Fantasy Interrogation

Even the best of us can yield at times to revenge fantasies -- turning the tables on our oppressors, giving them some of their own medicine. As the victim of a decade of brain-invasion mental torture and monumental coverup, I fantasize about interrogating certain individuals under the conditions of brain-rape to which my torturers have mercilessly subjected me. I would love to confront a few unreachable people with a few pointed questions.

First, a bit of explanation. At Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office (now known as Metro New York Developmental Disabilities Services Office) at 75 Morton Street in New York's Greenwich Village, my little second floor speech therapy room was adjacent to administrative office space, notably the office of my supervisor, Mr. Ronald Kassover and later Ms. Aileen Whiteside, and those of Team Leader Richard Diciedue and his secretary Margarita Woolcock. Also nearby were the domains of the Medical Director and of Mr. Rocco Menta, Director of Education and Training, and his staff, including Mr. Bob Burns and Nurse Young Kim. Except for those addressed to the first subject, these questions are based mostly on comments by these and other individuals heard at my workplace.

Please note that I do not advocate any sort of illegal action. The information I provide and seek is intended for use within the law. One crime does not justify another. Should any person see slander in what I write here, that person has recourse under the law -- the very same law whose protection I am denied. Sue me if you must, but be prepared to answer these very questions, and others, in the form of interrogatories or courtroom interrogation. I am not afraid of truth or law. Many others, apparently, are.

Of the many possibilities, I have selected the following:

Marlin Fitzwater

Cynthia Alexander

Dr. Lucille Gunning

Maurice D. Halifi

Dr. James Nettleton

Ronald Kassover

Rocco Menta

Bob Burns

Elsa Webb

Cathy Crowe

Richard Diciedue and Margarita Woolcock

Aileen Whiteside

Joyce White

Marlin Fitzwater

My first subject would be Marlin Fitzwater, President Bush's White House spokesman. "Sir, on October 24, 1990 (as reported the next day by Associated Press), you spoke of Republicans who had disagreed with the President's policies, threatening 'If they can sleep with their conscience, let them try.' You cautioned that while they were free to 'say whatever they want,' they might incur penalties, 'but we never discuss it in public.' You suggested that they would 'suffer in their private purgatories.' Pressed for an explanation, you responded 'I can't tell you. If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.'

"What is a 'private purgatory,' Mr. Fitzwater? Does it entail any sort of harassment or organized terrorism? Does it use secret electromagnetic weaponry? Is its victim subjected to mental monitoring and electromagnetic confrontation, interrogation, threats, and assault? Can it constitute blackmail? Does it amount to torture? You said 'We never discuss it in public.' Who, besides yourself, knew about this but would not reveal it to the public? The Republican National Committee? The White House staff? The President and his Cabinet? What did the President know and when did he know it?"

Cynthia Alexander

"Ms. Alexander, I first heard your name paged on August 7, 1986 at my workplace. Were you ever Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee? Are you connected in any way with Ms. Sadie Alexander of MBDSO, who ran the Employee Assistance Program at that facility in the 1980s? How about Colonel John B. Alexander, a noted expert on 'nonlethal' electromagnetic weapons?

"Did you torture me, Madam, with mind-invasion, thought-reading equipment in 1987 and later? Who put you up to that? What do you know about the other individuals and groups involved?"

Dr. Lucille Gunning

In 1984, the Medical Director of Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office was Dr. Lucille Gunning. I should like to ask her a few questions. "On August 24, 1984, I heard a man say 'Good morning Captain Gunning.' Was he addressing you? Were you a police captain or a military captain? Did your appointment as MBDSO's Medical Director have anything to do with the development or deployment of electromagnetic mind-reading technology, possibly called 'the tape recorder' in its earliest days? Was this equipment tested on mentally-retarded clients at MBDSO's residences? Was R.D. subjected to it? Is that why he began crying 'He's bothering me! He's bothering me! Make him stop!' When asked who was bothering him, R.D. would get a puzzled look on his face, then point to whoever might be standing around. Do you know who or what was tormenting this man?

"Was 'the tape recorder' used on persons reporting to probation officers stationed under cover at 75 Morton Street? How else was it used?

