What is a Private Purgatory, Marlin Fitzwater?

This is about something that happened when former US President George H. W. Bush was in office. An Associated Press article (Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ, Thursday, October 25, 1990, Page 13) reads "White House spokesman `jokes' about punishing rebellious Republicans." A day earlier, the press secretary, Marlin Fitzwater, had spoken of Republicans expressing disagreement with the President's policies, threatening "If they can sleep with their conscience, let them try." He cautioned that, while they were free to "say whatever they want," penalties might ensue, "but we never discuss it in public." He suggested that they would "suffer in their private purgatories." Pressed for an explanation, he responded "I can't tell you. If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise."

Mr. Fitzwater later denied that actual retribution would occur, but he never did explain what a "private purgatory" is or by what means President Bush's critics would be thrust into it. His listeners never learned how someone acting according to the dictates of conscience would then find his sleep disturbed by the very conscience he had obeyed. It was very clear, however, that the White House was threatening American citizens with some kind of secret suffering in retaliation for their free exercise of First Amendment rights.

The Republican Party said nothing about this threat to civil liberty, nor did Democrats call attention to it. To the best of my knowledge, the media neglected to follow it up.

As an American whistleblower subjected since 1987 to mental torture and terrorism, and to other human rights crimes since 1982, I would like to ask Mr. Fitzwater a few frank questions about this matter.

Purgatory, of course, in Roman Catholic doctrine, is just like hell, only temporary -- a place where souls suffer for minor, venial sins until they are sufficiently cleansed to enter heaven.

What is a "private purgatory," Mr. Fitzwater? Is it imposed by God or man? Does it entail any sort of harassment or organized terrorism, like killing someone's pet dog or destroying his car?

Does the inhabitant of a "private purgatory" experience frequent break-ins of his home and theft or destruction of personal effects? Is his mail tampered with, intercepted, or stolen? Do malicious public officials try, again and again, to "set him up" for criminal prosecution, civil lawsuit, or psychiatric evaluation?

Is such a person driven out of his job without due process? Do racketeers cheat him out of nearly everything that should be his? Does an organized campaign of corruption, terrorism, and slanderous hate propaganda deny him all support, all advocacy, all hope of justice, escape, or rescue?

Do organized teams of unimaginably sadistic hackers attack his computer incessantly, interfering with the free exercise and enjoyment of his First Amendment rights? Do these professional computer disruption teams force him again and again to rebuild his hard drive under conditions of electronic interference and obstruction?

Is such a person subjected to real pains and discomforts caused by electronic weapons? Is it possible that such a person may be assaulted with ionizing radiation to suppress his immune system and lower his resistance to biological warfare cultures?

Does a "private purgatory" involve secret technology, such as that described by John St. Clair Akwei in his lawsuit against the National Security Agency? Is its victim subjected to mental monitoring with a thought-reading device that also broadcasts "voices" at him to confront, interrogate, threaten, degrade, and torment him?

Can placement in a "private purgatory" constitute blackmail? Terrorism? Does it amount to torture? You said "We never discuss it in public." Who, besides yourself, knew about this but would not reveal it to the public? The Republican National Committee? The White House staff? The President and his Cabinet? What did the President know and when did he know it?

Mr. Fitzwater, many years have passed since your "private purgatories" remarks, measuring much pain, misery, debilitation, humiliation, and frustration for me and many other Americans, as well as many others in the world at large. Your remarks in 1990 suggested that you might be a Roman Catholic. So was I in my youth. For the sake of your soul, then, don't you think it's about time to tell us what you meant back then? Tell us what you know about the obvious torture agenda of the United States of America? We need to know. The world needs to know. You have a sacred duty to tell the truth to the world!

You and I both celebrated our 70th birthdays in 2012, Mr. Fitzwater, though I suspect that yours was a good deal happier than mine. Who knows how much longer either of us will live? Do you want to leave behind a world so mired in corruption, insouciance, and denial that it is no longer safe for anybody? Are you happy that there is no longer any recourse for the aggrieved, no longer any refuge for the persecuted, no longer any hope of rescue for the abused and degraded? Is this form of "civilization" acceptable to you? If not, then back me up in my attempt to reinstate the Rule of Law, before it's too late for all of us.

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