Continued Persecution -- Naming a Few Names

During the 1980s, while an employee of the State of New York, I experienced maltreatment and persecution as a whistleblower. Because those whose crimes I tried to expose possess great power and influence and have so very much to hide, this persecution has continued for a third of a century, subjecting me at times to the seamy world of Intelligence Community psy-ops (psychological operations). Perhaps the most significant example of such state-and-corporate terrorism occurred a few years ago.

From 1994 until 2012, I lived at 76 Market Street in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in Apartment D5 until 2003, then in Apartment D6. Throughout, I experienced various forms of stalking, as well as break-ins. From 2003 until about 2008, the building's owner was Westminster Properties, the company of Charles Kushner, the father-in-law of President Donald Trump's daughter. My letters to Westminster Properties requesting better security proved fruitless. When Morgan Properties bought the building, many Westminster personnel were retained. These apparently included more than one relative of the former owner, Charles Kushner.

From autumn, 2010 through the first half of 2011, personnel from the New York City and State Police, Homeland Security, GEO Group and G4S (formerly the Wackenhut Corporation), and, possibly, Scotland Yard, installed themselves in the apartment building in which I had lived since 1994, apparently part of an operation that targeted Muslims in New Jersey. They committed numerous burglaries of my apartment, in the course of which they stole two passports and irreparably corrupted my computer. They harassed me with wall-shaking music (Ms. K.C. of California heard a short sample of this when she was there in June, 2011) and they poisoned me with noxious fumes emanating from the apartment downstairs from mine, which was occupied by a Vice President of GEO Group, Louis Carrillo. They shut down the building’s elevator, but used it themselves on at least one occasion. They intercepted mail and criminally interfered with my application for Senior Citizen Housing. They conducted an intense psy-op for the purpose of driving me crazy (“gaslighting”), attempting to make me believe that rape, kidnapping, police brutality, and torture were occurring on the premises or at their base of operation in the Hyatt Regency Hotel (in New Brunswick, NJ?). Local police would do nothing to stop the crimes.

The building at 76 Market Street in Perth Amboy, NJ is unusual in that the staircase does not extend to the basement, which contains the laundry room and two (more recently three) apartments. One can reach the basement only via the elevator or the back door to the building. One or both of the existing basement apartments in 2011 appear to have been involved in criminal activity. So were apartments on the fifth floor (the floor above mine). The elevator was conveniently "out of order" on many occasions in the first half of 2011, leaving me, a disabled senior citizen, a virtual shut-in.

Sound travels well in that building, especially between floors. During January, there was a young woman in the apartment above mine, a music major at one of the local colleges. Unlike others on the scene, she seemed decent. I remember actually singing a duet with her between our two apartments. One day, I heard her screaming as she was taken out of the building and apparently driven away in a car. I don't know whether this was abduction, arrest, deportation, or disappearance. I often think about her, but I can't remember her name and can't get any information about what became of her.

Though break-ins had occurred during 2010, the full force of the gaslighting psy-op came into play during and following Christmas Week. A Christmas Eve party involving the apartment below mine featured not only loud music (more Satanic than festive) and a great deal of loud, raucous, sadistic, arrogant laughter. "Neighbors" became a sort of password in my building. I got the impression that a great deal of sexual activity was occurring, involving females from outside the building. Some of this was apparently sado-masochistic in nature.

On January 15, 2011, I wrote the following comment on Facebook: "Around here they've even got young men -- new `tenants' in the hallway who, according to my neighbor Tom,`work for the city' -- making strange comments like `There's an orgy in a basement apartment' and `They're raping her to death' (yesterday) -- and nobody says anything or does anything. ... Some of the recordings they have played are very graphic and disturbing. I heard somebody who calls himself `Bobby Schumacher' threatening to urinate on somebody until she learns to like it. Last night, it sounded as though a human being was dumped on the floor of the apartment above me. A female voice frequently says `Help me,' and there are sounds that suggest violent abuse, but I can't tell where it's happening, whether it's happening, or what I can do about it. They could be playing snuff videos. For all I know, these could be real trophy recordings, like the trophy pictures from Honduras or El Salvador that they show people: `This is what happens to people who preach democracy.' These are terrorists, supported by a segment of the public and sponsored by the United States Government."