"Dr. Gunning, my own experiences have prompted concerns and suspicions about things that happened at my workplace in 1984. Perhaps you can reassure me. Were other technologies tested on mentally-retarded State clients, `non-lethal' electromagnetic weapons that produce various pains, discomforts, and somatic disruptions? Did one test provoke such intractable itching as to cause one client to mutilate his anal orifice? Did such testing contribute to violent outbursts by certain clients?

"Were chemical and biological weapons also tested on this mentally-retarded population? Would you care to comment on the two or three fatalities that occurred in 1984 among MBDSO residents, especially the one resulting from megacolon? Was this condition secondary to Chagas Disease? If so, how did this person contract it? Will you speculate on the origin of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease that afflicted one or two MBDSO clients?"

Maurice D. Halifi

Mr. Maurice D. Halifi was Director of MBDSO for the last five years of my career. "Mr. Halifi, you may remember that I was nearly laid off in 1983. Your letter of April 1, 1983 informed me that, as a result of 'discussions between the Governor [Mario M. Cuomo] and the Legislature,' there would be 'changes in the methods to be used in carrying out the staff reductions,' including 'increased reliance on attrition.' Your letter of April 27, 1983 then informed me 'The revised plan still affects you but the result is different from that in our previous letter. This is to notify you that under the revised plan, it will be necessary to re-evaluate your potential rights and benefits if you wish to maintain your employment with the State.' Mr. Halifi, exactly how did your plan intend to increase attrition? How were employees induced to leave their jobs? Did 'lifestyle investigations' and 'evaluations' figure into this plan? Did it include close coordination with state and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies?

"Thirty-seven days after my first letter to the New York State Special Prosecutor, Mr. Halifi, you sent me a letter on April 1, 1985 that suspended me under Section 72 of the Civil Service Law, alleging that 'witnessed observations' of my 'disruptive behavior' had revealed 'reported actions' that posed a 'potential danger to other employees and clients.' You may remember that Dr. Anna Maria Casullo, a psychiatrist to whom you referred me, found me mentally fit and returned me to work. I was never able to discover, however, exactly what these 'reported actions' were, despite a New York State Personal Privacy Protection Law request, a non-contract grievance, an Article 20 Contract Grievance, and an Article 36 Contract Grievance. Would you care to discuss these matters with me and disclose these secret records now?"

Dr. James Nettleton

In 1986, Dr. James Nettleton was MBDSO's Medical Director. "Dr. Nettleton, what was the subject of the meeting that took place in your office on August 21 and 22 of 1986? Did this meeting have anything to do with my being scheduled for a 'medical examination' on September 5 by Dr. Richard Wortman? My memo to you dated September 4, 1986 noted that Dr. Wortman was a psychiatrist -- a fact not told me by anyone at work -- and that this psychiatric interview appeared to be an act of retaliation for my refusal to withdraw my federal civil rights complaints. My memo demanded to know the reason for this referral. Why didn't you respond?

"As you know, my interview with Dr. Wortman did not result in a judgment of 'mental unfitness.' I was never able, however, to discover why this took place. My Article 36 Contract Grievance of September 25, 1986 was heard at Step 1, but received no decision. I filed it at Step 2 on November 17, 1986, but it never received acknowledgment, hearing or decision at that level. Union representative Mark Berberian refused to appeal this grievance to Step 3. It seems that no-one is willing to discuss the reason for this psychiatric referral or to disclose the records to me. Why such recalcitrance, Dr. Nettleton? Do you and the others involved have something to hide?"

Ronald Kassover

Mr. Ronald Kassover became my supervisor in 1981 after his predecessor, Ms. Paula Hirschman, contracted mononucleosis that eventually progressed to terminal Burkitt's Lymphoma. "Mr. Kassover, I overheard a short conversation in December, 1983, about a month after you had me transferred from the group homes to the main residence unit at 75 Morton Street. You were telling Mr. Donald Fleming that I could handle the more difficult Morton Street clients surprisingly well. You added 'What do we have to do, take away their medications?' What did you mean? Were you and others trying to get me injured? Is that why MBDSO's administrators around that time referred to me by the nickname 'Disability?'

