Letter to US Department of Justice January 30, 2005

Although mailed to the address supplied by the FBI's own web site, this letter returned to me, slipped under my door at 3:00 AM on February 26, 2005. The envelope is stamped "Addressee Unknown." I have supplied copies to the Perth Amboy, New Jersey Police and to the Office of the US Attorney in Newark, NJ.

As of July 1, 2006, I note that the FBI's web page is now revised, supplying a different address. Perhaps I should try again. Will my letter at least reach Washington, DC this time? One never knows.


76 Market Street, Apt. D6
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
January 30, 2005

Criminal Section
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice
P.O. Box 66018
Washington, D.C. 20035-6018

Subject: Complaint of Hate Crime

Conspiracy Against Rights (18 USC 241)
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law (18 USC 242)
Federally-Protected Activities (18 USC 245)
Fair Housing (42 USC 4631)


First, here’s some information about myself: 

James Henry Graf
76 Market Street, Apartment D6
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
Telephone 1-732-324-7467
E-mail: jhgraf3@earthlink.net, jhgraf@delphiforums.com
Web Site: James Henry Graf’s Angelfire Home
Occupation: Retired, disabled Speech and Hearing Therapist
Date of Birth: March 21, 1942
Education: BA 1964, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

The crime I report is long-standing, continuing, and multi-faceted. The attached letter that I sent on September 9, 1997 to then-Assistant Secretary of State John Shattuck (no response ever received) provides some of the specifics, organized according to the articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that they violate.

To make this easier for you, I shall limit the scope of this complaint to one of the abuses inflicted upon me – the one that may have cost me my life.

From March 13, 1975 until December 12, 1988, I worked for the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities of the State of New York. From November, 1983 until the end of my career, I was assigned to what was then known as Manhattan Borough Developmental Services Office, (currently Metro New York Developmental Disabilities Services Office) at 75 Morton Street, New York, NY. The Director of Education and Training at my facility was Mr. Rocco J. Menta of Englishtown, NJ. 

In 1985, I blew the whistle on connections between Mr. Menta and brutal police who had used electric stun guns to torture a marijuana suspect. My employers began to retaliate. As a person with a disability (osteoarthritis), I filed a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Docket Number 02-86-3013. The investigator assigned to the case was Mr. Norman J. Mc Cullough. My letter to him dated December 5, 1985 included the following:

If you interview Jackie English, and if it doesn't conflict or interfere with what you are trying to accomplish, I would greatly appreciate it if you could inquire concerning the use in my immediate environment of a device that I have heard Margarita Woolcock refer to as an "x-ray camera." This device, I believe, has been used frequently to observe me within the confines of my therapy room at work, and possibly also in my home. I have tried to reassure myself that it is probably an infrared sensing device, essentially innocuous, but if it is indeed a device that generates x-rays, microwaves, or the like, I am very much concerned about its possible effects on my health. The device may have been supplied and/or used by a man called "Eddie." Eddie is, I believe, from New Jersey, is employed by a law enforcement agency, and may have, as of 1984, driven a black Cadillac or Buick, NJ License Plate 222 YHO.  

Mr. Mc Cullough was then assigned to some other task within his agency and the case’s docket number was changed from 02-86-3013 to 02-86-3016. The new investigator was Mr. Barry Chiteman.

Because of continuing retaliation, I filed a second OCR complaint, Docket Number 02-86-3057. Mr. Chiteman asked me to summarize my charges. I did so in my letter to him dated August 31, 1986. The following text is relevant to the issue presented here:

On 12-27-85, law-enforcement personnel were present on the second floor of 75 Morton Street. They spent some time around 11:00 A.M. in the room adjacent to the Barber Shop, the room with an intrusion alarm, which had become Bob Burns' office. There they apparently viewed pictures, documents, and tapes. One of them said "You had a rape case here, didn't you?" At one point, they seemed to be concerned with the way someone walked.

