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Eleven different articles on this web site contain the word "decency." As used here and by me, this word refers to an attitude of fairness, respect, and compassion -- a willingness to do, in any given situation, what seems right. This must needs involve a refusal to take advantage of the weaknesses and burdens of others, to forego the cheap shot. This quality of character, displayed all too rarely in today's world, is essential to the survival of civilization in any acceptable form.

PC Format, a publication about computers, used to contain a section named "Weird World." Page 157 in the February, 2002 issue (Number 132) featured an article by Ian Harris about me and this web site, based, apparently, on perusal of the site just prior to its 2002 updating. This vicious piece demonstrates how very rare the quality of decency has become.

Many have attempted to impugn my sanity over the years. Their attacks are generally long on attitude and short on insight, displaying a faulty grasp of psychology and precious little knowledge of late-20th Century history. Mr. Harris's mindless rant is no exception.

Sometimes, as in this instance, there is out-and-out disinformation -- a deliberate and libelous attempt to misrepresent my ideas or my personal reality and present my experiences in a false light.

In response to this deliberate disinformation, and for the record, I must state the following:

Criticism and comment like Mr. Harris's creation invariably lampoon the aspects of my experience that some would consider bizarre while conveniently neglecting to note the crystal-clear issues with which I deal and which, to the best of my knowledge, nobody else will touch.

These issues include the atrocious record of UN committees in dealing with individual complaints, the inexcusable stonewalling with respect to my own complaints, the sinister implications (yes, I'll use that word here) of "understandings" that the US Government attached to the definition of torture, the reasoned argument presented in my "Additional Comments Regarding Dutch Court Decision," the inherent absurdity of European "safe country" asylum policies, and the human rights crimes committed by European governments against myself and thousands of others, for which no remedy is available.

Those who presume to psychoanalyze me generally expect me, in turn, to psychoanalyze the perpetrators. I am supposed to explain why they have expended so much time, effort, and largesse in a frantic attempt to discredit and "neutralize" me. I am expected to read their minds and discern their motives.

That expectation is essentially unfair. Trying to address it is an open invitation to those who would consider me just another "conspiracy theorist." I will say only that everything reported here really happened, and that I am trapped against my will in a nation that, from the frivolous impeachment of former President Clinton to the insane "war on drugs" to the obscenely draconian "war against terrorism," has shown itself grossly profligate, completely obsessed, irrational, and out of control.

Yes, my past is indeed sad. In fact it goes beyond sad to tragic. It includes real, documentable and corroborable deprivation of life, liberty, and property without due process of law, consistent denial of the equal protection of law, consistent denial of effective advocacy, consistent mindless ridicule, contempt, and discrimination. There is neither reason nor excuse for anybody to jeer at my present pain, lampoon my loss, or attempt through slander and innuendo to distance me even farther from the justice and relief that I crave.

My personal opinion, Mr. Harris, is that your perspective is seriously out of focus. I therefore invite you to go focus yourself.

Please Make the UN Do Its Job!

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