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This is my story.

I will go by the name of M. I have had a terrible ordeal at my workplace and have quit my job and sometimes am so scared and won't go back into the work place.

I felt depressed and afraid to leave my house. But then, crying everyday has helped heal and understand what I have been through which is important to me. And I realized that not everything we can explain especially people's wrong doings. I went to a human rights comission to complain and there they told me to go to another office and I am still in the process. I also contacted two lawyers who told me what could be done and also who asked me about what I had done so far. I spoke to a EEOC office and an investigator called me to know about my situation since I wanted to know if I had a case or not before rushing into things. My mind has been working as a horror movie which sometimes plays at nite, other during the day, others, both of the times but, today, especially I feel better and had a strange feeling that keeps telling me that "someone stepped on the wrong foot" meaning what you may have called "enough is enough". I resigned from my work because I was too afraid of what people would say and also because no one seemed to give me support. God did and so did friends and especially Stace, who landed with Mysterious Woman like a miracle in my mail box. For now, I think that's all I can tell you and I know that this is probably just the beginning. Well, as someone once said, while we are alive, we can't stop for the end may come only when we die. Good luck, trust God and be strong!


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