"Some time in early 1984, somebody remarked to me that my position represented 'one of those earmarked items.' Do you know what this meant? Am I right in supposing that certain positions were to be eliminated, that the decision to do so had been made at a high level? Given civil service regulations, how was this downsizing to be accomplished?"

Rocco Menta

There are many, many questions I would like to ask Mr. Rocco Menta, then MBDSO's Director of Education and Training, including these: "Did you have a second job as of 1986, with an office on Watts Street? For whom did you work there? Was Mr. Miguel Garcia connected with Watts Street, with the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities in Albany, or some other agency? What position did he hold?

"Mr. Menta, when you said late on the afternoon of September 12, 1984 'Now we have to get her out so that I can get the tape recorder,' to what person were you referring? What kind of device were you hoping to get? Did your remark 'I have a tape recorder' on May 7, 1986 at 2:25 PM indicate success in this endeavor?

"On August 17, 1984 at 1:19 PM, you told your associate Bob Burns that you had talked to someone and that, if a certain plan didn't work, '... he wants him set up, got it?' Mr. Burns then replied 'Yeah.' To whom had you talked? Did this involve New York City police officers from the 106th Precinct in Queens, members of the stun-gun-torturing SNAP team who had driven there in patrol car number 1715?

"You may remember that I entered the Hospital for Joint Diseases on September 30, 1984 for arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. On my last day in the hospital, October 4, 1984, my roommate, Mr. Sanford Liebgold, died suddenly. Do you know the cause of his death? In the next year, I heard mention of 'cyanide crystals' at least twice by unknown persons at 75 Morton Street. Do you know anything about that?

"My recovery was very slow. When I returned to work on February 11, 1985, my insistence on reassignment to a safer work location created quite a stir. Early in the afternoon of February 13, in a conversation with Mr. Burns, you spoke of 'the virus,' but added 'You have to use cosmetics or something.' What virus did you mean, and what were your intentions regarding it? From about 2:00 to 3:30 that afternoon, a meeting took place in your office at 75 Morton Street. What was the subject of that meeting?

"The next day, February 14, 1985, at 4:00 PM, you spoke to Mr. Burns about something he had done 'when he was in the hospital, right?' Mr. Burns answered 'Right.' You then said what sounded like 'The next time you do it, roast his hog for him.' What did you mean?

"You know, Mr. Menta, ever since I got so sick in 1988 with simultaneous Epstein-Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus infections, I have wondered about dear Paula Hirschman. Her EBV infection progressed to fatal Burkitt's Lymphoma. If memory serves me right, it was shortly before she got sick that Paula asked my advice. I was flattered that she would confide in me. She was, as I'm sure you remember, a splendid clinician, a hard worker, and a fine human being. It seems that the Director had asked her to put someone on the payroll -- the daughter of a friend -- who did not have even a bachelor's degree. I agreed with Paula that to do so would be recklessly unprofessional. How ironic! Just a couple of years later, Paula was dead and her successor was casting aspersions on my professional qualifications. The New York State scientists at Staten Island's Institute for Basic Research have studied EBV and CMV for years. They experiment with laboratory-strength strains of these microbes. I sure wish they would come up with a cure.

"Mr. Menta, when did you become aware of the letter I wrote to the New York State Special Prosecutor on February 23, 1985? On March 1, 1985, just after lunch, you made a phone call asking someone to do something because you were afraid you 'may not have enough' and may have to 'drop it.' You added 'This guy's a loudmouth.' To whom were you talking? About whom were you talking? What did you mean by 'loudmouth?'

"Do you have knowledge of an 'x-ray camera' that was used to observe me in 1984? Does it produce ionizing radiation? Who was the Sergeant with whom you and Mr. Burns spoke on December 27, 1985? Did he promise to let you use a surveillance device? Did you and Mr. Burns promise to limit it to 'three or four seconds?' Was this the 'x-ray camera?' On whom was it used? How often? For how long? At what cumulative exposure levels?

"Did you and other MBDSO administrators hire Richard Haines and Eugene Ramos of RR Private Investigators on February 25, 1986? Did you hand something to one of them around 3:30 PM, saying 'Here, you may as well do a professional job.' What did you hand him? Who was being investigated? For what purpose?

