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This is my story.

I reported the manager for hostile work environment. I worked at Ferrellgas in Caro Michigan in 1994, 1995 & 1996.
On several occasions he was reported to the upper management for either discriminating against the females or his management style, which would include words such as witches, stupid etc.
I was fired 3 months after my intital reports of harassment. I was terminated for making phone calls.
The manager had always told both the male and female employees that making phone calls were acceptable. The females who reported his behavior were fired, the male employees were not.
I filed with the EEC & was advised that If I decided to go with an attorney, that I had to drop my EEOC claim. I dropped my claim, & at the mediation hearing the judge threw out all my charges except two.

My old Attorney quit because he was working on a commission bases, so I hired another attorney which I am paying by the hour. We went in for a summary disposition request by Ferrellgas & my new attorney asked for a two week adjournment, the judge said no, he sees this all the time.
"These people were told they had 30 days to get an attorney" Which we did, then he said there is no good cause shown here, so I am dismissing their claim.
We spent the next two years in the Court of Appeals. We won our case in the Court of Appeals & they overturned the judges decision. We were sent back to the same judge, same court house in Tuscola County.
Guess what? Last Friday, he once again dismissed the whole case. Judge Joslyn said that his court docket is full.
He didn't have time for all of this, he is only one person.
This is terrible, because I have never been able to assert my civil rights. This is why people like Ferrellgas get away with harassment, discrimination etc...

The Judge gives more time to the criminals than to the people he should be protecting. I have paid out $15,000. for attorney fees & have nothing to show for it.


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