Your Brain Is the Battleground

Copyright © James Henry Graf, 1998

 The October, 1981 Science Digest featured an article by Gary Selden titled "Machines That Read Minds." Toward the end, Mr. Selden noted that the CIA was following brain wave research closely, much the way that agency followed LSD research in the 1950s. He described a proposal by Robert Thatcher of the University of Maryland for the development of a "true thought scanner" that might, among other purposes, be used for "internal surveillance of dissidents."

 The human body emits an electromagnetic field that modern technology can detect and analyze in a process somewhat like the creation of holograms. Holographers record the interference patterns introduced into a beam of coordinated light by the surface features of a material object, creating thereby a three-dimensional image. It is similarly possible to detect and record the ever-changing pattern of electromagnetic potentials produced by the human nervous system. This makes possible the development of devices that can record human thoughts and other physiological states.

 This is essentially the same technology described brilliantly by John St. Clair Akwei in the document he submitted in support of his 1992 lawsuit against the US National Security Agency, published in the April-May, 1996 issue of Nexus magazine (Volume 3, Number 3) under the title "Covert Operations of the US National Security Agency." It appears to have developed from Robert Malech's 1976 technology for remote electromagnetic detection of brain waves (US Patent Number 3,951,134). As Mr. Akwei attests, it is also possible to broadcast "voices" into the human brain. Most persons are not aware that this was accomplished as early as 1974 by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp.

 Mind-reading devices, machines that make people hear voices, and weapons that disrupt or control the functioning of mind and body are present realities. Tragically, instead of the many positive applications possible, these technologies are, indeed, being used as torture weapons against dissidents.

 Imagine being exposed all day every day to the twenty most vicious, sleaziest, most obnoxious persons you have ever met. Imagine not being able to get away from them, having them monitor your thoughts, impulses, physiological processes, dreams, fantasies, memories, and all the events of your daily life. Imagine that they confront, interrogate, threaten, degrade, and torment you day and night. Imagine their contemptuous jibes as they obstruct your every earnest effort. Imagine the humiliation, the frustration, the fury. The closest parallel is that of demonic possession. These are not demons, however. They are real human criminals whom no-one will arrest or prosecute.

 The struggle for liberty, dignity, and decency, the war that will determine the fate of human civilization, is not in a far-off desert or a steaming jungle. The battle is within the boundaries of your own skin. It is a contest for ownership of your mind and body.

 As knowledge is power, ignorance is impotence. Denial and insouciance have carried the world to the brink of slavery. Freedom is only for the brave and the wise. Face reality. Live and be free.

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