"As you may know, I experienced many instances of harassment, endangerment, and terrorism on the road while employed by Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office. One of these occurred on June 16, 1986. Trailed, apparently, along the New Jersey Turnpike by several cars, including a dark blue Cadillac with New Jersey plates 'MY COUP,' I was detained and menaced at 10:30 AM at Exit 14c by two young men in a white Corvette, one of whom claimed to be 'Patrolman Richards, Badge Number 82' of the State Police. You may also know that I wrote letters to the New Jersey State Police and the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office regarding this act of terrorism. You may not be aware that I saw this same Corvette, New Jersey license number 357 SXT, parked across the street from 75 Morton Street at 6:10 PM one week later, on June 23, 1986. Mr. Menta, do you know 'Patrolman Richards' and his companion? Did you see either of them that day? What passed between you?

"By the way, were you talking on the phone to someone from the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office on July 11, 1986 at 3:10 PM? Did you convince the person not to pursue the 'Patrolman Richards' matter, claiming that it was a personal vendetta resulting from someone's alleged sexual misconduct?

"When you phoned Lydia Baumbach on June 30, 1986 at 11:40 AM to arrange for the "complete evaluation" of an employee, was the employee in question one James Henry Graf? Was this the same person who had written to New Jersey police and prosecutors about 'Patrolman Richards?' Was this the person whose May 15, 1985 letter to the New York State Special Prosecutor had revealed your connection with Sergeant Richard Pike and Officer Jeffrey Gilbert of the 106th Precinct? These officers, you may remember, were accused and later convicted of using an electric stun-gun to torture a marijuana suspect. Was the subject of this 'evaluation' the same person who had filed two complaints against MBDSO with the US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights? Did you tell these things to Ms. Baumbach? With what agency was Ms. Baumbach affiliated? Did the 'evaluation' you requested take place? When, where, and with what result?

"At 11:58 AM on July 3, 1986, three days after your conversation with Ms. Baumbach, you interviewed a young woman named Marguerite in your office, asking her for 'help' with a 'case.' Having secured her cooperation, you then arranged to rent a car so that she could be taken somewhere. At about 12:20 that day, someone said 'They hired a prostitute.' At 1:32, you phoned a New Jersey number, possibly 457-6084, and asked for Francine, but ended up talking to Sherry. Did you hire Marguerite for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities staged for presentation as 'evidence' at 'evaluations?' Did these sexual activities take place in my home, my former home, or my car, while I sat at work?

"Did someone have sex in my office before I got there on the morning of November 25, 1986? How many such liaisons occurred? Was Marguerite the only woman involved, or were there others? Did any of these women physically resemble relatives, clients, co-workers, sweethearts, or friends of mine? Who portrayed me in these assignations? Did homosexual acts, exhibitionism, and masturbation also take place? Did bestiality occur? Were photographs taken? Was testimony elicited? For what purpose did you do these things?

"Was the policy mandating 'evaluations' established by a memo from higher up? Who issued this memo, and when? How many were conducted regarding me? Are they still conducted, as of 1998? Under whose authority are they held? Who participates? Federal officials? State officials? Municipal officials? Police? Mental health authorities?

"Was one participant in these 'evaluations' during the years 1985 through 1988 the driver of a white Cadillac, New York license plate number 6645 BBK (XLV 524 as of August 26, 1987), on whose dash was a sign saying 'New York City Police?' Did this man have a white beard? Was his name Kaufman? Is he the same man who drove a beige station wagon, temporary Pennsylvania license number 2076233, on US 1&9 in New Jersey at 10:15 on the morning of October 30, 1986 -- the driver who, in cooperation with others, cut me off and tried to engage me in an accident? Were this and other on-the-road 'set-ups' the subject of subsequent 'evaluations?'

"How is information gathered for such 'evaluations?' How is testimony obtained? Is the subject of the inquiry informed of the proceedings, before or after the fact? Is he allowed to participate? Is he given access to the records? Are the records and other items of 'evidence' held and disclosed only in strict compliance with the New York State Personal Privacy Protection Law and/or the Federal Privacy Act? "Did such an 'evaluation' take place on December 3, 1986? What was it about? At around 11:18 AM that day, Nurse Young Kim presented you with an expense account for 'garbage picking' and 'travel by bus and/or train.' You mentioned that Phyllis Hinckson had also submitted such a listing. Whose garbage had been examined? What use was made of the contents? How often was this done? Under what budget were the persons doing this paid for their services? To the best of your knowledge, Mr. Menta, was anything ever stolen from my home or my mailbox and later planted in my garbage to make it appear that I or my wife had carelessly discarded it?

