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European Corruption

Child Prostitution Coverup Continues.

Safe Country Asylum Laws - CRIMINAL!

Asylum in Europe - Cruel and Crooked.

Human Rights Committee Statistics - Shameful!

Open Letter to Dutch and Danish Govts.

My Hunger Strike in Belgium.

About Dutch Refugee Policy.

Danish Lies.

Dirty Lowdown Liars!

Take Back Your Lies, Denmark!

Open Note to Danish Government.

Where Are the Human Rights Lawyers?

Do You Support These Principles, Kofi Annan?

America's Torture Agenda

Human Rights In America - NOT!

Private Purgatories for Whistleblowers.

Rights Complaints Get FBI Form Letter!

Two Laws, All But Forgotten.

US Prosecutes 4% of Rights Cases!

USA's Initial Torture Report.

US "Understandings"= High-tech Torture.

Congressional Aides or Agents?

Animal Torture Terrorism, 13-Yr Coverup.

Psychiatric Discreditation.

Clair Thorton Graf.

Government and Mafia -- Perfect Together.

Nick De Noia's Murder - the Whole Story?

Letter to President Bush (1989)

Message to President Clinton.

The American Dilemma.

Proposal for Human Rights Ombudsman.

About James Henry Graf

I shook hands with Martin Luther King.

JHG, Non-person, Prisoner of Conscience.

A Pretty Ordinary Guy.

The End of Loyalty.

A Democrat No More!

Ready to Call Down the Wrath of God.

What Will It Take to Wake the World?

Issues of Credibility.

Who Benefitted from September 11?

Mind-Reading Torture

About This Topic and "Mind Control"

Malech's Remote Brain Reading Machine.

There simply is no right...

Dorothy Burdick Was Right!

John Akwei Was Right!

Dave Emory Was Right!

James Henry Graf Was Right!

Perpetrators' Absurd Cover Stories.


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