Marlin Fitzwater?

 Fantasy Interrogation

 Manifesto for the Millennium

 Department of Justice -- "Addressee Unknown"

More Recently

 James Henry Graf Is Not a Business!

 Continued Persecution -- Naming a Few Names

 The State of the Graf 2016

Advocates, service providers, the media, and non-governmental organizations shut their eyes, turn their heads, and slam the door.

 A Nation In Denial

 Marks of Torture

"Fortress Europe" deprives helpless refugees of the right to leave their own countries.

 Hard Realities

 Before, During, After (Pictures)

 A Danish Question

 Take Back Your Lies, Denmark!

 Questions for the Dutch Nation

 Additional Comments Re: Dutch Court Decision

The United Nations refuses to fulfill its responsibility toward individual complainants under Article 22 of the Convention Against Torture and under the Optional Protocol of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Urgent Personal Appeal:
Save my life and many others.

 Please Make UN Treaty-Based Committees Do Their Jobs!

 Neglected UN Human Rights Agendas

 Summary of UN Contacts

The Annex

 Selected Documents and Links


 Diane's Page

(In Loving Memory of Diane Dix - 1942-1963)

My Reply to Ian Harris's Article About Me


More Than One JFK Assassin

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