"The next morning, December 4, 1986, my new 1987 Dodge Colt, parked in my driveway at home, seemed to have been entered since the previous day. The antenna was collapsed and the ashtray contained a residue. I heard a male voice at 12:47 PM say 'It's his first lay in this one-Marguerite.' Who had sex in my new car with Marguerite? Why?

"At 12:34 PM on January 12, 1987, you spoke of 'masturbating,' 'last week,' and the 'house across from him,' and asked 'Are you going to prosecute?' Hearing a negative reply, you said 'All right, we'll get another tape.' To whom did you talk? Around 2:00, you spent about fifteen minutes talking about some person, using words like 'psychotic,' 'Gail,' 'slide projector,' and 'castrate.' Whom did you discuss? You said you would send something to some man care of a third party.

"After you and Bob Burns spent the next hour and a half reviewing or showing tapes, you both planned to meet someone for dinner at or about 5:10 PM at a location that had some reference to 'the old building' and 'the new building.' Was this in Jersey City, New Jersey? Whom did you meet? What did you talk about? What did the person agree to do? Would you say this was a typical work day for you? Is this generally how you earned your salary in those days?

"In a phone conversation at 2:00 PM on June 18, 1987, you spoke of creating a 'pool of qualified people' to accomplish something. With whom were you speaking? What were you hoping to accomplish? Did this plan involve the use of the 'tape recorder?' When, in the same conversation, you denied violating the Fifth Amendment, to what specific aspect of that Amendment were you referring?

"In a phone conversation on September 15, 1987 at 4:40 PM, you asked someone's advice on how to 'get rid of it.' You mentioned a 'Mafia operation in New Jersey.' With whom were you speaking? What were you trying to get rid of? What was the purpose of this 'Mafia operation?' Did it include the torture and death, for terroristic purposes, of several dogs in and around Iselin, NJ? Had it previously involved the atrocious mutilation, torture, and death of a cocker spaniel , possibly on July 23, 1987? What do you know about the stabbing and death of my Norwegian Elkhound Storm on September 9, 1987?"

Bob Burns

As of 1988, Mr. Bob Burns was a member of the Education and Training Department at MBDSO. Among the many, many questions I would like to ask him are the following: "When you spoke with Ms. Ann Bogans on or about August 13, 1984 and sought her cooperation, stating that you and Mr. Menta work 'hand in glove,' were you talking about matters relating to staff training at MBDSO? If not, what was the nature of the help Ms. Bogans promised you that day? For what agency did she work?

"On the afternoon of March 4, 1985, while Mr. Menta was, in your words, 'downstairs, at that court,' you phoned someone named Diane and asked her to do something in order to destroy someone's credibility. What was Diane's full name? What did you ask her to do? Did she agree to do it? Why did you want to destroy someone's credibility? Whose credibility did you want to destroy?

"Do you ever refer to yourself as a 'security specialist?' What are your duties as such? Were you the supervisor of Mr. Pablo Janos, the driver of a cream-colored van with which he tried to provoke an accident on Route 1&9 in New Jersey at 10:18 AM on January 13, 1987? Did this arise from the dinner meeting you and Mr. Menta had participated in the night before? Was this incident later the subject of an 'evaluation?' Do you know that I reported this incident in my letter of January 15, 1987 to Special State Prosecutor Charles J. Hynes? Do you know that I sent the same text to US Attorney Rudolph Giuliani?

"Do you know the Schlachter family, who lived in 1987 at 97 Homes Park Avenue in Iselin, NJ, two houses down from what was then my home? Did you spend part or all of the night of September 14 to September 15, 1987 in the Schlachter family's garage? What were you doing there? What did you do there on the night of October 2 to October 3, 1987, emerging from the garage at 3:00 AM? Do you know anything about the deaths of the cocker spaniel possibly called Angel, my dog Storm, an unidentified akita, a bull mastiff called Hopalong, or a basset hound named Lucky? Were members of the Marzella, Schlachter, Harrison, Fetchik, or Zusi families involved in these matters? Were other neighbors of mine involved? Name them, please.

