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"People rarely disclose their character so clearly
as when they describe someone else's"

Mysterious Woman: Discrimination In The Work Place

This group has been created for any and all women that are discriminated in the work place.

Hi, my name is Stacy and I have decided to put a support group together for women that share the same problems in the work place. I myself, am a victim of sexual harrassment, discrimination, and much, much more at my job.

I am a paramedic, and am around mostly male co-workers. When I first started in EMS, I had to file a sexual harrassment complaint with Human Rights because of a man's narrow mind. I also was critized and gossiped about for many years. I have been disciplined differently than other employees as well. I could follow a medic and parrot every move and get into trouble and of course they would not.

I fought eight years for my rights and finally decided to move on to a better job with less the harassment. I recommend for those of you that are able to change and move away from the situation, to do so.
I have decreased my stress by 99% and enjoy my life now to the fullest.

So, here we go.
Let's support and help one another.
Mysterious Woman: Discrimination In The Work Place

~~COMING SOON...In The Works!!!~~
**More True Accounts of Women Discriminated In The Work Place**

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Would you like to have your story listed with this site? Please email your story and I will build your page to have displayed with the others. Thank you for your interest in Mysterious Woman and letting others know they are not alone.

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