The State of the Graf 2016

As 2016 dawns, the state of the Graf is one of grim and painful survival. I am now 73 years old, residing in a Federally-subsidized senior citizen residence. Though this is allegedly a “Federally-protected activity” as indicated in Title 18, Section 245 of the United States Code, individuals and agencies that have oppressed and persecuted me for three-and-a-half decades continue unexposed and unprosecuted. The atrocities they have committed against me and many others are subjected to an assiduous coverup as their power increases, law and the authority of mulltiple federal and state administrations notwithstanding. My identity is boldly and absurdly misrepresented. As earlier in the history of this oppressive campaign, my sanity is called into question on the basis of vague, unspecified assertions. No matter how much documented evidence I present, no legal support is forthcoming. The flagrant and absurd crimes committed against me by my own and other governments remain ignored by non-governmental organizations and United Nations treaty-related committees. An increasingly brutal and vicious world sends a clear message that, in the face of horrendous suffering and injustice world-wide, no attention need be paid to the truth I present, the corruption I have attempted to expose.

I am now quite sequestered in my living conditions. Though my building's security system subjects visiting friends to scrutiny, it is still possible for malicious others to invade my living space. Almost all of my former neighbors have moved far away. My family does not care about me. I am alone, except for contact on Skype and Facebook with a few others, including a wonderful woman whom I love who is unfortunately 8,000 miles away. We are both subjected to criminal interference, however. Trying to keep both our households going has greatly increased my credit card debt, rendering any possibility of our eventual union most unlikely.

I have lost faith in everything except myself, my sacred truth, and my beloved Rowena. My life is full of pain that limits all the activities of my daily life. I can walk only a few blocks because of arthritis. Every step hurts. I look for anything on which I can lean or sit. Pain in my spine often interferes with sleep. It's possible that an electromagnetic weapon is used to intensify this inflammatory pain. My government has declared Tramadol a controlled dangerous substance and has limited access to it. It can no longer be prescribed by phone. Marijuana, which might provide some relief, remains illegal in my state and nation.

Future prospects are bleak. If I cannot fulfill the duties of my daily life, cannot take care of myself and my home, this corrupt system will surely impose upon me a life situation restrictive of personal freedom and violative of personal dignity. There is nobody willing and able to help me.

To those who have placed their trust in me over the years, I make this pledge. I will keep going as long as I can. I will preserve, to the best of my ability, the truth I have published on the Web and the testimony provided by others. I invite anyone who might care to assist me in this effort to do so, for the sake of truth and humanity.

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