"Have you instigated or carried out break-ins of my home or car? Have you deployed, or caused to be deployed, electronic surveillance devices in my home and car? Have you photographed me without my knowledge or consent? Have you disclosed to various persons and agencies private, personal information regarding me, including clandestine images and recordings? What was your purpose in doing so?

"Did you falsify documents, forge notes, alter photographs, or otherwise maliciously convey a false or negative impression of me, my lifestyle, my sexual orientation or behavior, my intelligence, my professional qualifications, my mental competency, and the like? Have you deliberately and maliciously misrepresented my identity? Have you planted, or caused to be planted, illegal substances or objects in my home or car? Who else assisted you in these matters?

"What do you and your colleagues mean when you say that someone has been 'complimented?' Have you incited others to acts of harassment, discrimination, destruction, and terrorism against me? Have you or your associates 'complimented' others to prevent me from obtaining adequate medical care, legal representation, or other advocacy?

"Was it you that I saw in the doorway to the other wing of my apartment building at 233 West Grand Street in Elizabeth, NJ one afternoon in the summer of 1992? Had you visited certain residents of that wing whose boisterous laughter could be heard throughout the parking lot? Did you or they break into my apartment? How much do you know about the child prostitution ring in which they and others appear to have been involved? Do you know what happened in Rijsbergen, The Netherlands later that year and into 1993? Do you know what became of the girl known as Jalilah or the girl I call 'Christmas Angel?' Tell me, please. I'd really like to know.

"Do you supervise or coordinate the program of torture carried out against me with brain-rape equipment and 'biological process control' weapons? Have you used devices on me, or caused them to be used, that generate ionizing radiation? Was this done with malicious intent? Did someone named Cheryl assist you in this? Have you poisoned me, or caused me to be poisoned, with chemical-biological weapons?

"Bob Burns, did you try to murder me on October 4, 1984 at the New York Hospital for Joint Diseases? What do you know about the deaths of Bobby Schumacher, Diane Dixon, Diane Dix (my college sweetheart), Mattie Echols, Mary Rosa, Robin Hill, Paula Hirschman, Sharon Walker, Sanford Liebgold (my hospital roommate), Miss Zaccaro of Weehawken, NJ, and my childhood friend Nicholas De Noia? Did you and your colleagues try to link me to these and other deaths? Do you know who is responsible for those deaths that were homicides?

"Who is the person my torturers call 'Dr. Kassover?' How about 'Cockroach,' 'The Japanese Lawyer,' 'The Chinese Lawyer,' 'Dr. Paul Schumacher,' 'George Schumacher,' 'Bobby Schumacher,' 'The Italian,' 'Kastenmeier' and 'Mrs. Kastenmeier?' Who are 'The Taxi Driver' and 'Santa Claus?' Did Assistant Director Stanley Silverstein work for some agency other than Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office? Do you know Bill Zoltowsky? Are you familiar with Mr. Albert Huffnagel and his activities and associations? For what agency does Mr. Luke Boykin work? Bob Terry? William White? Naaman Sweeting? Adrian Raffa? Tony Daddiego? Emmet Roby? Fred Cummings? Ronald McDonald? 'Police Officer' Beissner? 'Lawyer Bobbie Jones?' 'Gloria?' There are so many more about whom I could ask, but I'll stop here."

Elsa Webb

Ms. Elsa Webb held the position of Utilization Review Coordinator at MBDSO. "Ms. Webb, you seemed to be aware of just about everything that was going on at my workplace during my last three years. Since your office was only two doors away from mine, I could ask you about many things that were said and done in that area, but I'll confine myself to two incidents. At 4:30 PM on December 4, 1985, you said to someone on the phone '... if he lasts that long. They almost killed him last year ... hip ...' Who was almost killed in 1984? Who almost killed him? Did 'hip' refer to a body part, a state of mind, or Health Insurance Plan of New Jersey, my medical care provider?

