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Never Forgotten, Forever Alive

  Diane Dix 

March 30, 1942 - April 26, 1963

"Do not, my Love, pass through any `dark nights of the soul' without the knowledge that I'm with you, that I'm loving you, that I'm -- protecting you."

Recording sent to James Henry Graf, Summer, 1962

Poem on April 26, 1972

My thoughts today are yours, Diane,

Cascading like the long brown hair,

That fell across a face alight

With late-spring sunlight love

Diane of long sweet wandering walks

With misty eyes in foggy Washington;

Diane of kisses wet with picnic wine

And very long and warm goodnights on chilly porch,

Diane of loving looks, of trusting words.

Diane of all the faith and hopefulness of love and youth,

Nine-years-gone Diane, you haunt me yet.

Your love has been the center of my life,

From which all else has grown.

I won't forget, my Love, I can't forget;

I've loved you with my soul;

I've cursed my God

Who would not let me die for you.

Be with me now, and help me love the world

For sake of you, and in your name.

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