James Henry Graf Is Not a Business!

I am a retired, disabled public servant. I have never been the proprietor of a business of any kind.

Google shows a number of listings for a business bearing my name, supposedly located in Parlin, New Jersey. Most of these associate my name with a phone number that has never been mine. The business is supposedly located at 76 Market Street, Apt. D5 in Parlin, New Jersey. There is no such address. From 1994 to 2003, I lived in Apartment D5 at 76 Market Street, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861. I do not presently live there, nor have I ever resided in or had a business in Parlin, New Jersey.

The phone number, 732-283-4840, has been listed under the name of the late Mr. Christenson in Iselin, NJ and also under the name of a software developer named Mehta Hemang.

The persons who created these listings did so with criminal and defamatory motivation. This is probably the work of my former employer, currently known as the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, and persons associated with that agency in the 1980s, one of whom, Bob Burns (AKA "Dr. Kassover") currently works for the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency. In retaliation for my having blown the whistle in 1985 on their connection with brutal police and having filed, later that year, a complaint against the State of New York before the Office for Civil Rights of the US Department of Health and Human Services, persons and agencies associated with my former employers have defamed, abused, stalked, and persecuted me ever since. The links below indicate that persons have misused my personal data in seeking to recruit clients for a modeling agency, and that my former spouse, Anna Maria Palma Lo Presti Graf Oliver, has used my address, where she has never lived, in purchasing two automobiles.

I don't like seeing false information about myself listed on the Web. I demand that it be removed, and that those responsible for all the crimes committed against me be brought to justice.

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