"Ms. Webb, I heard you talking to someone, apparently an auditor, at 2:21 PM on June 6, 1986, explaining computer records of 'suspects' that included their 'social contacts.' Were these records in your custody? Who compiled them? Was James Henry Graf one of the 'suspects' or 'contacts?' How can I find out? How might I examine these records and obtain copies? Are there also videotapes, slides, photographs, and recordings? Who has them, and how can I gain access to them?"

Cathy Crowe

Ms. Cathy Crowe, as of 1986, headed a day program for the multiply-handicapped located on the third floor of 75 Morton Street, directly above my second-floor office. I should very much like to inquire of Ms. Crowe: "What alterations were taking place in your work area in the latter half of May, 1986? Did they have anything to do with the shipment of electronic equipment delivered to your care on May 23? Did these two or three boxes, one clearly marked 'Panasonic,' contain astoundingly sophisticated surveillance equipment? For what purpose were they used? Are they, or more advanced models, still in use?

"Ms. Crowe, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Admiral William Crowe, who was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time these events occurred? Are you related?"

Richard Diciedue and Margarita Woolcock

In 1988, Mr. Richard Diciedue was a Team Leader at MBDSO and Margarita Woolcock was his secretary. Among the myriad questions I would like to ask them would be these: "Mr. Diciedue, in March 1985, a few weeks after my first letter to the New York State Special Prosecutor, I saw and heard you say to Rocco Menta 'Don't worry, Rocco: we're gonna get the Mob involved,' to what Mob were you referring, with what were you getting them involved, and what was the nature of their involvement?

"At 9:17 AM on April 1, 1985, five weeks after my first letter to the Special Prosecutor, you had Mr. Sam Nussbaum paged to call you at Extension 819. When he called, you asked him to supply you with some 'stuff' for a 'project.' You said 'Any kind of stuff will do.' Mr. Nussbaum was to bring you the 'stuff' at a meeting scheduled for 9:30. Did Mr. Nussbaum bring you the 'stuff?' What kind of 'stuff' was it? For what 'project' did you need it?

"What was the purpose of the meeting you attended that morning? Did it have anything to do with Maurice D. Halifi's letter to me of the same date, in which he alleged that 'witnessed observations' of my 'disruptive behavior' had revealed 'reported actions' that posed a 'potential danger to other employees and clients?'

"Were Ms. Maripat Sheeser and a woman with black, frosted hair, both employees of HIP's West New York, NJ health facility, present at 75 Morton Street on December 24, 1985? Who had invited them? What was the purpose of the meeting they attended? What special meaning did the phrase 'Merry Christmas' have for MBDSO administrators and their associates throughout 1986 and 1987? My neighbor Bill Schlachter said 'Merry Christmas' to someone on Homes Park Avenue in Iselin, NJ in October, 1987. Do you know whether he was aware of this special meaning? Did 'I feel fine' previously convey a special meaning among your associates?

"Are these code phrases and a secret handshake characteristic of a 'secret society' to which you and your associates belong? Describe the philosophy of your 'secret society.' Who is its leader? "On March 7, 1986 at 4:30 PM, you told someone 'You put the half-bottle in there and I'll call Security.' Did this activity later occur in fact? What was in the half-bottle? Where and how did you get it? Did this relate to a subsequent 'evaluation?'

"On December 31, 1986, late in the morning, someone at 75 Morton Street mentioned 'hostages.' At 11:33, a male voice said 'They changed the names.' At 12:01 PM, I heard a male voice outside my office say 'They asked the girl to be a captive. She didn't want to stand up.' A minute later, a female voice said ' ... to hire kids to tell them ... Graf ... ' Did two young people give false testimony that morning? Against whom did they testify? Were they paid for their perjury? Who paid them?"

"Ms. Woolcock, what pictures did Richard Diciedue hand you on May 1, 1986, asking you to take them home with you, stressing 'They can't get you on them?'

"You were in a grand mood on July 23, 1987.You laughed repeatedly as you told several people about something that was going on. Did this hilarious event involve a cocker spaniel? Did you hear the male voice that announced at 4:53 PM 'The dog is dead ... ?' What dog was this? Was its name Angel? How did it die? Did someone torture and kill this animal? Who did that? Why?"

