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This is my story.

My name is Emily. I have worked for a national Pharmacy chain for 16 years.
I have put up with verbal abuse from a supervisor for years. He would literally get inches from my face and tell me he was my boss and I had to what he said.
Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, this was not true.
My "boss" corrected him about that notion and had him apologize.

Suddenly this person was promoted and actually did become my immediate supervisor.
I was promoted at my request to a store manager.

Suddenly after 15 years of excellent service, per all my reviews, I was doing everything wrong.
Managers had to call or e-mail him if we need to go home due to illness. I had the flu/cold so bad I was dizzy, nauseas and well you can imagine the rest.
I e-mailed him three times to get the OK to go home and he never replied.
I somehow managed to last the day, but asked someone else to work the next day for me.

The next week he showed up at the store and accused me of being verbally abusive to my employees and my customers.
He also accused me of not working complete weekends or enough hours.
We were required to work 45-50 hours per week even though we were only salaried at a base pay of 40 hours.
I was putting in around 57 or 58. Her wrote me up and put me on probation.

r I later talked to the customer that I was supposedly abusive to.
I told her if I was I wanted to apologize, that I would never bee intentionally rude.
Her reply? What are you talking about?" You have always been friendly to me and very helpful."
I talked to most of my employees and again said if I was ever rude to you I would like to apologize.
I got the same response every time, You've never been rude to us.

Also, during his visit he would hold my arms down and say I was too defensive.
Of course that action did make me defensive.
At the end of his visit he told me I had to hug him and tell him I loved him. I refused and he said that was my problem, that I had to learn to love people.

What happened after all this?
A lot of my fellow employees are upset about me leaving.
A lot of them are still happy for me because they know what he is like.

I now am planning a lawyer or whatever.

Good luck to all in this same situation!
I haven't laughed and smiled this much in a long time. I feel all my stress has left me.


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