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This is my story.

My name is Don and I am a male. I have never experienced harassment or discrimination until I married my wife.

I started as an EMT in WV, eight years ago. I work in the same organization with my wife. I am now a Paramedic and a good one. I have never bothered anyone, I always go to work and do my job well. Two weeks after I married Stacy, moderator of Mysterious Woman, I got suspended.

I took her to the hospital after a job injury she received in September of '99. The administration accused me of not having authorization from my supervisor nor having a documented run report. I did however, have both. But, when this was pointed out to my director, he advised me this was a touchy situation. Now, after eight years of good employment, never being in trouble, I am suspended and it is a touchy situation. Can you add 2+2?

I also met with the Commission and they sided with the director. They also had played a roll in my suspention in November of '99 and ordered it so. How was I going to get fair treatment with this goat-ropping?
I didn't. I find that it is very sad that good working, honest people have to put up with such harassment at their workplace.

I have filed with Human Rights and hope that justice will be served for me and for everyone. I never thought anything about discrimination until I married a wonderful, big hearted woman. WOW! That is my story.


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