The apartment above mine was then occupied by a young couple with a baby. I heard the man threaten to throw the baby, named "Lucifer," by the way, out the window. Again, I had no way of knowing whether these were real current events occurring on the premises. There could have been sophisticated equipment in play. The events could have occurred in the past, at a different location (perhaps the Hyatt Regency), or in one of the basement apartments. The female voice that repeatedly pleaded "Help me, help me" never responded to my questions about her whereabouts or what kind of help she needed. I am convinced this was a recording or a voice generated by a neural network. From downstairs (Mr. Carrillo's apartment), there were thuds and crashes, as if terrible violence was occurring. Screams, mostly female, emanated from a basement apartment and, on one occasion, the apartment of one of my neighbors. The man upstairs, apparently named Nelson Rodriguez, after an argument with the young woman, possibly a Congressman's granddaughter named Penelope, yelled constantly as he rode the elevator (supposedly out of order) down to the lobby.

Break-ins continued throughout this period. Items such as gloves and phonograph records disappeared, sometimes re- appearing later. A burglar broke into the locked trunk containing my passport, soon to expire, stealing it, as an earlier break-in had relieved me of my 1991 passport. Hands-on sabotage of my computer eventually forced me to replace it. One of the burglaries involved theft of a container of pepper and a can of room spray (pepper + spray = ?). It would appear that the noxious fumes emanating from downstairs were more than just tobacco. One evening, my neighbors Tom and Sasha came home and found my door open as I used an electric fan to exhaust the fumes. They choked and coughed as they stood in the hall talking to me.

My erstwhile downstairs neighbor, Louis V. Carrillo is obviously a very successful and wealthy man with a law degree, yet here he was, living with his son in a little studio apartment in Perth Amboy, NJ. I used to hear Mr. Carrillo arguing loudly with his son, sometimes referring to a “17-year-old girl.” As the year advanced, the loud arguments continued. In one of the last, I heard the son say "Why do I have to live this way?" Shortly after, the rumor went around that he had died of an overdose, but no obituary ever appeared. In any event, he was no longer in my apartment building. Occasional vicious gaslighting continued. In July, I reported some of it on Twitter. An incident featured two female voices coming from downstairs. There was a scream and a woman said "Mr. Graf can't help you now. Jimmy isn't coming to help you."

I don't remember the exact date that my neighbor Tom showed me an ID card issued to him and other neighbors of mine by G4S or by GEO Group (I'm not sure which). Was I the only person in the building who did not possess one of these cards?

Mr. Carrillo seems to have experienced some trouble during the summer. I heard him one day clearly say "Rocco Menta set me up." This was very significant, a definite link between what was happening in 2011 and the public officials on whom I had blown the whistle in 1985. Mr. Carrillo's Maserati was now sometimes parked in front of the building. I suppose there was no sense pretending any more that he was an ordinary Perth Amboy resident. Not long after, he moved out, but the "operation" continued, and continues to this day.

Truth is my only defense. It is the only thing that the monsters fear. Those responsible for these crimes generally use code names. “Dr. Kassover” is Bob Burns, now a high-level employee of HSARPA (not, however, the HSARPA employee generally identified as Bob Burns. There seem to be two of them). His associate from the 1980s, Rocco J. Menta (AKA the “Bald Eagle”) is apparently still involved. In 1985, I blew the whistle on Rocco Menta’s connection with Richard Pike and Jeffrey Gilbert, police officers from New York City’s 106th Precinct, then accused and later convicted of using a stun-gun to torture a false confession from a 16-year-old marijuana suspect. Not convicted, however, was their supervisor, Stephen Cheswick. I don’t know whether Pike and Gilbert are involved in my persecution, but Cheswick appears to be, to this day. Also involved are “The Mystery Writer” (William Majeski, retired NYPD detective, private investigator, lie-detector expert, and brother of Bob Burns), “Kastenmeier” (Steven Jackman), “Beethoven” (Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad agent), “The Cookie Monster” (possibly Robert Starrett), somebody named Tagliarini (spelling uncertain), “Kastenmeier’s legal secretary” (unidentified female), “Dr. Kassover’s private secretary” (unidentified female), Nelson Rodriguez (AKA Nelson Ramos?), and a number of others. Their base of operations appears still to be the Hyatt Regency Hotel (in New Brunswick, NJ?), but they also seem to occupy an apartment above what used to be Luigi’s Pizza in the King Plaza Apartments development on King Street in Perth Amboy. Inasmuch as security for the Statue of Liberty is provided by the Wackenhut Corporation under one of its new names, some of them could even be headquartered there! All I can do is continue blowing the whistle, continue to name names. It’s a shame my country is so damn corrupt.

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