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This is my story.

My name is Chris, and I lost a jury trial on age discrimination against JCPenney. I received a letter of determination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) finding that JCPenney had discriminated against me because of my age.
The EEOC gave favorable rulings on age discrimintion in less than 4% of the 15,000 claims filed in 1997.
But, when I went to trial, the EEOC would not come forward and testify in my behalf, nor would the judge let the jury know the EEOC had given me a favorable ruling on age discrimination.

JCPenney had six people saying what they were told to say, while I stood alone because I chose not to have present JCPenney employees risk their jobs to testify on my behalf. It is difficult for individuals to prevail against large corporations when the EEOC does nothing to help. I feel I was discriminated against three times, by JCPenney, the EEOC, and by the judge. Old fashion justice is long gone for the individual against the big corporations, if it ever existed.

I would like to warn you that discrimination is alive and well in the work place and that while we may not find justice in the courts, we should continue to stand up and fight for what's right.

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