About 1:45 - 2:25 P.M., Menta and Burns were talking to a Sergeant about someone who lost control of a car. They spent some time explaining M.D.C.'s policy regarding employees who have drug problems, implying that the person had lost control of the car because of drug-related impairment.

By the end of the conversation, the Sergeant agreed to something. Burns said he would start the next day, and promised to "limit it to three or four seconds."

This was apparently an agreement to allow Burns again to use a form of electronic surveillance on me that had been used the year before. Menta had described the equipment used at that time as involving x-rays and another form of radiation (microwaves?). Margarita Woolcock had also spoken of an "x-ray camera." Jacqueline English (no longer employed at M.D.C.) also has knowledge of it, and so may Aileen Whiteside and Elsa Webb. Ms. Webb suffered a bout of disabling anemia early this year. She later remarked "I got sick just walking past that room." Her office is two doors down from mine. Since the end of last year, I have suffered an apparent bout of anemia, recurrent infections, mild but unexplained white blood cell dyscrasias, and endocrine imbalances, along with chronic fatigue and drowsiness. I firmly believe all of these may be caused by radiation produced by the surveillance equipment wrongfully and maliciously used on me. Assisting Bob Burns in the use of this equipment is someone named Cheryl.

In a possibly related development, on 3-31-86 at around 2:10 P.M. there was much celebration on the second floor. Someone was congratulated for "nice work" because something was to be done on an ongoing basis -- twice a month.

I was not possessing or using any illegal substances then or any time since then. In 1991 and 1992, like most Americans who go to the Netherlands, I did smoke pot there, where it is not a crime and possession of small amounts is not a prosecutable offense. If I ever manage to get back to a free country and if my health permits, you can be sure that I will smoke as much pot as I can get my hands on. I owe that to my satanic torturers. Here in hell, however, I obey the law.

Cheryl, by the way, could be the former wife of Eric Tunis, who was then an assistant US Attorney for the district of New Jersey. Bob Burns is the half brother of William Majeski, a former New York City police detective and a prominent private investigator.

Rocco Menta, Bob Burns, Richard Diciedue (then of Jamesburg, NJ) and a number of other administrators at my workplace proceeded systematically to organize a lynch mob whose members have done everything in their power all these years to hurt, humiliate, and discredit me. They falsified documents that apparently mis-identify me as "James Thorton" or "James Thorton Graf," whom they describe as "mentally incompetent." They believe, or pretend to believe, that such persons have no rights that they are bound to respect.

Under color of law, these miscreants have committed multitudinous crimes, including domestic terrorism (killing my dog in 1987 and destroying my car in 1989), frequent burglaries, and poisoning with microbes obtained from the Institute for Basic Research on Staten Island and from Fort Detrick.

My web page titled “Marks of Torture” https://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/marks.html describes the effect that this has had upon my health. Essentially, this mob has deliberately and systematically kept me sick most of the time since 1986, while corrupting or intimidating my physicians so that they will not acknowledge the cause of my depressed cellular immunity. I have tested negative, by the way, for HIV and HTLV.

Since Christmas week, the vicious frequency and intensity of these attacks with radiation lead me to believe that my torturers are trying to finish me off. The criminals are utterly merciless. They have attacked me with this weapon on December 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, and January 1, 2, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 29, and 30. Bob Burns promised the "sergeant" in 1986 that he would "limit it to 3 or 4 seconds." Just today, I have endured about 20 minutes of this terrorism and abuse. A number of times, the attack has forced me to leave my apartment and wander the streets in an attempt to avoid cellular damage and preserve whatever is left of my health.