"Mr. Diciedue, was it you that said '... all get together... case for insanity' on July 7, 1987 at 5:37 PM? Whose sanity were you planning to impugn? Did the death of a cocker spaniel, possibly on July 23, have anything to do with this plan? On July 31 at 3:15 PM, you said to Rocco Menta 'We'll work together' and spoke of the 'latest Emergency Act.' Specifically, what was this 'latest Emergency Act?' What did you and Mr. Menta plan to do that you considered sanctioned by this Act?"

"Ms. Woolcock, do you have knowledge of marijuana use in your work area in 1987? Who was distributing the substance?"

"Mr. Diciedue, do you know anything about marijuana dealing at 75 Morton Street in 1986 and 1987? Who bought? Who distributed? Did you tell people that I was using this substance, when you know that I was not?

"Who are Marco Damiani and his 'quality of life people?' Are these persons among those who torture me? What is your connection with Bill Gallagher, late of the 77th Precinct, accused and convicted of shaking down drug dealers, confiscating and selling their drugs? Do you know any of the other 'Buddy Boys' from the 77th? Are they involved in my torture?"

Aileen Whiteside

My last supervisor at Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office was Ms. Aileen Whiteside. Among the questions I would put to her are these: "On December 22, 1986, I heard a male voice at 2:40 PM say 'They won.' At 3:47, a man told Bob Burns 'They'll die, you know.' From 3:53 to 4:17, I heard a great deal of hysterical, shrieking, vicious laughter on the second floor of 75 Morton Street, involving Mr. Burns, Ms. Woolcock, Ms. Webb, and yourself. At 4:25, a male voice told you about a 'poison' that caused cancer. You remarked 'Then it's not part of the substance itself?' Two days later, there was talk about two people who had cancer. What had you all been laughing about on December 22, Ms. Whiteside? Who had contracted cancer? How did this happen? Did the two people die? Had they won something? What had they won?

"On June 8, 1987 at 4:05 PM, you received a phone call from someone named Pete Corbin. For what agency did Mr. Corbin work? What did he tell you in that conversation? At 3:22 PM on July 31, 1987, just outside my office, a woman with a European accent said 'He won!' The same female voice later reported to another woman 'He's gonna win six million dollars.' When the other woman asked 'Who?' she responded 'Graf.' Does this relate in any way to your conversation with Mr. Corbin?

"What do you know about the alleged 'competency hearing' respecting 'James Thorton' or 'James Thorton Graf?' In what state did it take place? Was this a fraudulent proceeding intended to deprive someone named Graf of a Readers Digest Sweepstakes prize rightfully his? Did it succeed? What became of the prize money?"

Joyce White

I have many, many questions I would like to ask of many, many persons. Ms. Joyce White, a very nice person, was made Affirmative Action Administrator at MBDSO in 1988. It was her duty to monitor the State's implementation of the "Compliance Agreement" resulting from my complaint before the Office for Civil Rights of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

"Were you aware, Ms. White, of the criminal atrocities perpetrated against me during the life of my OCR complaints? Did you know that I was literally persecuted, poisoned, tortured, terrorized, and railroaded out of my job, that my grievances were ignored or speciously denied, that I was terminated as the result of an ex parte arbitration hearing that I was too sick to attend, and that the union refused to attend in my behalf? Did you report any of these things to the authorities?

"Ms. White, you had a radio program in the early 1980s on WBAI-FM, Pacifica Radio in New York. Were you the original `Carletta Joy Walker?' Did somebody else subsequently adopt the same `on-the-air' persona? If so, why? Did it ever occur to you that the listeners of WBAI, and the progressive community in general, had a right and a need to know of the corruption that infested the facility then known as Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office? Did you ever consider blowing the whistle on the electromagnetic and bio-chemical experimentation taking place there? Should not the racketeering and state terrorism in which public officials there were involving themselves have come to light? Would not public exposure of these human rights crimes have saved lives? Would not such exposure have spared me many, many years of pain, misery, debilitation, and crushing frustration?"


To the authorities who corruptly shirked their duty under law and Constitution, to the advocates who turned their backs on me, to the friends who betrayed me, to the countries that callously rejected me, to a world that seems to like perpetrators better than victims, I repeat the words that I screamed on the porch after my wife took Storm on his last trip to the veterinarian's office: "Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you all!"

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