Persons who may have wielded this weapon include Eric Tunis, Jr. and Anthony Fetchik, a certain Mr. Jackman (AKA "Kastenmeier") who was, as of 1988, a safety officer employed by the State of New York, a man named Albert Huffnagel, and a man whose last name is Tagliarini (spelling uncertain). As of 1988, Anthony Fetchik’s family lived on Elizabeth Avenue in Iselin, NJ. Members of the Schlachter family, who lived at 97 Homes Park Avenue, Iselin, NJ as of 1988, are also directly involved. I cannot state the current whereabouts of any of these persons. Some perpetrators, moreover, may even have been granted new identities via the Protected Witness Program.

In all these years, I have not been able to obtain the equal protection of my country’s laws in this and all other aspects of my persecution and torture. While the victim is still breathing, please bring these monsters to justice.

Yours truly,

(Original signed)

James Henry Graf

Attachment: Letter dated September 9, 1997 to John Shattuck



Follow-Up Letter to Newark, NJ US Attorney's Office

No response was ever received.


76 Market Street, Apt. D6
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
March 11, 2005

Newark U.S. Attorney's Office
970 Broad Street, 7th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102


I am enclosing a new signed original of my letter dated January 30, 2005 to the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. Though I obtained the address from the FBI’s own web site, my letter returned to me, slipped under my door at about 3:00 in the morning on Saturday, February 26. The envelope was stamped “Addressee Unknown” (please see the attached copy). I have no idea how this happened, but it seems like criminal interference with the US Mail.

On February 22, by the way, I had brought a copy of the letter to my local police department, where the officer at the desk told me that she would see that it reached the Chief of Police the next morning. I have posted the letter on my web site at https://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/doj13005.html. The text of my 1997 letter to John Shattuck, then of the US Department of State, is posted at https://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/1997sha.html.

This crime continues. The perpetrators are utterly merciless. Despite a month of treatment with powerful antibiotics prescribed by my doctor, my bacterial prostatitis and cystitis have not cleared completely and my ear infection has returned. The radiation is killing me.

Please take action as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

(Original signed)

James Henry Graf

cc.: Perth Amboy Police Department


Follow-Up Letter to Department of Justice

My follow-up letter dated August 6, 2006 resulted in a deceptive response from a paralegal that conveniently ignored the role of public officials in my victimization. This is typical of the responses I received under previous Republican administrations. Attacks with "backscatter" equipment, however, have decreased in frequency and duration.

76 Market Street, Apt. D6
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-4445
August 1, 2006

Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, DC 20530

Re: Complaint of Hate Crime
Conspiracy Against Rights (18 USC 241)
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law (18 USC 242)
Federally-Protected Activities (18 USC 245)
Fair Housing (42 USC 4631)
Criminal Interference with US Mail

Persons charged: Bob Burns, Rocco Menta, and sundry associated others.

Dear Sir:

Attached please find my previous letter dated January 30, 2005. This returned to me, slipped under my door at about 3:00 AM on February 26, 2005. The envelope, which I still possess unopened, is stamped "Addressee Unknown." I have hand-delivered a copy of this letter to the Perth Amboy, NJ Police Department. A scan of its text is posted on my web site at https://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/doj13005.html. My letter to John Shattuck, supplied as an attachment, is posted at https://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/1997sha.html.

Also attached is my letter dated March 11, 2005 to the Newark, NJ US Attorney's Office. No response was ever received.

A recent judicial confirmation hearing made the point that no-one is above the law. The Constitution also assures every person of the equal protection of the laws. For more than two decades of my life, these sacred principles have descended to the level of a dirty joke in the course of what might be called "the world's longest lynching."

Exposing this corruption will not be easy. Prosecuting these criminals will be a wrenching, but cleansing experience for the American People. This is necessary. The honor of our nation and the survival of civilization itself hang in the balance.

Please take action. Please get back to me.

Yours truly,

James Henry Graf

Letter to Somerset, NJ FBI Field Office April 1, 1995

Unsigned, Undated FBI Form Letter Postmarked Sep. 30, 1996

Letter to US Atttorney General Janet Reno June 23, 1997

Letter to President William Clinton

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